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The latest iteration of Miitopia made its way to the Nintendo Switch in May 2021. Like its predecessor on other mobile platforms, the Switch version is a comedy adventure that allows you to create your own, adorable Mii characters. You customize your Mii characters with an expanded number of traits, limited mostly by your own imagination! Make them look like your friends and family members -- or celebrities or monsters of your own design.

Then, send them off on adventure to get rid of the face-stealing Dark Lord! Along the way, you'll get to explore an expansive landscape. If you choose your path wisely, you're likely to find treasure enough to benefit your whole clan! After all, one of the things that makes Miitopia great is teaming up with others!

So make sure your Mii characters dont starve from a lack of grub, give them jobs, send them on outings, and -- of course -- teach them how to fight!

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Did you know?
  • ...that you can cure sick miis by fighting the The Darker Lord? You don't even have to win.
  • ...that the Blue Cobra is the slowest monster in the game with a speed of 0?
  • ...that when a Scientist is using certain skills, the color of the circle in the monitor will change depending on the skill?
  • ...that the The Darker Lord's theme and the Great Sage's theme are variants of the song 'The Path to Victory'?
  • ...that the boss with the highest HP is the Dark Sun in the Nintendo 3DS version and the Boss Snurp in the Nintendo Switch version?

Feel free to add your own Trivia! Or, see the archived trivia here.

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