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Your friends. Your adventure. Your rules.

-US version's tagline.

Miitopia is an RPG released for the 3DS in Japan on December 8, 2016. It was later released in North America and Europe on July 28, 2017. It is a spin-off to the Tomodachi series, and the second spin-off after Miitomo. In contrast to the life simulation focus implemented in previous installments, Miitopia is an RPG, likened to that of Tomodachi Quest, an event in Tomodachi Life. Despite this shift in focus, Miitopia retains many of the things that liven the experience of the main installments, such as Relationships, Food, Personalities, and others.

Not unlike the first spin-off, Miitomo, Miitopia scales down much of the aforementioned features in order to focus on the RPG aspect, but still manages to keep to the standard presented in previous games.

An upgraded port for the Nintendo Switch was announced via a Nintendo Direct on February 17th, 2021. At first, it was playable as a demo, but later got a full version on May 21st, 2021.

Differences from the main Tomodachi games

  • Miitopia is an RPG, compared to the life-simulation style of the main installments.
  • The Personality configuration has been altered dramatically. Rather than filling out a chart of how the Mii acts, with four base personalities having four sub-personalities stemming off of each, Miitopia has players choose from seven pre-established personalities: Cautious, Stubborn, Airheaded, Energetic, Kind, Laid-back, and Cool.
  • The player cannot give Mii characters a voice. Instead, their voice is configured to match their personality.
  • Mii characters do not have Problems in this game, not counting requests.
  • There are no shops in the game; Grub can only be obtained by defeating enemies, not including HP Bananas and MP Candies, and Clothing can be obtained when a Mii requests it, and can also be obtained by finding chests.
  • Mii characters cannot be imported by player input until the player completes the game.
  • Mr. Tomo does not appear.
  • Events occur at random, rather than a specific location.
  • Mii characters cannot fall in love or get married, only being able to become friends.
    • As a result, Miis also cannot have Babies.
  • Sadness and Sleep are only featured as status ailments. They do not occur anywhere otherwise.
  • Fights are more complicated in this game. In the main installments, fights were generally irrational and unpredictable. In Miitopia, a Mii can become angry at another Mii if they do something to them they do not like, such as using them unwillingly in an attack (ex: Human Cannonball).
  • Mii Apartments does not appear. Instead, the Mii characters reside together in an Inn, and later a Villa after completing the game.
  • The PEGI rating has been changed to 7 due to the violence.

Differences between 3DS and Switch versions

Gameplay changes

  • The Hero now does not automatically attack if an attack or skill he/she uses hits all enemies, instead it will confirm and show the enemies' statuses.
  • When buying things for a Mii, the player now has to press the A button after viewing what the Mii wants prior to the confirmation screen.
  • It is possible to deal damage in the thousands via the offense-based Horse Whispering assists.
  • The stargazing camp event now only needs the player to choose one option once instead of tapping three of the same option; however, the player still has to do such before the star disappears. The Mii characters are also not shown.
  • The Roulette minigame can now be sped up by holding B.
  • Due to the lack of dual screen, a new feature called "Enemy Status" is added in order to check on how much health monsters have left.
  • The trigger buttons, ZR and ZL, can also be used to speed up the game now.

