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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

The horse is a character introduced in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch.


The horse, by default, is brown and has black bead eyes, white line on the front of its face, gray mane with white tips, black muzzle, tail, and hooves, and white legs. It is about twice the height of an average Mii. Its appearance can be customized in its own menu.

In the Change option (accessible in the Party menu), the horse's appearance, name, and gender can be changed after its initial introduction (which gave the player the first opportunity to design the horse's appearance). In Appearance, the player can change the following:

  • Body: The horse's body shape. It has the following types: Normal (default), Cute, Easygoing, Cool, Plump, and Shapely.
  • Mane: The horse's mane appearance. It has the following types: Natural (default), Bob, Long, Mohawk, Bun, and Dreads.
  • Tail: The horse's tail appearance. It has the following types: Soft (default), Straight Cut, Feathered, Thick, Fluffy, and Braids.
  • Eyes: The horse's eye shape. It has the following types: Round (default), Almond, Lidded, Googly, Equine, and Crossed.
  • Leg Thickness: Adjust the horse's leg thickness using the slider. As long as it is not saved yet, the player may use the Undo button to revert the change.
  • Saddle: The horse's saddle design. Not available during initial creation. It has the following types: Regular (default), Extravagant, Plush, Checkered, Shiny, and Fluttery.
  • Horns: An option to add horn(s) to the horse. Horn shapes include Unicorn, Drill, Stubby, Bicorn, and Demon.
  • Color: Edit the color of the aforementioned six parts. The body has four parts that can be colored separately (body color, star color, nose color, leg color), the mane and the tail each has the main color and the hair-tip color that can be edited separately to add a gradient effect, while the other parts can only have a single color applied. The color can be changed either by using the Nintendo Switch's 100 color presets or by using an HSV color slider, much like the makeup and wigs.


The horse is first encountered by the party in Easin Hills after rescuing all the faces of the Greenhorne town residents. It was found surrounded by three Goblins. After defeating those monsters, the hero's party leaves it be, but they soon realize that the horse is following them. The protagonist then welcomes the horse to the party and names it, allowing it to join for adventures. The horse is tucked in a stable located to the left of the Inn, and the horse is the only party member (aside from the hero) to not be captured by the Dark Lord between the games first four worlds.

Whenever the party gets split in half as of the falling rocks event, the horse will always remain with the Hero/Leader's team, same as with guest party member's.

The horse can be bonded with to increase its relationship level either by playing out Inn events related to it or by using Horse Outing Tickets. The horse can be ridden by one of the party members during exploration via Saddle Up or Saddle Up II, and participate in battles, where it is capable of acting using assists, since the horse does not have a turn of its own. In addition, it is randomly available for any Mii with a relationship of Lv. 2 or higher to execute special attacks instead of the Mii's basic attack. The AI will always use this option when available. Unlike regular relationships, there are no quarrel mechanics between the horse and party members.

Having the horse in the party can trigger a variety of related events while exploring, some of which increase relationship with the horse. It can also intervene in "tension" events in place of a regular party member. However, most of these new events are never available in random dungeons a la the Camp cutscenes despite the repetitive nature.


When assist skills are activated, the game will use the horse's stat instead of the attacker's for that damage calculation, which is decided by the user's level.

Since the stat of the horse is fixed, assist skills may deal less damage than normal attacks if the attacker's stat is significantly higher than the horse's.

Level Base power
1 9
2 12
3 14
4 16
5 19
6 21
7 25
8 27
9 31
10 34
11 38
12 42
13 44
14 48
15 52
16 56
17 61
18 64
19 69
20 73
21 78
22 81
23 86
24 90
25 94
26 100
27 105
28 111
29 116
30 122
31 127
32 133
33 138
34 144
35 151
36 157
37 164
38 170
39 177
40 183
41 190
42 196
43 205
44 212
45 220
46 228
47 236
48 243
49 252
50 259

Assist skills

Skill Learned Description/Effect Image Activation rate Condition
Mounted Attack Lv. 2 "Saddle up for an attack with added horsepower and likely more damage!" E0C6Kg4UUAgUFBZ.jpg Varies Standard attack.
Saddle Up Lv. 3 "Take the weight off with a horse ride. "Hop on, buddy! Don't be shy!"" Saddle up horse.jpeg 30% Start of level exploration.
Snuggle Up Lv. 5 "Snooze with a pal in the Safe Spot to boost the restorative effect." Boosts HP/MP recovery by 30%. Snuggle up horse.jpg 35% Safe Spot.
Snort Lv. 7 "A little snort with a big effect! Deal damage to all enemies." Snort Horse.jpg Varies Standard attack.
Cheek Rub Lv. 9 "What's wrong? Low MP? A little cheek rub makes all things better." Cheek Rub horse.jpg 25% Low MP.
Saddle Up II Lv. 12 "Two riders on one horse? Why not! Just hold on tight." Saddle Up II.jpg 20% Start of level exploration.
Horse Whispering (US) / Horseplay (EU) Lv. 15 "Quite mighty. The effect depends on the job. Not for Autobattles!" (US) / "Great effects, depending on the job. It doesn't work with Autobattle, mind." E0Jc6wGXMAMMimG.jpg N/A (hero only) Varies by Mii's Job, standard attack, no Autobattle, requires full MP, only learned by the Hero.
Neigh Lv. 20 "Feeling weird? Just say neigh! Rally morale with a cheer from your horse." E0LkAzjUcAYU8Hx.jpg 20% Negative status effect.
Mounted Attack II Lv. 25 "An even stronger mounted attack. Hold those reins nice and tight!" Mounted Attack II.jpg Varies Standard attack.
Snuggle Up II Lv. 30 "Increase the chance and effect by snuggling even closer." Boosts HP/MP recovery by 40%. Snuggle Up II.jpg 45% Safe Spot.
Cheek Rub II Lv. 35 "Increase the effect to restore more MP. Cheer up, horsey friend!" Cheek Rub II.jpg 25% Low MP.
Snort II Lv. 40 "Supercharge your snort and deal even more damage!" Snort II.jpg Varies Standard attack.
Neigh II Lv. 50 "Increase the chances of restoring normality." Neigh II.JPG 30% Negative status effect.
Mounted Attack III Lv. 60 "The strongest calavry charge going. That's what I call teamwork!" Mounted Attack III.jpg Varies Standard attack.
Snuggle Up III Lv. 70 "Greatly increases the chance and effect by snuggling up even closer" Boosts HP/MP recovery by 50%. Snuggle Up III.jpg 55% Safe Spot.
Cheek Rub III Lv. 80 "Restore even more MP. Who's a good horsey?! YOU ARE!" Cheek Rub III.jpg 25% Low MP
Snort III Lv. 90 "Maximize your snortiness with this all-out nasal assault! Snort III.jpg Varies Standard attack.
Neigh III Lv. 99 "Greatly increase the chances of restoring normality." Neigh III.jpg 40% Negative status effect

