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The Mii Cast is a Journal menu used to learn more about the NPCs (Non-Player Characters) which are characters that inhabit the realm of Miitopia. They give the player quests, information of the town, or simply pass by.

During the events of the game, the Dark Lord could take their faces off and use them on various monsters making them even stronger.

The player can also edit the available roles in this menu even after they are cast. This can be done one by one (if the category groups multiple characters) or on all of them in a given category at the same time using either Autoassign (3DS; requires Spotpass) or "Receive all Mii characters" (Switch; requires Nintendo Switch Online if done via access key). Only the Dark Curse/Reborn can not be recast this way, requiring the player to defeat The Darker Lord and then choose the "Save him" ending. Note: the photo of the roles are from the European version.

Dark Lord

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Main article: Dark Lord

The Dark Lord is the main antagonist in the first half of Miitopia. Originally a banana factory worker that got possessed by The Dark Curse, the Dark Lord causes havoc by stealing faces from the Mii residents of Miitopia and giving them to monsters.

Defeating the Dark Lord in his castle at Karkaton will reveal his human appearance, now dubbed the Ex-Dark Lord. He did not appear again in the main story until The Sky Scraper, where the Hero once again rescued him, this time from The Phantom of Evil created by the Darker Lord. The Ex-Dark Lord then proceeded to join the party temporarily until the Hero reached near the top of The Sky Scraper.

In the post-game, the Ex-Dark Lord serves as the gatekeeper to New Lumos.


MiiCast Greenhorne.jpg

Main article: Greenhorne (town)

Greenhorne serves as the first town the Hero arrived at after escaping from a Rock Moth already controlled by the Dark Lord. Residents include the Carefree Guide, the Cheery Granny, a family consisting of a Sassy Child and a Worried Mother, the Lovey-Dovey Couple, the Sarcastic Guy, and the Dubious Mayor. When the Dark Lord attacked, he stole the faces of everyone bar the Hero him/herself, the Worried Mother, the Lovey-Dovey Man, and the Dubious Mayor. The Worried Mother is what truly kickstarted the Hero's journey thanks to the Job-granting power of her family's Antique Charm.

Later, the Sassy Child wandered off and the Worried Mother asked the Hero to help find him (though she also asked help from another person who turned out to be the hopeless Besmirched Noble's Son). The Hero had to fight three Goblins that surround the child.

After the Darker Lord had been unleashed, the Dubious Mayor appeared as one of the main quest givers in the Travelers' Hub, asking the Hero for help in dealing with the mice inside True Nightmare Tower.

Roving Photographer

Main article: Roving Photographer

The Roving Photographer is one of the recurring travelers in Miitopia. He appears after certain major boss battles to sell the player a snapshot of the battle before his encounter, usually the most hilarious/embarrassing moment (often related to status effects). Paying him 20 G for the snapshot will add it to the system gallery.

The Roving Photographer also appears near the end of the credits to snap a photo of the entire party (and the horse in the Nintendo Switch version if brought along).


Main article: Quizmaster

The Quizmaster is one of the recurring travelers in Miitopia, appearing on certain spots on the overworld. Interacting with the Quizmaster will throw the player into one of the various quiz types with three questions (or just one in "Mii Parade"). Answering correctly will reward the player, while failing even a single question will have nothing rewarded.

In the post-game, the Quizmaster is one of the recurring quest givers at the Travelers' Hub alongside the Worried Explorer and the Youngest Fab Fairy, and is the only one with the Quiz-type quest.

Prodigious Postman

Main article: Prodigious Postman

The Prodigious Postman is one of the recurring travelers in Miitopia, appearing on fixed events within certain levels to deliver letters from various NPCs to the Hero.

Roaming Gourmet

Main article: Roaming Gourmet

The Roaming Gourmet is one of the recurring travelers in Miitopia, appearing on certain spots on the overworld. Interacting with the Roaming Gourmet will play a short scene before being rewarded with three special Very Rare food items specific to the region the Roaming Gourmet is encountered. The Roaming Gourmet can be found in Greenhorne, Neksdor, Realm of the Fey, Karkaton, Peculia, and Powdered Peaks.

