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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

This article is about the job in Miitopia. You may be looking for the enemy or the boss.

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"Ever the cause of mischief and mayhem, but cute enough to get away with it."

-Job Description

Imp description


【Miitopia】 - Imp Play Demo

The Imp (Japanese: こあくま Koakuma; Little Devil) is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on magic damage and tampering with enemies.

Their weapon of choice is the Spear.

Their clothing is called Costumes.

The Imp can do serious damage and can not only steal HP and MP from enemies, but also lower their defenses. The Imp can also recover teammates' MP and put a positive status effect on them. Due to their skills, they do best with other party members who deal mostly physical damage.

The Imp's default attack is single target only.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 12 297 396
MP 5 88 187
Attack 5 58 300
Magic 7 180 472
Defense 6 91 394
Speed 5 54 153


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Base power Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Naughty Pitchfork Lv. 2 4 "Skewer an enemy with a fork formed of darkness. (magic)" 8 0.3 60%
Butt Jab Lv. 3 3 "Gently prod a friend and get them to attack an enemy in your place." - - 30% The targeted ally's attack does 1.3x more damage than normal.
Sweet Whispers Lv. 6 7 "Tell an enemy a little white lie to distract it." - - 50% Distracted enemies take 1.5x more damage.
Brain Drain Lv. 10 0 "Draw mental energy from an enemy and transform it into MP." 8 0.1 50% The power of the absorption is dependent on the enemy's Magic rather than the user's.
Energy Drain Lv. 11 12 "Drain an enemy's life energy and transform it into HP. (magic)" 20 0.15 30%
Charm Lv. 15 10 "Tinker with a friend's emotions and rouse them to action." 3 0.1 70% Restores some of an ally's MP and makes them excited. Excited teammates can only use the default attack, but it does more damage.
Punishing Pitchfork Lv. 18 12 "Skewer an enemy plus the two next to it with forks of darkness. (magic)" 25 0.4 60%
Demonic Whisper Lv. 23 20 "Try to drag enemies into the depths. If you're lucky, they'll simply vanish." - - 20% Attempts to instantly defeat every enemy. The success rate is 20%, and it does not work on bosses.
Wicked Pitchforks Lv. 31 35 "Skewer all enemies with forks of darkness. (magic)" 20 0.12 60% Hits random enemies 6 times.


  • In the European English version, this job's Butt Jab skill is referred to as "Bum Jab", presumably because "bum" is a more common word than "butt" in the UK.
  • In promotional Material from Nintendo of Europe, the Mii used for the Imp's official artwork is given the name "Sis" from NOE's Adventure awaits your Tomodachi Life friends video, although no further description is given. Given, however, that the Mii used for the Mage's official artwork is the main character of the video, it could describe the idea of importing your sibling.
    • On the Official Website for NOE, however, she is alternatively given the name "Marie", and is depicted as having the Airheaded personality from her voice and gestures. This can describe the idea of importing your baby sister.
    • This same Mii is also used as the default Mii for the Shady Merchant Daughter in the Switch Version, although renamed to “Cyn” and given a darker skin tone.
  • The Imp along with the Mage and the Vampire are the only classes to not cause a relationship boost or resentment towards another teammate through battle.
  • Whenever an Imp uses Butt Jab on an ally, if the ally has a single-target attack, they'll say "You!" This will also happen if the ally has a job whose standard attack hits all enemies (i.e. Thief or Pop Star) and there is only one enemy remaining, but if the ally's attack hits all enemies and there are multiple enemies remaining, the dialogue is changed to "You guys!"
  • Similar to Pop Stars, Imps have different dialogue/poses for each skill they use:
    • If the Imp floats and says "*cackle*," they are about to use Naughty Pitchfork, Punishing Pitchfork, or Wicked Pitchforks.
    • If the Imp wiggles their hips and says "Haha!" they are about to use Butt Jab.
    • If the Imp spreads their arms without any dialogue, they will either use Brain Drain, Energy Drain, or Demonic Whisper.
    • If the Imp floats and says "Tee hee..." they are about to use Sweet Whispers.
    • If the Imp floats and says "Ahaha..." they are about to use Charm.