Feature changes

  • Makeup can be added to Mii characters.
  • Wigs can now be put onto Mii characters and colored.
  • The party gets a horse early on in the game, which they can bond with, use in combat, and even ride in levels.
  • New events have been added.
  • Due to the lack of a dual screen on the Nintendo Switch, the UI has been adapted to the Nintendo Switch screen.
  • There is a new option for casting Mii characters known as "Default" ("Do it for me" in European English version) which gives Mii characters that often come from official promos to be used as the role. This replaces the 3DS's function of assigning the roles to random Mii characters from the Nintendo Wii U/3DS era.
  • When creating a new Mii in the game, the Nintendo Switch's Mii Maker will be used.
    • Since the Mii is able to be named in the maker, the prompt in naming a Mii is removed.
  • QR codes have been disabled due to it becoming obsolete on Switch.
  • The screenshot button has been removed due to usage of the Nintendo Switch's snapshot button.
    • It is no longer possible to combine in-game screenshots.
    • Because of the in-game gallery removal, if the player buys a snapshot from the Roving Photographer, the snapshot immediately goes into the Nintendo Switch's system memory.
  • SpotPass has been disabled due to having no use with the Nintendo Switch. It has been replaced by access keys.
    • As such, instead of automatically filling in roles, the player will be prompted to do it manually whenever they enter a new area containing them. The Travelers' Hub's randomly-generated visitors still remain the only exception, automatically taking from either Wii Sports Club/Wii Party U CPU's characters, the player's save data, or the "Popular" database from the Nintendo 3DS version (if enabled).
  • A new section called "Mii characters" ("Mii" in the European version) is added on the title screen where Mii characters that are given roles in the game automatically appear and players are able to add in Mii characters similar to the Mii Maker as well as edit or put on makeup and wigs.
    • Mii characters not assigned to a role will be used as background characters in certain Outings and as travelers in the Travelers' Hub.
  • The "Options" feature on the title screen has been removed.
  • When getting equipped with new higher-level gear, the player can now choose to equip just the stats that came with it.
  • 11 new monsters have been added, all of which are part of the Tower of Despair.
  • The Questionnaire is absent. It has been replaced with letters.
  • Outings and Outing Tickets have been added. Outings let the player take their Mii characters to places as cafés for the cost of one Outing Ticket of the matching location.

Visual changes

  • Upped graphics quality to go with Nintendo Switch's processing power.
  • When the Mii characters get hearts in their eyes during a level 30+ relationship or if the Pop Star uses Love Song, they are solid deep pink instead of pale pink-white with a shaded rim.
  • When a Mii blushes from being praised or liking/loving grub, their mouth will not change to the cat smile. However, their Lipstick makeup would disappear in this state.
  • When a Cautious Mii produces a spare HP Banana/MP Sweet via the Prepped and Ready quirk, they no longer wink.
  • The dust cloud symbol used to represent resentment has been changed to cross-popping veins.
  • The letterbox shot of a Mii used the first time they activate a specific skill or quirk, now shows the Mii's whole face, instead of just their eyes.
  • The Roulette's icon in the Arcade menu now accurately shows how the current roulette looks like (e.g. how many slots are golden).
  • In the opening, instead of the Dark Lord's silhouette "eating" the camera, their face will fade away.
  • Monsters with a Mii's eyes or lips can now come in more colors such as yellow or red, due to the Switch's improved Mii Maker.
  • Pop Stars are not referred to as "Male" or "Female" anymore, instead simply being called "Pop Star" in all occasions.
  • When a Mii's eyes look to the side, their eyes no longer rotate in the default position.
  • Monsters will do their idle animations when it is the Hero's turn instead of only during certain parts.
  • Autobattle is renamed to include the Hero's name with it to specify that only the Hero will be controlled by the AI.
  • Due to the Switch's larger screen, guest companions will now be seen sleeping in a separate room in the Inn.
  • The credits are seen in the lower right corner of the screen due to the lack of a dual screen, and a new group picture at the end is added if the horse was brought to the final battle.
  • For the North American version, MP Candies are sometimes referred as "MP Sweets."
  • The window scenes showing the last place visited at the Inns are now animated.
  • Two Thief clothing items, the Arabian Gear and the Hip-Hop Gear, were changed into Desert Gear and Golden-Skull Gear. The Japanese and Korean versions retain the original names. Both the Chinese and Taiwan versions also follow the Japanese naming.
  • The Princess' Sailor Gown is accidentally changed graphically due to an incomplete texture.

Version history (Nintendo Switch version)

Version 1.0.0

Released May 14, 2021, the date when the preload of the digital version of this game began. This is the base game.

Version 1.0.1

Released May 20, 2021.

  • Fixed an issue in which the game would hard lock if Parental Controls were temporarily removed at a particular timing.
  • Fixed an issue in which the player would lose their game progress if they opened the HOME Menu and closed the game under certain circumstances.
    • If this issue already has occurred for you, this update will allow you to resume your progress.
  • Fixed several other issues to improve the gameplay experience.

