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Imp "Cheery Granny" (Japanese: デビル"Mii's name" Devil "Mii's name") is a boss monster fought in the Castle View area of Greenhorne. It is fought directly after completing Riverdeep Cavern.

After the Dark Lord's attack on Greenhorne and theft of the Cheery Granny's face, your party has to face this monster at the Castle View. It's accompanied by four Apple Jellies.

This boss also appears during the fight with the Dark Lord, taking the face of a party member and placing it on this boss. Up to two are summoned at a time, which leaves your party at half power.

This boss can also reappear during traveler quests in the post-game, accompanied by a Replica Dark Lord. It has the same attacks, but higher stats and HP.


It is a floating devilish creature with a pointy pompadour hairstyle, robe covering its body and a trident as its weapon. Its hair and robe are dark gray, while its skin is light blue. It also resembles a smaller, trident-wielding version of the Dark Lord.


As you arrive at the location, you will encounter the Dark Lord, who will summon Imp "Cheery Granny" to fight you as he flees toward the castle. It is also fought during the Dark Lord, but this time with one of your teammates' face.

  • Dark Lord: *laughs* So, we meet again!
  • Protagonist: Eurk!
  • Dark Lord: Pathetic... It's not even worth the effort to crush you myself! This should be enough to finish you off!

After Defeating the Imp, the face will fly back to Greenhorne.

Upon thanking you, the Cheery Granny will give the player some Sharp Stew ★.

Imp travelers friend

The player encountering an Imp "Traveler's Friend" during a post-game quest.

The Travelers' Hub quest variant can randomly show up in the end of a temporary dungeon, this time with the client's face. In the quest variant, it is assisted by a Replica Dark Lord. Defeating it will clear the quest.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member.
Naughty Pitchfork Skewers a Mii with a fork formed of darkness. (boss only)
One More Time! (auto) Activates after attacking to allow a second attack on a different target. Attacks three times as a traveler quest boss.
Sacrifice (assist) The Imp takes a hit for another Imp or the Dark Lord from a regular attack. Can not cover skills, magic or regular attacks that hit all enemies. (Dark Lord boss fight only)
Sympathy (auto) The attacking Mii feels bad for Imp "Teammate", reducing damage inflicted.

Enemy statistics

The Imp "Cheery Granny" is one of the bosses encountered in Greenhorne. This Imp variant later becomes a recurring enemy in the main story and can even appear as a boss in Travelers' Hub quests. As a quest boss, this Imp's strength depends on what quest level it's encountered in.

Imp "Mii"/Imp "Cheery Granny"
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
ImpbossHQ 130 30 15 13 10 Castle View
Faceless imp 80 75 30 0 15 Dark Lord's Throne (boss summon)
ImpbossHQ 1000 132 77 60 35 Temporary dungeons (low-level quests)
ImpbossHQ 2470 240 102 130 72 Temporary dungeons (high-level quests)
ImpbossHQ 3000 288 170 175 92 Temporary dungeons (high-level quests)


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