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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Laid-back personality action.

Laid-back (Japanese: マイペース My Pace; At Own Pace) is a personality in Miitopia, giving the Mii several quirks that make them act more relaxed and lazy. Two of their quirks have a chance of causing "resentment".


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Hide The Mii hides behind another party member, having them take the hit instead of the user. Useful on jobs that do not have much HP or decent Defense. Raises "Resentment". 10%

3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Cadge The Laid-back Mii will steal a HP Banana or a MP Candy from an ally if they do not have any left. Does not activate for the player controlled Mii.

Raises "Resentment".

This might not work if another Mii uses their Charity or Share assists, or if a Kind Mii activates their Donate quirk.


3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Nah... The Mii is guaranteed immunity to emotion-based status ailments.

Functionally identical to a Cool Mii's "Indifference".


3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Get Serious The Mii becomes so unusually focused that the action used will have improved effects, dealing twice the damage or healing a little more HP/MP than usual. If the Mii is a Mage or a Cleric, it will show them summoning a wave of magic before unleashing it. All other jobs show them stretching their arm before standing with a determined expression. 25%

3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Slack Off The Mii conserves MP (using half of the MP needed for a skill) at the cost of half the skill's effectiveness. The pose is different for the Mage and the Cleric where they rest on their Wand or Staff. The Mii's action called out in their speech bubble will have an ellipsis on the end instead of an exclamation point as usual. 15%

3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Outside battle

  • Laid-back Mii characters will immediately give up after only one failed digging attempt during the "buried treasure" event.
  • When a Mii's face is about to be put on a monster, Laid-back Miis will jump up and down and flail their arms.
    • This shares the same animation as Energetic Miis.
  • When a Laid-back Mii is singing, they rock their arms back and forth while stepping from side to side.
  • Laid-back Miis have the slowest idle animation compared to other personalities.
  • When complimented at one of the Cafe outings, Laid-back Miis have the "bean eyes" expression.


