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This article is about the world. For the game itself, see Miitopia (Game).

Miitopia is the land where the events of Miitopia take place. It's a large, expansive land with many regions & landmarks.


Land Regions

Greenhorne Map.png


Neksdor Desert Map.png

Realm of the Fey

RealmOfTheFey Map.png


Karkaton Map.png

Higher Regions
Powdered Peaks
Powdered Peaks icon.png
Travelers' Hub Peculia

Peculia Icon.png

Sky Regions

Nimbus Map.png

The Sky Scraper

Sky Scraper Icon.png

Distant Regions (Post-Game)
Galados Isle New Lumos


Traveling & Discovering

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This article contains major in-game spoilers.

Initially, the party can only progress through Greenhorne, Neksdor, Realm of the Fey and Karkaton due to them all being connected by land.

After defeating the Dragon, known as Dominic, and the Dark Lord, the player gains access to Powdered Peaks, Traveler's Hub, and Peculia. The player also unlocks the World Map and can travel by flying with Dominic.

After doing favors and continuing with the story, Nimbus is revealed. After completing the favor and completing Nimbus, The Sky Scraper is revealed. The player will then fly to The Sky Scraper and discover you need 4 jewels to enter.

After successfully clearing The Sky Scraper, a magical path to Otherworld appears.

After beating the game, New Lumos and Galados Isle are both accessed after defeating the Darkest Lord. Like always, those Regions are accessed via the World Map and flying with Dominic.


Map of Miitopia