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Key Items are important items that are needed for something at some point in the game, mainly to unlock things, sometimes for quests. They are accessible to view at any time in the Records Book. These items are also particular because the player only uses them once before unlocking their power or get the usage out of them.

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About Door Keys


Doors are obstacles that block the player's progression and are found throughout the whole world. They can block Story Paths, in which case require special types of keys either being Tablets or Jewel Keys. If they block optional paths or if they are found in random dungeons, they will require a normal key which is found in a stage nearby just like other keys. Once a door is open, it'll stay open for the rest of the game. Doors generated in random dungeons, however, are deleted along with the dungeon if a quest in said location was completed.

Door Keys

Door Keys, even though used once like all Main Key Items, are not counted in Key Items as multiple appear throughout the story. They can either open main paths (but again, those are Main Key Items) or open optional paths for the player to discover and play through.

Main Story Items

Greenhorne Key Items
Antique Charm


Description :

This charm is received by the "Worried Mother" as a reward for trying to save her "Sassy Child" in Greenhorne Town. This charm activates when fighting the Mini "Sassy Child" Slime, summoning what seems to be a "Guardian Spirit" to come and assist you in battle. This is how you get your first Job, and all subsequent Jobs after this.

Main Usage / Unlock :

Once activated, the "Guardian Spirit" will grant powers throughout the whole play through of the player. They unlock Jobs, Sprinkles, Abilities, ...

Mayor's Introduction


Description :

This is given to you by the mayor of Greenhorne after saving the residents faces after they were attacked by the Dark Lord. This lets you get to Greenhorne Castle and all places after that.

For the demo version of Miitopia, this is the last key item you get as a guard will stop you from passing any further even with this item.

Main Usage / Unlock :

Allows the team to go pass through the guard in front of Castle View.

Calming Fruit


Description :

The Calming Fruit is a fruit that can calm angry Miis. It is collected from Wayward Woods to calm the Noble's son and Nearby Prince, but is never used due to the castle being attacked when coming back.

Main Usage / Unlock :

Although never used in the story, it is used to somehow calm tempered Miis.

Neksdor Key Items
Magic Lamp


Description :

When you enter Neksdor, the Great Sage will greet you and ask you if you've seen a lamp lying around. You will respond with "no", disappointing him. They will then tell that if you see it you have to come find them immediately and to not touch it. Later, the Prince of a Nearby Land will then find the lamp and rub it because it lied saying he will grant him 3 wishes. The Genie will then come out of the lamp, laughing at the Prince because he was gullible. The Prince will then shove the lamp into your hands and then rudely tell you to leave him alone.

Main Usage :

Due to the Prince's foolishness, you'll need to capture the genie back in the lamp for the story.

Mysterious Jewel


Description :

A jewel found on a bright spot inside the Underground Maze.

Main Usage / Unlock :

This is the jewel required to open the door leading to the Genie during your first visit.

Neksdor Jewels (A-D)


Description :

The Neksdor Jewels are jewels held by four faceless residents of Neksdor Town, which open the way into the Great Pyramid's inner chamber.

Main Usage / Unlock :

You are required to rescue all 4 villagers in order to save the Genie awaiting at the top of the pyramid, behind the door.

Realm of the Fey Key Items
Fey Jewels (A-C)


Description :

The Fey Jewels are obtained by saving each residents of the Elven Retreat after The Dark Lord's attack.

Main Usage / Unlock :

They are required to open the locked doors that lead to the Realm of the Fey East along with the reappearance of the Dark Lord.

Puzzling Tablet


Description :

The player can get this item from the Worried Explorer in Citrus Cave, and is used in Bigg Forest in the Realm of the Fey.

Main Usage / Unlock :

The Puzzling Tablet is used to open a door in the eastern side of the Realm of the Fey's Bigg Forest. Opening the door leads to the Roaming Gourmet, who gives 3 Elven Potions as he claims it is Miitopia's best food.

The Sky Scraper Key Items
Sky Scraper Gate Face Jewels


Description :

The Sky Scraper Jewels are the keys to the inside of the Sky Scraper, which are scattered around the world and must be reunited by completing favors at the Traveler's Hub. Completing a Story Favor from Traveler's Hub will give the player a piece for each favor completed.

  • Left Eye: Defeat the Ice Queen
  • Right Eye: Rescue Toby Quest
  • Nose: Sterile Plant Quest
  • Mouth: Celebrity's Quest

Main Usage / Unlock :

All together, the jewels fit in the Sky Scraper entrance door, opening it and allowing the player to enter the biggest dungeon as it is actually in Nimbus.

Golden Tablet


Description :

The Golden Tablet is found inside the Sky Scraper in the upper levels. Unlike some items that you expect finding in a Gold Chest, it is found in a regular chest.

Main Usage / Unlock :

It's used to unlock an optional door that blocks the pathway to a golden treasure chest.


Post-Game Key Items

Galados Isle Key Items
Ancient Tablet


Description :

The Ancient Tablet is found during post-game at Midland Marsh, a part of Galados Isle, in a chest.

Main Usage / Unlock :

It opens a door which leads into Uncharted Galados, a dungeon with 4 stages at the end of Midland Marsh. As a reward for beating it, you will receive the Elven Charm.

Elven Charm


Description :

The Elven Charm is found in a chest after defeating the Replica Dark Lord, the final boss of the dungeon in Uncharted Galados.

Main Usage / Unlock :

Once obtained, it unlocks the Elf Job.

Manor Macabre Key Items
Bat Charm


Description :

The Bat Charm is found in Manor Macabre after defeating the invading Pop-Up Puppet. The Manor first appears from a favor given by a Traveler Vampire at any point after obtaining all four jewels that unlock the Sky Scraper. Since it is a random dungeon, it disappears once the boss is beaten and will reappear if a favor happens to be about the Manor again.

Main Usage / Unlock :

Once obtained, it unlocks the Vampire Job.



  • It is possible to obtain the Bat Charm in Manor Macabre before accessing The Sky Scraper, but not before having access to the Travelers' Hub as the Manor is opened with a specific favor by a Traveler Vampire Mii.