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This article is about the first region the player visits in Miitopia. For the town itself, see Greenhorne (town).

Greenhorne (Japanese: サイショーの国 Saisho no Kuni; First Land) is the first region of the game and is the only region playable in the demo.


  • Greenhorne
    • Carefree Guide - "A self-proclaimed tour guide who doesn't really do a lot of guiding."
    • Cheery Granny - "Always in high spirits, her smile is like a ray of sunshine."
    • Sassy Child - "A sassy child who's oblivious to those around him. Typical brat."
    • Worried Mother - "Tries to keep her child in check, but her patience is wearing thin."
    • Lovey-Dovey Couple (Man) - "He doesn't really know how he feels, but he does enjoy her company."
    • Lovey-Dovey Couple (Woman) - "She has eyes for only him, but for how long...?"
    • Sarcastic Guy - "Looks down on others. Don't blame him, though - he's had a hard life."
    • Dubious Mayor - "Despite his flaws, the most levelheaded character in town."
  • Royal Court
    • King - "Greenhorne's king. a much-loved gentle giant with a large appetite"
    • Princess - "Fairest in the land, the king's only daughter harbors a secret love."
    • Besmirched Noble's Son - "Grew up with the princess, but now rarely gets the chance to see her."
    • Prince from a Nearby Land - "A prince of Neksdor and the princess's fiancé. Arrogant, but loves his mama."
  • Castle Guard
    • Serious Soldier - "Whether Royalty or a hill of beans, he'll defend it with his life."
    • Lax Soldier - "Doesn't mind slacking off. It's Greenhorne, for crying out loud."
    • Royal Support (Left) - "Eternally loyal to the King, but a bit too set in his ways."
    • Royal Support (Right) - "He looks like he's trying hard, but he tends to daydream...a lot."


  • Recover the Greenhorne residents' missing faces.
  • Recover the King's face.
  • Find out about the Besmirched Noble's Son's whereabouts.
  • Escort the Prince who is waiting at Arid Frontier.
  • Find the Calming Fruit.
  • Defeat the Naughty Imp inside Greenhorne Castle.
  • Recover the Princess's face.
  • Defeat the Wild Mouse. (Dubious Mayor's quest)
  • Complete any Traveler's Hub Quests that take place in Greenhorne.



  • The name "Greenhorne" is a reference to the word "greenhorn", meaning novice or beginner, referencing its place in the game as the first region visited and part of the tutorial.
  • The Nintendo Fan in this region is dressed as Mario.
  • According to the Roaming Gourmet, this region's signature grub is the Cheesecake.
  • There are 30 playable stages and 2 safe zones in this area.


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