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The MP Candy (known as MP Sweets in the European English version; inconsistently termed between either in the US Switch version) is a type of snack.

A Mii cannot carry more than two MP Candies per venture. When consumed, it restores magic points (MP) of a Mii in battle.

Obtaining methods

  • Thieves are the only job that can steal MP Candies from monsters.
  • MP Candies can be won as the "gray" prize (1 MP Candy) in Roulette.
  • When the player is running low on MP Candies, a Mii may be interested to buy an MP Candy for 100 G and can sometimes come back with 3 instead of 1. Sometimes, a Mii will buy an MP Candy instead of what they originally wanted, but will return the remaining Gold (original equipment price minus 100 G) not spent.
  • MP Candies can also be obtained from treasure chests and certain random events during adventures.
  • MP Candies are one of the possible rewards from beating the Quizmaster. This is a useful method though, as the player can get 5 MP Candies by chance.
  • MP Candies can be bought from the Shady Merchant Family in Neksdor Town. An MP Candy there costs five times as much as its normal price as part of the family's shady business. After rescuing their faces, however, the price is reduced, but it's still overpriced (at 498 G) compared to the normal pricing.
  • An MP Candy can be obtained in the Otherworld in the "banana hunt" if the on-screen Mii pulls the right lever during the "two levers” event.
  • In the player's inventory, MP Candies are maxed out at 999.

Usage notes

  • A Mii will use an MP Candy when their MP is at 30% or lower. [1]
  • A Mii's relationship with another team member should be at least level 8 in order for them to be able to share MP Candies outside of personalities, but unlike HP Bananas, they cannot be shared by 2 Miis.
  • The Kind personality may share their MP Candies with their team members during battle.
  • The Cautious personality may pull out an MP Candy if they are not carrying any MP Candies. Does not take from the extra stash left back at the Inn.
  • The Laid-back personality may steal an MP Candy from another mii if they are not carrying any MP Candies.


The more MP Candies used by party members, the more effective they will become. Originally they restore 10 MP on use, but they can be powered up to 200 per use.

No. of

candies eaten

MP recovery amount
0 10 MP
5 15 MP
10 20 MP
20 25 MP
30 35 MP
40 40 MP
50 45 MP
60 60 MP
70 80 MP
80 100 MP
90 130 MP
100 160 MP
110 200 MP


  • This snack is also known as "MP Sweet(s)" in British English.
    • In the US Version there's a mistake where if you receive an MP Candy from an outing, the game will refer to it as an "MP Sweet".
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