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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

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The Juvenile Snurp is one of the monsters that can be found in Tower of Despair, a location introduced in the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia. It is summoned by the Boss Snurp when fought in the Apex of the Tower.


The Juvenile Snurp, much like other Snurps, is a two-legged tick-like monster a with black face. This one, like the Boss Snurp it came from, has glossy blue and purple fur that changes color, but the average palette remains the same. It has two Mii eyes attached to its face.

Defeating a Juvenile Snurp recovers a pair of Mii eyes.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member. Only used if another Juvenile Snurp has already targeted a Mii if he/she is the only Mii on the field. 100% (conditional) 100%
Crash Attack Targets one Mii with crosshairs for the user's special attack, a rainbow-colored laser that is fired from its body, which brings the targeted Mii to 1 HP when hit. Removes the target's barrier/shield if hit. 100% 100%

Enemy statistics

Juvenile Snurp
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
2000 270 50 50 50 Tower of Despair


  • They are one of the very few enemies that can target a Mii (others being Ancient Robot and Ultimate Robot Warrior, although these enemies deals heavy damage through their shots instead of lowering the HP to 1), as well as one of few enemies who can bring party members to 1 HP through Shield Sprinkles, the others being the Darkest Lord and the Dark Sun, but unlike them they also destroy the shield and remove any barriers from Mages and Elves. They are also the only monster, boss or otherwise, who targets one Mii. All other targetings come in pairs, though the Crash Attack tends to be done in pairs anyway. However, the two Crash Attacks happen separately, so you can just memorise the order of the targetings and avoid both of them entirely.
  • Their speed is low, so most Jobs may be able to fair amounts of damage or even kill the Snurp before it fires the Crash Attack (except for maybe a Tank, who doesn't get any speed from leveling up). Since each snurp only targets one Mii, the best strategy is to put the two targeted Miis in the Safe Spot in the order they were targeted.
  • The Juvenile Snurp are the only monsters that does not have an entrance animation when viewed in the Journal. This is likely because they are summoned by the Boss Snurp, although the "Teammate" Coins summoned by the Darkest Lord still have an entrance animation in the journal. This could be because of the Boss Snurp having a different summoning animation than other bosses that can summon monsters.
  • Considering the Juvenile Snurp can only lower the HP to 1, this means they can't kill any Teammate by themselves, making them the only enemy with that property. -This could slow for an infinite loop if the Boss Snurp it killed and the Miis are stopped from using attacks.


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