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Job selection screen in the Nintendo Switch version.

There are many jobs available for your teammates in Miitopia. Every job has different powers, abilities, and stats. There are fourteen jobs total (twelve main and two secret), but only up to ten can be chosen for your party.

Job List

Jobs unlocked when first acquiring divine powers :

Warrior Icon.png


Mage Icon.png


Cleric Icon.png


Thief Icon.png

Pop Star
Pop Star Icon.png

Male & Female

Pop Star Male icon.png & Pop Star Female Icon.png


Chef Icon.png

Jobs unlocked after the 1st attack from The Dark Lord :

Cat Icon.png


Imp Icon.png


Scientist Icon.png

Jobs unlocked after the 2nd attack from The Dark Lord :

Tank Icon.png


Flower Icon.png


Princess Icon.png

Jobs unlocked in post-game :

Miitopia - Vampire Icon.png


Miitopia - Elf Icon.png

Job changes

The player finding out that that the Dark Lord has sealed away their powers.

After every area, the Dark Lord seals away the player's powers and they have to choose a new job. But after clearing the Realm of the Fey, the player's powers are still there because they were "too strong".

In Karkaton, right before the volcano, the player and their party members will become able to change into any job of their choice, so the player's Mii can choose a job that the Dark Lord sealed away previously. A Mii's old jobs' progress will be maintained even after being sealed.


The Bat Charm as it appears on the Key Items menu.

Two of the fourteen jobs are found via charms (those being the Elf and Vampire). If one fulfills certain requirements, you can obtain charms which unlock secret jobs.

  1. Helping a vampire in the Travelers' Hub reward you the Bat Charm and unlocks the Vampire job
  2. Making your way through the Uncharted Galados in the Galados Isle rewards you the Elven Charm and unlocks the Elf job


  • In the trailer of the Nintendo Switch demo, many of the Miis representing the different jobs receive a redesign from their appearance in the 3DS demo, this includes:
    • The Cat, Tank, Imp, and Flower Miis having a complete overhaul.
    • The Princess Mii having red hair.
    • The Scientist having a slightly taller head and a darker skin tone.
    • The Vampire is the only one (due to the Elf class' Mii never being shown) to remain the same.


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