The Guardian Spirit, or Guardian for short, is an NPC that is first heard when the player encounters the Mini "Sassy Child" Slime and is released from the Antique Charm. It gives the player the power to use Jobs, and shows up occasionally to help out afterwards, including letting them get their second and third jobs, and telling the party about the Sprinkles, and whenever the player has upgraded the Sprinkles/HP Bananas/MP Candies. The player never sees them, though, and they don't really do anything else to help out.

Once the party collects 2,500 faces, gets all Sprinkles, fully upgrades their snacks, and has obtained both the Elven and Vampire charms, the Guardian never shows up again, except in the ending.

Sprinkle unlocks

Sprinkle Unlocked
HP When a Mii is low on HP.
MP When a Mii is low on MP.
Life When a Mii is first defeated.
Hyper During battle against Cerberus.
Shield When a Mii is first targeted by a red crosshair.


  • The above is likely the Guardian's canon voice.
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