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The HP Banana is a type of snack. A Mii cannot carry more than 2 HP Bananas per venture. When consumed, it restores health points (HP) of a Mii while they are out adventuring or in battle.

Obtaining methods

  • Thieves can steal HP Bananas from monsters using the Pilfer skill.
  • HP Bananas can be won as the "yellow" prize (10 HP Bananas) or the "gray" prize (1 HP Banana) in the Roulette.
  • A Mii may be interested in buying an HP Banana when the team is running low on HP Bananas. It costs 100 G and the Mii has a chance to come back with 3 HP Bananas. Occasionally, a Mii will buy an HP Banana instead of what they originally wanted but will return the remaining Gold (original item price minus 100 G) not spent.
  • HP Bananas can also be obtained from treasure chests and certain random events during adventures.
  • 5 HP Bananas are one of the possible rewards from beating the Quizmaster.
  • HP Bananas can be obtained in Otherworld in the "banana hunt" if the on-screen Mii pulls the left lever during the "two levers" event. Otherwise, 2 HP Bananas and one MP Candy are obtained. If no Miis are avaible to leave a note in a Mii’s pocket, the lever choice will not be there.
  • HP Bananas can be obtained in Nimbus in the "banana hunt". It plays exactly the same as the Otherworld one, but this one can only be used once.
  • In the player's inventory, HP Bananas are maxed out at 999.

Usage notes

  • A Mii will use a HP Banana when their HP is at half or lower, unless they have a skill that heals Miis, which they will use that skill instead. The Protagonist can eat a HP Banana whenever he/she wants.
  • Chefs can use an HP Banana for their skill Banana Fritter.
  • A Mii can share a whole HP Banana, or half of it, with a team member, be it during battle or out exploring. A Mii's friendship with a team member should be at least level 8 to access this ability.
  • A Kind Mii may share their HP Bananas with an ally if they're injured.
  • A Laid-back Mii may take an HP Banana from an ally when they need one. This may raise resentment.
  • A Cautious Mii may pull out an HP Banana to heal themselves if they have no HP Bananas on hand. Does not take from the extra stash left back at the Inn.
  • The Ex-Dark Lord can give one of your team members an HP Banana to eat. The Ex-Dark Lord also worked in a HP Banana factory prior to being possessed by The Dark Curse.


The more HP Bananas used by party members, the more effective they will become. Originally they restore 20 HP on use, but they can be powered up to 500 per use.

No. of

bananas ate

HP recovery amount
0 20 HP
30 30 HP
60 40 HP
90 50 HP
120 60 HP
160 70 HP
180 80 HP
200 100 HP
250 130 HP
300 160 HP
350 200 HP
400 350 HP
500 500 HP