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Karkaton Ascent (Japanese: 火山への道 Kazan e no Michi; Path to the Volcano) is a gray, ashen wasteland that separates the Realm of the Fey from Karkaton volcano. It is full of curving hills, ash slopes and lire burning in it's crevasses. Haven Hollow is found in the middle of the region. The lava crack at the bottom of the map can become a random dungeon.


When the lone protagonist enters this region, they will re-encounter the Great Sage who will take them to the Hollow where the third, sixth, and ninth teammates have had their faces stolen while escaping. Next, the player, with the Sage towing along, will have to explore the barren region to find their friends and defeat their captors.

After, the party continue east until they reach the volcano itself.


Travelers' Hub quests only

Level 23-25 quests

Level 38-40 quests

Level 50 quests

Areas around Karkaton Ascent


List of Locations in Karkaton