Version 1.0.2

Released May 20, 2021.

  • Fixed an issue when selecting a Mii character for your party in which Mii characters from save data would disappear under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue in which Mii characters shared online would occasionally not be accessible to other players.

Version 1.0.3

Released May 25, 2021. This was the final update to the game as of now.

  • Added support for the Power-Up Band (amiibo).
    • If you show the Power-Up Band to the Nintendo Fan, you will get a character outfit.


Opening: Attack of the Dark Lord

The Dark Lord attacking Miitopia.

In the middle of a wide ocean, there exists the world of Miitopia. The people there lived in peace and harmony, until the day an unspeakable evil arose and stole people's faces. Even worse, he used the stolen faces to create Monsters of his own doing. As the world plunged into darkness, it needed a hero to save them.

Prologue: The Traveler's Journey

The game then opens showing a simple traveler, going wherever they desire most. At that moment, however, they are attacked by a Rock Moth, and quickly flee to a nearby village. This village, known as Greenhorne, is home to various oddities, including the Carefree Guide, the Cheery Granny, the Lovey Dovey Couple, the Worried Mother and her Sassy Child, the Sarcastic Guy, and the Dubious Mayor. After speaking with the latter, the Dubious Mayor quickly takes notice of a strange entity approaching the town, followed by the remainder of Greenhorne's residents.

The Dark Lord, with the faces stolen from Greenhorne.

Sure enough, the presence is revealed to be the Dark Lord, a being who wishes the wreck havoc on this miserable world, starting with the people of Greenhorne. At that moment, the faces of various residents (except the Worried Mother, Lovey Dovey Man and Dubious Mayor) are stolen from them, represented through glowing orbs containing each face. Satisfied with these faces, the Dark Lord announces to the faceless residents to prepare for a life of wordless terror, while telling those who were spared to look on the faceless in despair. He then leaves, taking the stolen faces with him.

Now faced with a dark, hopeless village of Greenhorne, the Traveler tries to speak to the others, but to no avail. That is, until they speak to the Worried Mother, one of very few characters who didn't get their face stolen, who is in terror of what happened to her son, as he was one of the stolen faces. The mother, begging with the traveler, asks for them to rescue their child's face. Not to mention, the Worried Mother decides to give them an Antique Charm in hopes that it could be used to help them. The traveler, determined to help, decides to set off and rescue the child's face.

The Dark Lord revealing the Sassy Child's face.

After setting foot outside of the village, they are immediately confronted by the Dark Lord, mocking them for challenging his ways. The traveler, demanding for the Sassy Child's face to be returned, quickly realizes the Dark Lord's capabilities. The Dark Lord, summoning the child's face, attaches it to a Mini "Sassy Child" Slime, saying the traveler has to earn the face back in a fight.

Defenseless, the Traveler quivers in fear as the slime reaches out to attack them, until the sacred charm reacts in a sudden way, transporting the traveler to a realm within the jewel. In this realm, they hear a divine voice speak out, claiming it is a Guardian Spirit that resides in the jewel. The spirit tells the traveler it is there to help, and bestows upon them the power that is needed to combat the Dark Lord's minions.

Armed and ready, the Traveler quickly challenges the Mini Slime and promptly defeats it, sending the Child's face back to the village. Upon returning, the Child's face attaches itself back onto the Sassy Child, returning them to normal. The mother, overjoyed that her son is back, rewards the traveler with a large sum of gold. However, there still remains the other stolen faces.

The player must find the stolen faces as they go through a cave and a forest.

Chapter 1: Greenhorne

Greenhorne Castle

Main article: "King" Golem After the hero warns the King about the supposed attack of the Dark Lord, the King simply dismisses it, seeing it as nothing but a "tall tale". The King, however, soon quickly changes his mind as his own face is stolen, being used to summon the "King" Golem. As the hero finds the stolen face, the King begs for them to help him as the battle begins.

Arid Frontier

When the party goes to pick up the Prince from a Nearby Land, the Griffin ambushes the party. Even with the useless prince, the party manages to defeat it.

