The Griffin (Japanese: グリフォン Gryphon) is a monster/boss that appears in the Arid Frontier and the western part of Neksdor.

It may appear alone, or with another Griffin or monster(s).


The Griffin's appearance is based on the legendary creature of the same name, with the only difference being that its front legs are those of a lion's like the rest of its body. It has pointy ears that are always perked up on its head, black beady eyes, a hooked beak, a pair of large feathery wings (adorned with Mii eyes on the undersides when under the Dark Lord's control), and a feline body shape. The Griffin sports a brown color scheme.


When the party goes to pick up the Prince of a Nearby Land, the Griffin ambushes the party. Even with the useless prince, the party manages to defeat it.

In West Neksdor Desert, an optional "shortcut" will lead to two Griffins attacking at once, which are nigh-impossible to defeat on the first trip. They guard a large chest that contains a piece of equipment.


Action name Description Chance to use Hit rate
Attack Inflicts physical damage on one party member. 90% 100%
Cry Terror If the Griffin cries crocodile tears, it has a chance of making a Mii cry so much their regular attacks might miss. If the Griffin shows a scary face instead, it may terrify a Mii instead. 10% 60%
Two More Times! (auto) Attacks three times per turn. - -

Enemy statistics

Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
Griffin.png 150 42 15 0 12 Neksdor Desert
Griffin Switch.png 280 52 15 0 12 Arid Frontier (boss)


  • Despite appearances, defeating a Griffin only rescues one pair of Mii eyes.
  • One event in Karkaton Ascent involves the protagonist and the Great Sage encountering a Griffin which lacks Mii eyes. This is the only docile Griffin - and only docile enemy, aside from a few Rock Moths seen in the opening (one of which gains Mii eyes) - in the game.
  • The Griffins in Neksdor and Facerberus are the only two non-boss monsters that are capable of attacking three times.


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