This article is about the world. For the game itself, see Miitopia (Game).

Miitopia is the land where the events of Miitopia take place. It is a large, expansive land with many kingdoms.





Distant regions (Off mainland Miitopia)


Initially, the party can only progress through Greenhorne, Neksdor, Realm of the Fey and Karkaton due to being connected by land.

After defeating the Dragon and the Dark Lord, the player gains access to the Powdered Peaks, Traveller's Hub and Peculia.

You get to keep the dragon for the rest of the game.

Nimbus and the Sky Scraper are revealed when their respective quests are obtained.

Otherworld appears when it's accessed from the Sky Scraper for the first time.

New Lumos and Galados Isle are both accessed after defeating the final boss.

Map of Miitopia
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