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  • Behave and take responsibility of your own actions. If a given action is proven to violate community rule (or FANDOM's), the warning/ban system will apply. Going full stupid on internet trolls will not earn you a warning but it will make free entertainment courtesy of yourself.
  • As this is a wiki about a Nintendo game for a general audience, swearing is discouraged. If a "strong" word is supposed to be used in this wiki, only use them in the context of the game, like the word "hell" for Hell Dogs.
  • No bringing up irrelevant topics that will only serve to start ideological arguments or the like. If you feel the need to bring it up, please take it somewhere else. Such topic has no place in this wiki.
    • If you need examples, look up how Nintendo bans certain custom content in their games with this feature in the recent times. Understand their point and you will see why (platform for political campaign, social propaganda, etc.).
    • However, it is still okay to make references to those particular topics in the context of the game (the Priest/Cleric for your religious needs, look at all those Mii characters based on real people, etc.) as long as it does not escalate into a situation beyond simple banter.
    • As an extension to the previous point, we will NOT ban talks about custom Mii creations either (unless the image violates FANDOM policy for obvious reasons), as Nintendo encourages creativity, but those that start arguments over a Mii design are better off arguing somewhere off-site to reduce disruption. The warning/ban on this depends on the severity of the topic. Pettier reasons are more likely left in the open for everyone to watch, but severe ones will not be tolerated.
  • Do not use the main articles/Message Wall/blog/Discussions to post illegal content. That includes piracy (links to ROMs, for example), not just the obviously explicit stuff.
  • If you are banned, try to make a new account, and then are found out and proven that you used to have that banned account, this will count as a ban evasion and will not be tolerated.
  • Do not give out "too much information" about yourself. Sensitive information such as your exact location may draw unfavorable people if they find out. People can also use this info for blackmail. However, we hold no accountability over your reputation being broken if the reveal is so socially unacceptable it impacts something significant in your life like family, school, or work. This is basic internet etiquette.
  • Do not use this site to "wage war" on another community you do not like. It is dumb and you are just making a fool out of yourself.
  • If you are found out to be under 13 years old (or under 16 in certain regions), your account will be banned without question. This is part of FANDOM's Terms of Use. The ban duration lasts until the approximate time you have reached the legal age.
  • Do not delete warning/ban messages from admins, even if the one receiving them is an admin as well. Other admins can see and undo the deletion if the message is justified. Covering one's tracks is an unacceptable offense.
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Main Site

  • Spam/Vandalism will be undone immediately by either any admin available at the time or any user using the "undo" feature via Recent Changes or the article's History. Repetition of this will be warned.
  • Images uploaded can be either from the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo Switch version, or even emulation if you play with that method (talking about the downloads is still discouraged), but it is recommended to use images generated from the game's/console's snapshot feature if you are playing on console (thus avoid taking photos of the console's screen, which makes a low-quality image).
    • Videos/GIFs are more lax, since not everyone has a capture card (and the Nintendo Switch version is limited to 30 seconds max for a single clip per recording using the console's recording feature).
  • Do not start edit wars (one makes an edit, another undoes it, and then the first insists in keeping the edit, only to be undone again by the same second user, repeat ad nauseam while each party insults/argues with each other). Please take your edit reasoning arguments to the Message Wall to avoid disruptions caused by edit conflicts.
  • Reduce assumption to the best you can. Fan theories are fun and all, but this is a wiki that documents things that actually happen in the game. There are still certain aspects you may provide a fun remark like the infobox flavor text or battle tips, but other than that please stick to what the game actually has (including promos) as much as possible. The Datamine notice on certain pages is there for a reason.
  • No fake/fanon content allowed. Please limit them to your user profile or take them to the Discussions or blog posts if you wish to show them off. Either that, or the Miitopia Fanon Wiki.
  • When possible, please provide sources if a given information requires proof outside the game or internal data. The wiki may not have a dedicated "References" section (this may change in the future), but it is important to provide proof for certain information or credit to whoever owned the original image/clip (if using unofficial images not provided by yourself). It is still tolerated for information that a user has discovered but either has no means to add the proof (like lack of capture card) or missed the moment to capture due to how situational it is (very uncommon glitches, image/clip belonging to someone who has deleted their social media, etc.).
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  • Make sure a thread belongs to a proper category. Discussions Moderators will just move it around if it is not taken care of, but it is more respectable to take responsibility and lessen the moderators' burden even though no one is paid.
  • Necroposting (replying to a long-abandoned/resolved thread that is not locked) is discouraged. Only if the reply contributed to the topic in a meaningful way (for example, posting a proper answer to a thread that has long been unresolved and no other thread shares this topic) does this way of necroposting is tolerated.
  • Careful about pinging users. We know this is tempting for you to do, but if you are found out to have caused a disruption by pinging unrelated users for no reason and the pinged users complain to us, you will be warned.
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For Admins

  • No power abuse. Do not misuse the administrator/moderator tools as an excuse to vandalize or overall ruin wiki content. This also extends to banning users and removing Discussions posts/replies. Banning a user or deleting content just because you do not like that user is a sign of a lack of tolerance and you will be rightfully warned.
  • Do not be biased. It is fair for admins to warn other admins for rule breaking like how an admin would warn an offending user. Make sure the warning is justified and a proper civil discussion is made if an action is considered "wrong."
  • Demoting an admin/bureaucrat/moderator will require a dedicated thread if the supposed offending user has gone too far (for example, indicated by excessive warning counts). Again, discussions on these threads must be civil and fair before making the final decision.
  • All written rules as described in these lists also apply to admins.
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Ban System

For the time being, the ban system uses a three-strike system. Once three warnings have been issued, a ban is applied.

  • Repetitive vulgar language: 1 day
  • Recurring/Repetitive disruption: 3 weeks (can be 3 months if severe)
  • Illegal content: 1 month
  • Repetitive spam/vandalism/misinformation on the main site or Discussion threads: gradual (1 day - 1 month at most)
  • Ban evasion: same as the original ban duration, unless the user was blocked across the Fandom network, in which case the ban will be set as "indefinite" if there is no info on the duration (no warnings issued)
  • Underage: approximately until the user is of the allowed age (no warnings issued)