In the post-game, Galados Isle is added as another region the Roaming Gourmet can appear. It is still possible to encounter the Roaming Gourmet in random dungeons during quests.

Nintendo Fan

Main article: Nintendo Fan

The Nintendo Fan is one of the recurring travelers in Miitopia. She appears in Greenhorne, Neksdor, Realm of the Fey, and Karkaton, dressed up as a Mario character (either Mario, Peach, Yoshi, or Bowser respectively). She provides the player the opportunity to scan their amiibo figures to earn either Game Tickets or, from certain characters, amiibo clothing.

Castle Guard

MiiCast CastleGuards.jpg

Main article: Castle Guard

The Castle Guard is a quartet of characters located in Greenhorne that, as the name suggests, guard the Greenhorne Castle. It consists of the Serious Soldier, the Lax Soldier, and the two Royal Supports. The Serious Soldier can be found on the overworld before the castle, blocking the player from entering unless the player has the Mayor's Introduction (in the demo, he blocks progression entirely even if the player had the aforementioned key item), though he can still be talked to inside the castle.

Before the player proceeds to the east-most level of Arid Frontier for the first time, the Serious Soldier will run up to the party to inform them that they will enter Neksdor from there before leaving.

Royal Court

MiiCast RoyalCourt.jpg

Main article: Royal Court

The Royal Court consists of the King, the Princess, the Prince from a Nearby Land, and the Besmirched Noble's Son. The King and the Princess reside in the Greenhorne Castle. Both of them end up having their faces stolen twice, first by the Dark Lord, then by the Darker Lord. The King, prior to the second capture, could be encountered once more at the eastern Neksdor Desert. Talking to him will reward the player his signature Royal Roast.

The Prince from a Nearby Land originated from Neksdor and is first met at the Arid Frontier under the King's orders. While escorting him, the party ended up encountering a Griffin and thankfully defeated it, though the prince claimed to take the credit despite him doing nothing in the battle. He ended up fighting the Besmirched Noble's Son, leaving the Princess worried and making the King ask the Hero to get the Calming Fruit to calm them down. The prince is then encountered again at Neksdor Desert, where he was tricked into freeing the Genie of the Lamp.

The Besmirched Noble's Son is the Princess' childhood friend, but unfortunately not planned to be engaged with her at first. He was shown to be extremely hopeless, being taken down by three Goblins easily while trying to save the Sassy Child. However, while the Prince from a Nearby Land ran away in fear after finding out the Princess' face had been stolen, the Besmirched Noble's Son chose to go the Nightmare Tower alone, even though he did not stand a chance against the General monster. This made the King change his mind and allow the marriage of him and the Princess.

Great Sage

MiiCast GreatSage.jpg

Main article: Great Sage

The Great Sage is one of the major characters in Miitopia. The Hero encountered the Great Sage multiple times throughout the main story, serving as the mentor to the Hero. At Karkaton, the Great Sage temporarily joined the Hero to help rescue his/her party members up to the end of the volcano area, before Karkaton Peak.

After the Dark Lord was defeated, the Great Sage performed a self-sacrifice to protect the Hero from getting possessed by the Dark Curse, resulting in the birth of the Darker Lord. From then on, he serves as the main antagonist in the second half of Miitopia. Defeating him will rescue the Great Sage, though the Darker Lord form remains in the post-game so the player can check both endings.

Genie of the Lamp

MiiCast Genie.jpg

Main article: Genie of the Lamp

The Genie of the Lamp is a character debuted in Neksdor. He was freed by tricking the Prince from a Nearby Land into rubbing the lamp the genie was sealed in. The genie then caused mischief by stealing the Desert Celebrity's gold until the Hero almost resealed him. Just as the genie was beginning to mellow, his face ended up stolen by the Dark Lord.

After he was rescued, the genie decided to work for the Desert Celebrity. He is also the one that helps the Hero clear the boulders blocking the middle of Wetland Way. The Hero then met him again after rescuing his face from the Pharaoh II monster created by the Darker Lord in The Sky Scraper.

