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Video Game


Miitopia is a role-playing handheld video game for the Nintendo 3DS and it is the second spinoff to Tomodachi Life. It was first released in Japan on December 8th, 2016 and was the best selling game in Japan on its release, selling 404,858 units. It was released in North America and Europe on July 28th, 2017.

The game plays as a role-playing video game with life simulation elements, starting with standard character classes such as warriors and mages but more classes such as cats and flowers are unlocked as the game advances. Playable characters are created by the use of Mii avatars.

General Information

Title: Miitopia
Publisher: Nintendo
Description: Role-playing video game with Mii characters
Similar Games: MySims
Genre(s): Role-playing game
Playthrough Length: ~30-40 hours
Difficulty: Medium
Security Concerns: No special concerns

Multiplayer Information

Online Multiplayer: None
Local Multiplayer: None
Voice Chat: None
Connectivity Structure: None
Age of Community: Children and early teens
Community Attitude: Usually positive

Gameplay Information

ESRB Rating: Everyone
PEGI Rating: 7
ACB Rating: PG
Content Labels: Crude humor
Mild cartoon violence

Cost Information

Subscription: None
In-game Purchases: None
Gambling Elements: None
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