Miitopia Job - Mage

Deals stupendous damage, blasting away enemies with magical might.

-Job Description

Mage description

【Miitopia】 - Mage Play Demo

【Miitopia】 - Mage Play Demo

The Mage is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on high single and multi-target magic damage.

Their weapon of choice is the Wand.

Their clothing is called Robe.

With a large MP pool and high Magic, Mages can use magic skills that deal great damage to the enemies.

Mage's default attack is single-target only.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 184 283
MP 8 175 274
Attack 7 46 251
Magic 6 194 502
Defense 5 75 341
Speed 10 96 195


Skill Learned MP


Description Extra Notes
Fire Lv. 2 4 "Toast a single enemy with mystic fire (magic)." Basic single-target magic attack.
Lightning Lv. 4 6 "Zap an enemy with lightning. Also hits enemies on either side (magic)." Hits 3 monsters max, 2 if targeting the either ends of the line. Main target suffers most damage.
Sleep Tight Lv. 6 6 "Make a friend doze off, recovering their HP as they sleep. (magic)" Heals the targeted teammate by half of their maximum HP when used, and another half on the teammate's turn. The teammate cannot move or assist while asleep, but can be awakened by either ending their turn or being hit by an enemy attack.
Explosion Lv. 9 14 "Invoke an explosion, sending all enemies up in flames. (magic)" A basic area-of-effect skill affecting all enemies.


Lv. 11 6 "Make a friend's weapon really big for one attack (auto, magic)." Causes attacks that hit multiple enemies to only hit one enemy, but increases damage dealt.
Mega Fire Lv. 14 15 "Char-grill a single enemy with searing flame. (magic)" An improved Fire spell.
Mega Lightning Lv. 16 20 "Sizzle an enemy plus those on either side with fierce lightning. (magic)" An improved Lightning spell.
Mega Explosion Lv. 20 30 "Invoke a huge explosion, sending all enemies up in flames. (magic)" An improved Explosion spell.
Barrier Lv. 24 18 "Erect a barrier in front of you that reduces all damage taken. (magic)" Defensive self-buff.
Giga Lightning Lv. 28 40 "Zap an enemy plus this on either side with fierce lightning. (magic)" A greatly improved Lightning spell.
Giga Explosion Lv. 33 45 "Invoke a huge fireball that deals huge damage to all enemies. (magic)" A greatly improved Explosion spell.
Tower of Flame Lv. 37 50 "Bake one enemy to a crisp with a mage-tastic flaming pillar. (magic)" A greatly improved Fire spell.


  • Giga Explosion's animation fittingly resembles Ultima from Final Fantasy VI.
  • In promotional material from Nintendo of Europe, the character used for the Mage's Official artwork is given the name "Emma", being described as the idea of importing "your sister".
    • While some promotional material from Nintendo of America also uses this name for her, another name used for her is Quinn.
    • Various official artwork also depicts the character as having the Kind personality.
  • The official Japanese artwork for the Mage is slightly different from the Western artwork, featuring the Mii with solid black eyes and darker hair, as well as a rosy lining.
  • If a Mage uses barrier, the Mage will say "This barrier will keep us safe" despite only protecting the Mage.
  • The Mage along with the Imp and the Vampire are the only classes to not cause a relationship boost or resentment towards another teammate through battle.




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