Neksdor Town

MiiCast NeskdorTown.jpg

Main article: Neksdor Town

The Neksdor Town is the second town the Hero comes across. The residents consist of the Dancing Guide, the Rambling Old Man, the Shady Merchant Family, the Worried Explorer, the Prickly Couple, and the Desert Celebrity. Like in Greenhorne, some of the residents ended up having their faces stolen by the Dark Lord until the Hero rescued them.

The Worried Explorer notably can be found in later regions, usually to drop hints for a given area. The Worried Explorer is also one of the recurring quest givers in the Travelers' Hub, alongside the Quizmaster and the Youngest Fab Fairy. All of the Worried Explorer's quests have something to do with going into the Realm of the Fey to defeat a large-sized Snurp.

In the main story, the Desert Celebrity becomes a quest giver in Travelers' Hub during the Hero's search for the Sky Scraper Jewels.

Fab Fairies

MiiCast FabFairies.jpg

Main article: Fab Fairies

The Fab Fairies are a trio of fairy sisters from Realm of the Fey. At first, only the Youngest Fab Fairy was the only available, as her two sisters were captured by the Dark Lord. After rescuing the two, the sisters proceeded to open the gate leading to the east, but this resulted in the Dark Lord entering the Elven Retreat freely and stealing some faces including the Youngest Fab Fairy's.

The Fab Fairies accompany the Hero as guest party members, with the Youngest accompanying until the Middle Fab Fairy was rescued. The Middle Fab Fairy accompanied until the Eldest Fab Fairy was rescued. In turn, the Eldest Fab Fairy accompanied until all the stolen faces were recovered. Later, the three were encountered at The Sky Scraper, as their faces were stolen by the Darker Lord.

In the Travelers' Hub, the Youngest Fab Fairy is one of the recurring quest givers alongside the Quizmaster and the Worried Explorer. Her quests involve having the player accompany her in random dungeons in search of sweet snacks, only to have to defeat tough monsters to get to them.

Elven Retreat

MiiCast ElvenRetreat.jpg

Main article: Elven Retreat

The Elven Retreat is the third town the Hero visits. It is populated by elves, as its name suggests. Its residents consist of the Injured Elf (who is interacted with outside the retreat, on the west side), the Fab Fairies Fans, the Scaredy-Cat, the Green-Eyed Lady, the Lazybones, and the Mischievous Witch. After the Dark Lord ended up entering the retreat, he stole the faces of the Fab Fairies Fans, the Scaredy-Cat, and the Mischievous Witch, alongside the face of the Youngest Fab Fairy. The Elven Retreat was saved once the Hero rescued all the stolen faces.

Travelers' Hub

MiiCast WellInformedBod.jpg

Main article: Travelers' Hub

The Travelers' Hub is the centerpiece of Miitopia where travelers of various kinds come and go. The Town Guide is the only sole unique character in the hub, who provides information about the current situation since the Darker Lord was unleashed or, in the post-game, completion percentage towards the player's Medals collection.

Up to six Travelers are generated in the hub. Outside of the recurring NPCs, Travelers are normally randomly picked from the Wii Sports Club preset characters, but if the player enabled Spotpass (3DS) or Popular (Switch), as long as the system is connected to the internet, the Travelers will use characters from said source. In the Nintendo Switch version, unused Mii characters from the player's list can also fill the role of visiting Travelers. Other characters include Lost Friend and Abducted Friend, who only appear after talking to a quest giver whose quest involves rescuing said friend.

In the main story, other unique characters include Friend from Nimbus and Kidnapped Friend, the former of which is part of a quest that introduces Nimbus to the player, while the latter is one of the Mii characters required to be rescued to obtain one of the Sky Scraper Jewels.

Scholarly Pioneer

MiiCast ScholarlyPioneer.jpg

Main article: Galados Isle

The Scholarly Pioneer is a post-game character who only appears at Galados Isle. She has a tendency of mistaking the leader Mii for a native. Her only important contribution is the knowledge of the island's treasure (the Elf Charm) located in the Uncharted Galados. Talking to her again after getting the treasure reveals that the Worried Explorer is her older sibling.