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Inns are areas in the game that fully heal the party overnight, unlike Camps; Inns allow the player to interact with them in various ways. They serve as the goal/finish line for each stage.

In the Nintendo Switch version, the Inn also includes a stable to its left once the player acquires the horse. In the same version, a separate room to its right is used to display the current guest party member the player has. Unlike the player's party, the player can not interact with the guest in the Inn in any way. The Inn has a Mii capacity of 10. However, a Villa will open up immediately post-final boss that holds up to 90 Mii characters. The player can switch out or send to and from in between these two places through the menu under "Sort party" button while still in the Inn.

After every fourth venture, two Mii characters will be seen resting, and the player will be asked if they want to keep playing (Continue playing) or stop for now (That's it/Finish for now). Either way, their progress will be saved.

At the last stage of each world, from Greenhorne to Realm of the Fey, the Dark Lord will steal the player's team and cast a spell on the Inn, which puts a curse on the main protagonist Mii which seals away their powers, losing their job and returning them to their traveler clothes. This occurs at the Inn. However, on the third time he/she steals the player's friends, he cannot seal their powers away, because the Gift of Divine Power has grown strong enough to leave them invulnerable to the Dark Lord.

Inn menu

  • Spend Gold - The player can give some money to a Mii to allow them to buy something for themselves. This will be either a new weapon, some new clothing, HP Banana(s), or MP Candies. If the player spends gold on a snack, there is a 20% chance that the Mii will end up getting three of the requested snack. On the other hand, buying equipment has a 10% chance of failure, resulting in the Mii buying a snack instead. Item requests happen at random if the conditions are met (for example, the active party not being fully equipped with snacks), with the chance to request going lower the more party members (not counting the horse and the guest party member) are present at the Inn.
Item No. of Inn party members Chance for a Mii to ask
Weapon 1-4 40%
5-7 30%
8-10 20%
Clothing 1-4 40%
5-7 30%
8-10 20%
HP Banana 1-3 60%
4-7 40%
8-10 20%
MP Candy 1-4 20%
5-7 15%
8-10 10%
  • Eat Grub - Mii characters can eat Grub the party collected by defeating Monsters to raise stats here. Mii characters will have preferences over what grub they will and will not eat. The more they like the grub, the more they will gain from eating it, but be careful. If a Mii dislikes the grub, they will gain less and will not accept it twice until the next time the player accesses this menu again.
  • Check on the party (Check on the team in the European 3DS version and in the Nintendo Switch version) - The player can move Mii characters between rooms. If two party members are staying in the same room, they will sometimes talk to each other. These events raise the Relationship between the Mii characters by a large margin. However, sometimes Mii characters will spy on events, too, making them jealous. If a Mii (or the horse in the Switch version) wants to see a specific Mii, they will have a thought bubble over their heads with the face of the Mii they want to see, and the player has to put them in the room of said Mii for the conversation to begin.
    • A Mii may not interact with one another if they are:
  • Outings (Nintendo Switch version only) - Spend the collected Outing Tickets to raise relationship between two party members roomed together. Depending on the ticket name, the outing will take place at the location labeled.
  • Arcade - Spend Game Tickets here at the Roulette or Rock, Paper Scissors. The Roulette gives various prizes, while Rock, Paper, Scissors gives the player the chance to earn some Gold. The icon for the Roulette game changes after each venture.
  • Set out (Set off in the European Nintendo 3DS version and in the Nintendo Switch version) - Leave the Inn to jump back into adventure. Up to four Mii characters can go out. The hero cannot be dropped from the the team until after the game was completed the first time.

Catching a cold

Main article: Cold

Starting with the defeat of the Dark Lord, a random party member can get sick upon arriving at the Inn, signified by an "Emergency!" warning screen. This happens at random after ventures. Sickness does not apply to the Hero until the Darker Lord is defeated for the first time. When a sickness happens, the sick Mii can not join the active party, can not be interacted normally (can not be fed grub, can not be taken out for outings, etc.) and the only available Inn event for the sick Mii is the "Cold" event, which may or may not instantly recover that Mii depending on whether his/her relationship levels up from the event or not.

Usually the player needs to acquire a certain amount of XP from adventures to heal the sick Mii, which increases in amount based on their level. The amount of XP needed to acquire is not shown when viewing a sick Mii at the inn. A sick Mii will also heal immediately if their relationship goes up one level during specific Inn events, if the party is separated by falling rocks, or if the player starts the final battle.


  • When checking in on the Mii characters as they interact with one another in their rooms, the background windows will reflect where the player last ventured.
    • The color of the walls of the Inn even changes depending on where the player last ventured.
    • After finishing a Traveler quest (except errands), even though the Inn's color changes, the exploration in when using Outing Tickets will still show Easin Hills instead of where the player last ventured.
  • When a Mii is picked up to move them to another room, their animation when held varies depending on their personality. It's also shown in the safe spot menu in-battle when you pick up a Mii to move to a safe spot.
    • Kind: Has their head and arms raised and jiggles side to side.
    • Laid-back: Looks back and forth with their body shaking side to side.
    • Airheaded: Waves their whole body around while waving their arms.
    • Energetic: Shake back and forth and wave their arms vigorously.
    • Cool: Dangles feebly with a thinking pose.
    • Stubborn: Has their head lowered and arms folded while shaking.
    • Cautious: Holds their hands together and dangles feebly.
  • Changing the team on the world map of Miitopia will, instead of showing the inn as the backdrop, show the yellow background (shown when adding a new teammate or changing jobs) instead.
  • It is not explained how exactly inns have been placed in locations such as laboratories, ancient pyramids, or even an alternate dimension where it is explicitly stated normal Mii characters cannot last a long time in there.
    • Some fans have theorized that this may have in fact been the work of "The Deity of Well-Placed Inns" who is briefly mentioned once in the first playable level of Greenhorne. It is possible that this Deity is the Guardian Spirit that helps the team throughout most of the game.
  • There is an unused variable called "WantAmiibo" in the bonus.sarc parameter file (used to control the "Spend Gold" mechanics). Other item request-related variables (WantWeapon, WantArmor, WantBananas, WantCandies) are named with a similar prefix and contain numbers that measure the likeliness of the respective item to be requested when the conditions are met. The WantAmiibo variable is always set to 0, hence unused. It can be assumed that this variable controls how likely an Inn party member will ask for an amiibo clothing, which is only obtainable legitimately from the Nintendo Fan.


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