  • "Let's just take it easy..." (Not selected)
  • "If I have to..." (Selected)
  • "OK then..." (US) / "Right, then..." (EU) (Starting adventure)
  • "Ho ho!" (War cry event response)
  • "Oh, I just noticed you're wearing a new outfit. You look pretty good!" (Complimenting for new Clothing)
  • "Hm, yeah, not bad." (Complimented for new Clothing)
  • "Is there something in my pocket?" (Friend Mail event, feels mail in pocket)
  • "Hey, I bought too many HP Bananas. They were getting heavy, so I put one in your pocket." (Mailing a friend)
    • "Sure, (Mii). That's good advice." (Receiving letter, Kind Mii)
    • "Free food? Suits me fine!" (Receiving letter, Laid-back Mii)
    • "I like my battles to be easy, thanks." (Receiving letter, Stubborn Mii)
    • "Lucky me!" (Receiving letter, Cautious Mii)
    • "Nice. I was getting hungry, actually." (Receiving letter, Energetic Mii)
    • "Cheers, I'll take it." (Receiving letter, Cool Mii)
    • "Nuh-uh. Finders, keepers!" (Receiving letter, Air-headed Mii)
  • "I guess I'll stay up..." (Standing guard at camp)
  • "Just five more minutes..." (Camp event, sleeping)
  • "Uh...he/she's sleeping." (Camp event, waking up to a sleeping Mii)
  • "Yaaaawn..." (Camp event, waking up to a Mii standing guard who stayed awake)
  • "What's up?" (US) / "S'up?" (EU) or "I was getting bored, so, yeah." (Camp event, joining a Mii stand guard)
  • "Uneventful night, then?" (Camp event, two miis quietly kept watch)
  • "Yaaawn... Morning." (Camp event, two miis chatted long into the night)
  • "Ahhhhhh!" or "Huh!" (Using a regular attack)
  • "Easy!" (Defeated monster)
  • "Oh well..." (In a Mii-eating monster)
  • "Suppose we better help (Mii)." (Reacting to teammate being in a Mii-eating monster)
  • "Bright out here..." (Out of a Mii-eating monster)
  • "Take your time." / "Do we have to do this?" / "I think I pulled a muscle." / "Almost there!" (US) / I "Nearly there!" (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu)
  • "*blubber*" (US) / "Blub." (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and in a crying state)
  • "In a dark mood..." (US) / "I feel rubbish." (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a cranky state)
  • "I can't take much more..." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and has low HP)
  • "(Mii)... You tried so hard." (US) / "(Mii)... The humanity!" (EU) (Reacting to a fallen teammate)
  • "I sure hope this works out." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is alone)
  • "If I have to..." (US) / "I so can't be bothered..." (EU) / "I'll just go with whatever." / "Let's roll with the punches..." (US) / "I'll just take this slow." (EU) / "Let's get this over with." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu on a solo adventure)
  • "I've had just about enough of this..." (When exiting the Safe Spot menu on a solo adventure and has low HP)
  • "Yes, yes, yes!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in an excited state)
  • "*snicker*" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a spiting state)
  • "Looks sketchy out there..." (US) / "Looks dodgy out there…" (EU) (Hide quirk)
  • "Thanks, buddy!" (Hide quirk complete)
  • "I'll just borrow this." (Female) / "Lend me this." (Male) (Cadge quirk)
  • "Hmph." (US) / "Welp." (EU) (Defeated)
  • "Nice, (Mii)." (Praise assist)
  • "Out of HP Bananas/MP Candies..." (Out of HP Bananas or MP Candies)
  • "You'd better take this." (Charity assist)
  • "Uh-uh!" (Avenge assist)
  • "Heh, maybe so." (US) / "Meh..." (EU) (praised at the Cafe outing)
  • "Wanna try it?" (US) / "Are you gonna try it?" (EU) (Offering a Mii food, Cooking School outing)
  • "Slow and steady." (Cleaning event)
  • "I'll lend a hand too." (Cleaning with another Mii)
  • "Put your back into it!" (Watching a Mii cleaning)
  • "Yay, just a little bit more!" (Cleaning event, cheering on the sidelines)
  • "Saw this and thought of you. Have a present." (US) / "So I bought a thing. Have a prezzie." (EU) (Giving a present)
  • "Don't mind if I do." (Accepting a present)
  • "Thanks." (US) / "Heh, thanks." (EU) (Present event, kind of likes it)
  • "How'd you know?" (Present event, very pleased)
  • "Ooo-ooh!" (US) / "Huh. Didn't expect this." (EU) (Present event, amazed)
  • "Well, it's..." (US) / "Yeah...no." (EU) (Present event, dislikes it)
  • "Don't think I need this." (Present event, hates it)
  • "Yeahhhh!" or "Doo doo-doo!" (Singing)
  • "Doo doo diddly doo..." (Singing with another Mii)
  • "Thanks!" (Getting revived/healed by another teammate)
  • "Whew!" (Face saved)


  • This personality does not have any status effect (cry/angry) when the Avenge skill activates.
  • Laid-back Mii characters that are given the Mage or Cleric job have unique animations for when they Slack Off or Get Serious.
  • Laid-back has the most quirks among all personalities, with 5 quirks. Other quirks have 3 each (except for Cool, which has 4), making Laid-back Mii characters the wild cards of any team.
  • During the "spooky stories" Campfire event, Laid-back Mii characters will be lying down instead of sitting.
  • When a Laid-back Mii steals an HP Banana or MP Candy from using Cadge, the Mii who they stole from will have an angry scowl while they eat it.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マイペース
My Pace
My pace, as in "at my own pace."
French Relax Relaxed.
German Entspannt Relaxed.
Italian Rilassato Relaxed.
Spanish Relajada (US)

Apacible (EU)
Relaxed (US), calm (EU).
Korean 마이웨이
My Way
My way, in a similar meaning to the Japanese name's My Pace.
Dutch Relaxed -
Chinese 随性 (CN)
Suí xìng

隨興 (TW)
Sui xing