Kind personality action

Kind personality action.

Kind (Japanese name: やさしい Yasashii) is a personality in Miitopia that gives a Mii some quirks that make the Mii appear peaceful and generous.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Spare The Mii goes to attack the enemy,

but then hesitates and stops attacking to say "The poor thing!"

  • If it works, the monster leaves (you don't get any EXP, Gold, or grub from them if they do),
  • If it doesn't work, the monster will attack the Mii and a random Mii in the party gains resentment towards that Mii, which can sometimes cause a quarrel.
30% (50% chance of success)
Kind Quirk Spare

A Kind Mii successfully sparing a Goblin.

Donate If one of the party members is in need of a MP Candy or HP Banana but they don't own one, the Kind Mii will give one of theirs. 100%
Miitopia Kind Quirk - Donate

A Kind Mii giving out an MP Candy to a Mii without one.

Cover The Kind Mii will protect a Mii with critically low health that would have be knocked out had the Kind Mii not helped. Relationship increases unless the Kind Mii runs out of HP whilst protecting the other Mii. 100%
Kind quirk cover

A Kind Mii blocking a Mii with low health from getting damaged.