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Greenhorne Castle is situated in the eastern part of Easin Hills that is guarded by the Serious Soldier. The Mayor's Introduction is needed to enter. It cannot be accessed in the demo version.


  • Royal Court
    • King - "Greenhorne's king. a much-loved gentle giant with a large appetite"
    • Princess - "Fairest in the land, the king's only daughter harbors a secret love."
    • Besmirched Noble's Son - "Grew up with the princess, but now rarely gets the chance to see her."
    • Prince from a Nearby Land - "A prince of Neksdor and the princess's fiancé. Arrogant, but loves his mama."
  • Castle Guard
    • Serious Soldier - "Whether Royalty or a hill of beans, he'll defend it with his life."
    • Lax Soldier - "Doesn't mind slacking off. It's Greenhorne, for crying out loud."
    • Royal Support (Left) - "Eternally loyal to the King, but a bit too set in his ways."
    • Royal Support (Right) - "He looks like he's trying hard, but he tends to daydream...a lot."


  • Find the King's face.
  • Find out about the Besmirched Noble's Son's whereabouts.
  • Escort the Prince from a Nearby Land to the Greenhorne Castle.
  • Resolve the quarrel between the Besmirched Noble's Son and the Prince from a Nearby Land.
  • Find the Princess's face.



  • This is notably the only safe zone that can contain enemies temporarily. This is also the only location where colliding with those visible enemies will start battles instead of having them only pop out when the player's party lands on a battle spot in stages.


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