Chapter 2: Neksdor

The night just before the team enters Neksdor, the Dark Lord appears and steals all the teammates, and surrounds the Inn in an eerie glow. The protagonist wakes up to find their teammates gone, the guardian telling them about the attack. The protagonist then looks down and sees they're somehow back in their original traveler gear from the start of the game, the guardian revealing the Dark Lord put a curse on them which sealed away their powers. Nevertheless, the protagonist picks a new job and goes on their way. Meanwhile, the teammates wake up in a dark void somewhere and hope the protagonist is okay.

Chapter 3: Realm of the Fey

Just when the team is about to enter Realm of the Fey, the Dark Lord appears overnight and kidnaps the teammates, and casts a spell on the inn. The protagonist wakes up and finds them missing, the guardian letting them in on it, and their power is gone as well due to the Dark Lord cursing them. So the protagonist picks a third job and goes on. Meanwhile, the teammates wake up in the same void as the other three, and befriend each other.

Chapter 4: Battle with the Dark Lord

That night at the inn, the Dark Lord once again kidnaps the teammates and casts his curse; the protagonist wakes up to find everyone gone again, frustrated it keeps happening. However, they notice their powers did not get sealed away, the guardian spirit revealing their divine power has grown so strong during the journey that they have become invulnerable to the Dark Lord's curse. With no time to waste, the protagonist makes way for the Dark Lord's castle.

After fighting a number of monsters themselves, the protagonist finds a place called Haven Hollow, where he discovers three of his or her teammates, faceless, being looked after by the great sage. Accompanied by the sage, the protagonist traverses Karkaton and finds their faces on various bosses, which are respectively defeated and returned to their owners. Reunited, the party continues on to the volcano where the Cerberus bears three more teammate faces. Following its defeat, the faces go back to the teammates, and they rejoin the hero.

The party soon enters the Dark Lord's castle, where they fight three more bosses which bear the faces of the last three teammates. After defeating them and returning the faces to their owners, the full party encounters a dragon turned evil by a Mii face, whom they also fight, returning it to normal as they lie down. At the end of the castle, the party finally encounters the Dark Lord, waiting for them. This leads to an epic battle, the Dark Lord sometimes stealing their faces -- including the protagonist's -- to be put on his imp henchmen. The team fights with all their might, defeating the Dark Lord.

Chapter 5: Birth of the Darker Lord

Shortly after the Dark Lord's defeat, his eye-shaped amulet glows, releasing a light blue wisp creature with an eye on it, which floats away. The Dark Lord then turns back into his true form -- a normal, harmless young man, who wonders what happened and leaves. The great sage comes over and commends the party on their battle, but then the wisp comes back, and aims itself at the protagonist who yells in fright, but the sage takes the blow, and soon enough, the sage is suddenly transformed into an evil version of their self, even more dangerous than the Dark Lord. The voice of the wisp possessing the sage revels over becoming even powerful with the combination of its power along with the sage's magic, becoming the Darker Lord.

Just after the new Darker Lord leaves, the guardian calls out, having watching the battle, discovering the wisp was the true reason behind all this, recognizing it as a "Dark Curse", who has now gone on to possess the great sage, who is even more powerful with the sage's powers combined.

After the guardian commends the party on their fight and they wonder how they can beat the Darker Lord now, Dominic the dragon from before comes over, happy to help. The Miis catch a ride on Dominic, who flies them to above all of Miitopia as they enjoy the view. Dominic then tells them about the Travelers' Hub, where travelers gather, and takes them there.

Chapter 6: Quest for the Jewels

The hero completes quests in the Traveler´s Hub, where they learn about the locaiton of Nimbus, the kingom in the sky. There, they learn about The Skyscraper, where the team heads. However, the entrance is closed, and needs 4 jewels to open it. They head to the hub, where they collect the jewels.

Chapter 7: The Skyscraper

The hero heads into the Skyscraper, where they hear the Darker Lord´s voice. He/She informs of the summoning "of an old friend or two". The refight the Dark Lord, which joins the hero in the climb. The team rematches the King, the Princess, the Genie and the Fab Faries with the help of the ex-Dark Lord. The team reaches a portal, leaves the ex-Dark Lord behind, and heads to Otherworld, the locaiton of the Darker Lord.

