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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

The page is about the enemy summoned by Dark Sun. For the in-game achievements, please see Medals.

Medals (Japanese: メダル Medal) are enemies that can be summoned by Dark Sun during its fights in New Lumos's 8th District and at the apex of the Tower of Dread. They are the Dark Sun's equivalent of The Darkest Lord's Coins.


Medals are identical to the Coin enemies summoned by The Darkest Lord, sans their black coloring and cyan highlights/outlines. They also have one eye instead of an entire face.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack The Medal rams a Mii, doing notable damage. 100% 100%
Cover Take damage in place of either the Dark Sun or another Medal. 100% -

Enemy Statistics

Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Medal enemy.png 650 180 90 10 120


  • It is possible to farm Ultimate Delicacy ★★ from this enemy or the Dark Sun by having any Cat purloin from them then having the party die. The player will keep the food and it can be done as long as Dark Sun is not dead.
  • The Medals have significantly more stats (except for Magic, which is lower) than the Coins.
  • The way to tell the difference is that they are black and blue, the coins are yellow with a bitter amount of purple.
  • These enemies are based of the medals you collect, since the medals are also blue-ish.


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