Laid back

Laid-back personality action.

Laid-back (Japanese: マイペース My Pace; At Own Pace) is a personality in Miitopia, giving the Mii several quirks. Two of their quirks may cause "resentment".


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Hide The Mii hides behind another party member, having them take the hit instead of the user. Useful on jobs that do not have much HP or decent Defense. Raises "Resentment". 10%
Laid back quirk hide
Cadge The Laid-back Mii will steal a HP Banana or a MP Candy from an ally if they do not have any left. Does not activate for the player controlled Mii.

Raises "Resentment"

Laid back quirk cadge
Nah... The Mii is guaranteed immunity to emotion-based status ailments.

Functionally identical to a Cool Mii's "Indifference".

Laid back quirk nah
Get Serious The Mii becomes so unusually focused that the action used will have improved effects, dealing more damage or healing a little more HP/MP than usual. If the Mii is a Mage or a Cleric, it will show them summoning a wave of magic before unleashing it. All other jobs show them stretching their arm before standing with a determined expression. 25%
Get Serious
Slack Off The Mii conserves MP (using half of the MP needed for a skill) at the cost of half the skill's effectiveness. The pose is different for the Mage and the Cleric. 15%
Slack Off

Outside battle

  • Laid-back Mii characters will immediately give up after only one digging attempt during the "buried treasure" event.


  • Laid-back Mii characters that are given the Mage or Cleric job have unique animations for when they Slack Off or Get Serious.
  • Laid-back has the most quirks among all personalities, with 5 quirks. Other quirks have 3 each (except for Cool, which has 4), making Laid-back Miis the wild cards of any team.