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Not to be confused with the random "friend letter" event or any of the fixed letter delivery events.

An example of a daily letter, in this case from the Carefree Guide.

The daily letters are a feature in Miitopia for the Nintendo Switch. This feature replaces the questionnaire from the Nintendo 3DS version due to Nintendo Switch version lacking SpotPass functionality, and thus, the Mii Central.


Unlike the letters delivered to the player by the Prodigious Postman and the letter delivery prompts that occur at certain points in the game, one daily letter immediately pops up upon the player booting up the game on a new day, before the title screen is even shown (if the game was resumed from the console's Sleep Mode, then the letter will show up during certain screen transitions). A letter's sender is one of the random non-playable Mii characters that have been available and interacted with so far in the current save file. After reading the letter, the player is then rewarded with either Game Tickets or Outing Tickets.

Note that, much like the daily Travelers' Hub announcements, the player can load a different letter (thus potentially changing the ticket reward) on the same day by resetting the game before the title screen is loaded.


Character Reward
Ex-Dark Lord 3 Game Tickets
Carefree Guide 3 Outing Tickets
Cheery Granny 3 Outing Tickets
Sassy Child 3 Game Tickets
Worried Mother 3 Outing Tickets
Lovey-Dovey Couple (Woman) 3 Outing Tickets
Sarcastic Guy 1 Game Ticket
Dubious Mayor 4 Game Tickets
Roving Photographer 3 Outing Tickets
Quizmaster 3 Game Tickets
Prodigious Postman 3 Outing Tickets
Roaming Gourmet 3 Outing Tickets
Nintendo Fan 3 Game Tickets
Serious Soldier 3 Outing Tickets
Lax Soldier 3 Game Tickets
Royal Support (Right) 3 Outing Tickets
Royal Support (Left) 3 Game Tickets
King 5 Game Tickets
Princess 5 Outing Tickets
Prince from a Nearby Land 3 Game Tickets
Besmirched Noble's Son 3 Outing Tickets
Genie of the Lamp 4 Game Tickets
Dancing Guide 3 Outing Tickets
Rambling Old Man 3 Outing Tickets
Shady Merchant Daughter 1 Game Ticket
Prickly Husband 2 Outing Tickets
Worried Explorer 3 Game Tickets
Desert Celebrity 5 Outing Tickets
Injured Elf 2 Game Tickets
Fab Fairies Fan 1 3 Outing Tickets
Fab Fairies Fan 2 3 Outing Tickets
Fab Fairies Fan 3 3 Outing Tickets
Scaredy-Cat 3 Outing Tickets
Green-Eyed Lady 3 Outing Tickets
Lazybones 1 Game Ticket
Mischievous Witch 3 Outing Tickets
Eldest Fab Fairy 4 Game Tickets
Middle Fab Fairy 4 Outing Tickets
Youngest Fab Fairy 3 Game Tickets
Town Guide 3 Outing Tickets
Scholarly Pioneer 3 Outing Tickets



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