Horse action effects

The Hero Mii's battle menu, with "Horse" replacing "Attack".

The horse may assist a party member randomly. Passive effects such as Snuggle Up are not influenced by any Mii's "Attack" action. In the Hero Mii's case, the "Attack" option will be replaced with "Horse", giving the player access to any of the unlocked horse-based combat assists. Most status effects block the Mii from being assisted by the horse, however, though the Neigh assist (removes negative status effects) may randomly trigger on a Mii with certain ailments before said Mii can take an action that turn.

Certain assists have varied effects which are elaborated below. Variant names are taken from their internal names and are not named in-game.

Mounted Attack

The assist Mounted Attack will turn the Mii's standard attack into either a boosted single-target attack or a wide-target one. There are three variants of this assist. The higher tier this assist is, the more powerful the damage inflicted.

Variant Activation rate Damage multiplier Note(s)
Weapon Attack 40% 1.2 (I)
1.8 (II)
2.4 (III)
Single-target. Attack is performed by the riding Mii using his/her equipped weapon.
Back Kick 35% 1.5 (I)
2.1 (II)
2.7 (III)
Single-target. Attack involves the horse performing a back kick. If the assisted Mii is weaponless from having his/her weapon eaten by a Mummy-type monster, this variant is always used whenever Mounted Attack is executed.
Side Slash 25% 1.6 (I)
2.2 (II)
2.8 (III)


The assist Snort is an all-target magic attack. Like Mounted Attack, there are three variants of this assist. The higher tier this assist is, the more powerful the damage inflicted.

Variant Activation rate Damage multiplier Note(s)
Normal 40% 0.8 (I)
1.3 (II)
1.8 (III)
The horse breathes out steam.
Fire 35% 1.1 (I)
1.6 (II)
2.1 (III)
The horse breathes out red fire.
Inferno 25% 1.4 (I)
1.9 (II)
2.4 (III)
The horse breathes out blue fire.

Horse Whispering

The assist Horse Whispering is the only skill that varies in effect depending on the job using it. It requires the hero Mii to have full MP in order to be able to use and will not activate with Auto Battle on. Other Party Members also can't use it. The following is the list of jobs and associated effects. It is called Horseplay in the European version.

Job Effect multiplier (attack/heal) Note(s)
Warrior 9 Single-target physical attack.
Mage 1.6 Random-target magic attack that hits 8 times. Will hit less times if there is too insufficient number of targets.
Cleric 3 All-target support that revives fallen allies and restores all of their HP and half of their MP.
Thief 3.5 All-target physical attack that has a 50% chance to steal grub.
Pop Star 1 All-target support that fully restores all allies' HP and inflicts the "Excite" status on them. Also has a 60% chance to distract enemies.
Chef 1.8 Wide-target magic attack on random enemies that hits 5 times. Will hit less times if there is too insufficient number of targets.
Cat 1.55 Single-target physical attack that hits 6 times.
Imp 7 All-target physical attack, but the user also takes recoil damage.
Scientist 7.1 Wide-target (hits other enemies adjacent to the chosen target) magic attack. The main target takes the most damage.
Tank 1.25 Random-target physical attack that hits 7 times.
Princess 1 All-target support that restores all allies' MP by half and inflicts the "Gleeful" status on them. Also has a 60% chance of inflicting "calm" on enemies.
Flower 2.5 All-target support that revives fallen allies, restores all their HP, and inflicts them (including any ally affected with the revival) with the "Gleeful" status.
Vampire 2.2 All-target physical attack that hits 3 times.
Elf 6.5 Wide-target magic attack. The main target takes the most damage.


  • "Easy, now."
  • "D'awww!" (Cheek Rub assist)
  • "Oho!" (Neigh assist)


  • Unlike other allies, relationship experience for the horse will not stop accumulating after it reaches max level at an Inn, and it will eventually overflow when it reaches 32768 (as of 1.0.2).
  • The Horse Whispering skill is called Horseplay in the European version.
  • Somewhat oddly, the "Easygoing" body type is slightly fatter than the "Plump" body type.
  • Similarly to the first party member the player encounters, saying no to the horse will send the player to an endless text loop asking if the player is sure. A unique music called "Horse: Disappointment" will be played if this happens. It will still be unlocked even if the player did not say no, as to not prevent 100% completion.
  • The offense-based Horse Whispering skills are the only way to inflict damage beyond the 999 cap.




Horse Whispering