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A Mii is a customizable avatar created by Nintendo. They can be used on Wii and any main Nintendo console released afterwards, as well as some apps released by the company. 

Miis are the characters and the namesake of Miitopia. When you start the game, you are prompted to make a Mii, which is casted as the main protagonist. You can also choose a Mii from your Tomodachi Life save data if you have any. After the beginning cutscene of the game, you go to Greenhorne and can cast the residents as your own Mii's with your Tomodachi Life save data, a QR code, or from the Gallery if SpotPass is activated.

Your first Mii is the only Mii you can control during battles since it will be the main protagonist. The other members of your party are NPC.

You will also have the option to create new or edit Miis in places such as Neksdor, Realm of the Fey, the Travelers' Hub, and anywhere on in the Mii cast menu. Note that the only controllable Mii is the Protagonist, or the original Mii you make as yourself.

Certain Miis, such as the Fab Fairies, Great Sage, the Ex-Dark Lord, and anyone from the Traveler's Hub may come and stay in your party temporarily. They will use attacks similar to the attacks of their supposed job class (i.e. the youngest fab fairy will use the dancing arrow attack, which is actually an attack used by the elf class). They will not take up room at the inn, though it will appear in the corner of the screen that they are staying at the inn.


  • If the player deletes a Mii who was featured in a cutscene, the cutscene will replace the deleted Mii with a dark-skinned Mii named "NoName."
    • However, if the player deletes a Mii who wasn't cast as a party member (e.g. Cheery Granny, Worried Explorer, Scholarly Pioneer), the cutscene will use the default Mii instead.


Screen that shows if you choose to create an Mii.