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Karkaton (Japanese: 火山 Kazan; Volcano) is the fourth area visited and the final area before the Dark Lord is fought. It is a bleak wasteland featuring gnarled volcanic cliffs and an abundance of lava. While there are no towns in this area, it is home to the Haven Hollow and the Dark Lord's Castle. A massive volcano also splits the land into two, with the waste on one side and the Dark Lord's area on the other.


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"A wicked presence who rules monsters from the shadows!"

The Dark Lord is encountered inside his castle, specifically at his throne room. Reaching him requires traversing through this region and battling monsters that now possess the protagonist's teammates' faces.


Shortly after arriving in Karkaton, the Great Sage appears, who has found three of the player's teammates running about without their faces. The Sage has temporarily housed the three terrified Mii characters in a cave known as the Haven Hollow and will assist the player in getting the faces back.

Rescuing the first three party members

The party members in Haven Hollow all have their faces in the current area. As expected, you will have to defeat monsters in order to rescue these faces. The third, sixth and ninth Mii characters' faces will all be on either a Paincloud, Burning Golem or Magma Slime randomly. Rescuing all three Mii characters in the area will enable you to proceed into the volcano itself.

Rescuing the second three party members

Not too long after entering the volcano, your first party division will occur, leaving you with a friend and the Great Sage, while the other two teammates are on their own. First, your group will advance forward a certain point, then wait for the other group to proceed. You have no control over the second group, so you will have to escort them to the end with little say about what they do.

After the party is reunited, the Cerberus, holding three more of the player's teammate's faces will emerge. This is the first battle where Hyper Sprinkles can be used. Following the Cerberus' defeat, the faces return to their original owners and the contented Mii characters join the player as well. At this point, the Great Sage decides that their job is done and leaves the group.

Karkaton Peak and the Dark Lord's Castle

Upon exiting the heart of the volcano, the team will find itself at the peak of Karkaton. An ominous castle is seen in the distance, housing the last three faces and the Dark Lord. The Worried Explorer is encountered in this short area, along with the Quizmaster. After three levels, the team makes its way to the gloomy castle.



  • Karkaton's name may possibly be inspired by Krakatoa, a caldera in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in the Indonesian province of Lampung.
    • It also shares a strikingly similar name to the character Karkat Vantas from a webcomic called Homestuck, though this is likely unintentional.
  • There is a treasure level in Karkaton Peak which appears to be disconnected from its path. The path connecting it is invisible and can only be accessed after talking to the Worried Explorer.
  • The Nintendo Fan in this region is dressed as Bowser.
    • A possible reason as to why the Nintendo Fan is dressed up as Bowser here is because Karkaton has plenty of fire and lava, and Bowser has the ability of spewing out fire.
      • Another is that Bowser is the final boss of game "Super Mario Bros.", and in Karkaton contains the main antagonist/final boss, Dark Lord(although it is a fake-out).
  • According to the Roaming Gourmet, this region's signature grub is the Geothermal Pizza.
  • One Campfire event occurs in this area, at Karkaton Peak.


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