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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

The King Cow (Japanese: 牛の王 Ushi no Ou, Cow King) is the boss of the 1st District in New Lumos. It is a Minotaur-class monster, and resembles a black Minotaur with purple shading and a single eye.

Defeating this monster in the 1st District will award the "Udderly brilliant" medal.

Like all New Lumos bosses, it can be fought again in the Tower of Dread, with King Cow as the first boss.

It can also be fought again on its own daily (starting at 4:00 A.M.) if defeated.


It is a black Minotaur with purple shading. A single Mii eye is attached to its face.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack The King Cow smacks a Mii with its hammer. 60% 100%
Magic All The King Cow pounds the ground, hitting all Mii characters. (magic) 40% 100%
One More Time! (auto) The King Cow gets another attack, totaling two per turn. - -

Enemy statistics

King Cow
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
King Cow HQ.PNG 3600 180 88 45 60


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