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This Wiki's purpose is to help gather information about the Miitopia video game, which has been released in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS on December 8th, 2016.

This game has been localized and released in America and Europe on July 28th, 2017. A demo is available for free on the Nintendo eShop.

It would be kind if people would help to grow the Wiki even more!

Please note: The Wiki has agreed to use names from the American version for all pages.

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Miitopia - Tips from the Guardian Spirit How to Be a True Hero! - Nintendo 3DS

Miitopia - Tips from the Guardian Spirit How to Be a True Hero! - Nintendo 3DS

Tips for the six starting jobs and basic Inn stuff, as told by the Guardian Spirit! A beginner hero's must-watch!

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Have you reached 999,999 G in your current playthrough at least once?

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Did you know...

  • ...that the last party member to be defeated will have a slightly slower falling animation to draw out the moment?
  • ...that, when pressing Y, some music in the game will be paused while others will continue to play? Some examples of those that will continue to play are battle music and stage music. Some examples of those that will be paused are the level up music and battle intros.
  • ...that the Chinese Uniform has white and black color options? The colors white and black in Chinese folklore mean death.
  • ...that for the role of the Old Man in Neksdor, regardless of the Mii's hair color, it will always be grey to fit the role?
  • ...that Miitopia is the first Nintendo 3DS game that uses non-Mii Maker colors in their editor, unlike Tomodachi Life, in which it is only possible via Hair Color Spray?

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