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Karkaton is a cavern inside of the region of the same name. For the main game, it has six playable stages, one party split, one treasure level, and one boss. In this area, the Protagonist rescues their second teammate from each region. The top of the volcano can turn into a random dungeon.


After recusing the faces of the 3rd, 6th, and 9th teammates, the hero, those teammates and the Great Sage enter. Shortly afterwards, the party must split up into two groups after a rock collapses part way in. The Great Sage and the hero will only be with one group, meaning the other group will be on their own with little player influence. Eventually, however, the two groups reunite. Soon after this, near the exit of the volcano, the group encounters Cerberus, who has the stolen faces of the 2nd, 5th, and 8th teammates. After a hard battle, the teammates are rescued and the Great Sage, seeing as the Protagonist has enough firepower to save the rest of their friends, leaves them to their own devices as they approach the looming castle.


Travelers' Hub quest only

Youngest Fab Fairy Quest (Level 20)

Rank I (Level 23 - 25)

Rank III (Level 29 - 31)

Rank IX (Level 47 - 49)

Rank X (Level 50)

Areas around Karkaton


  • This is the first area to introduce the 'party split' mechanic. During this event, the player cannot move anywhere else in the world until they either reunite the two parties later along the path or, while on the world map, selecting the option to return to the area before the split occurred.


List of Locations in Karkaton