Chapter 8: The Final Battle

Passing through the portal, the team reaches Otherworld, a void made up of stolen Mii faces. After a while of traversing and battling more monsters, they finally reach the Darker Lord. The protagonist begs him to leave the great sage alone, but he begs to differ and unleashes a power which absorbs a large amount of faces, transforming into a more powerful version of himself as a sun with giant hands. The protagonist is shocked, the guardian calling out to them the Darker Lord's new form is too strong for just themselves, and the whole team has to fight him together - three for the left hand, three for the right hand, and the remaining four for the face.

The first six teammates manage to defeat the hands, but the Darker Lord is not through with it and unleashes his true power, stealing the faces of the teammates who fought the hands and transforming into his most powerful form yet - the Darkest Lord. The protagonist and remaining teammates see this as their last battle and fight the cursed being, and it isn't long before they use all their might to give the final blow, obliterating the evil darkness for good.

Epilogue: The Fate of the Dark Curse

The battle over, the Darker Lord reverts to its original form as the Great Sage, who commends the protagonist on their work. However, this fight was not enough to destroy the Dark Curse, who, out of anger, tries to re-possess the sage, only to get trapped in a barrier where it cannot move. The Sage then proceeds to tell the origin of the Dark Curse:

Long ago, the curse was just an ordinary human man who felt like a social outcast among his peers, as nobody wanted to talk to him and ignoring him, thus leaving him lonely. When he looked in the mirror and saw his reflection, he felt his face is what made him ugly, thus he cast away his face. But without a face, he couldn't live longer, thus his body became a soul of hatred and envy known as the Dark Curse.

After the story, the Sage asks the protagonist what they should do with the curse: either "break the curse" or "save him".

  • If the protagonist chooses to break the curse and end it forever, the sage understands and asks them to free the soul within from its suffering. Using their divine power, the protagonist channels a blast of magic which causes the Dark Curse to surge and vanish forever, the human that was originally the curse giving one last thank you before fading. The sage then thanks the protagonist for taking care of things.
  • If the protagonist chooses to forgive the curse and save him, the sage understands their kindness which shines through. Using their divine power, the protagonist resurrects the human that once became the dark curse, face and all. The reborn thanks the protagonist for saving them, and the sage takes him under their wing to atone for what they did.

The guardian's spirit then calls out to congratulate the protagonist and their teammates for a job well done; now that the Dark Curse's power is gone for good, all the monsters disappear and the faces go back to their original owners, and peace is finally restored to the land. The credits show everyone returning to their former lives: the King celebrates with an endless feast, the Noble Boy and Princess are married, the Genie tries to calm down the Prince, the Fab Fairies dance, the Ex-Dark Lord goes back to his original life; the Great Sage travels the world, and the protagonist and teammates (and horse, in Nintendo Switch version) all congregate together as the Roving Photographer takes their picture, ending the story of Miitopia.


Before the Nintendo Switch port was announced, two tracks from this game, "Boss Battle Time I", and "The Darkest Lord" appear in the 2018 crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros Ultimate under the names "Boss Battle" and "Boss: The Darkest Lord".

Prior to the Nintendo Switch version of the game being released, Nintendo has published five commercials for Miitopia featuring the Japanese idol group King & Prince.

From June 18, 2021 to June 22, 2021, Nintendo's Tetris 99 runs a collaboration cup themed after Miitopia.

Since the Nintendo Switch version's release, Miitopia has become one of the promoted games featured on the LUNCHABLES packaging as part of Nintendo's partnering.


  • Miitopia's internal name is "mimic".
  • The US version's tagline as seen in the official Nintendo website is "Your friends. Your adventure. Your rules.", a call back to Tomodachi Life's tagline "Your friends. Your drama. Your life." in the same region. Meanwhile, the European version omits the "Your rules." part, rendering the tagline as "Your friends, your adventure!"
  • The game was rated 18+ in Russia, because the game depicts same-gender relationships.
  • This game is rated PG by the Australian Classification Board.
  • Miitopia's Nintendo Switch version is the first and currently only Mii-Centered game on the Nintendo Switch


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