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Gold (abbreviated as G) is the currency in Miitopia. It is utilized to buy equipment or snacks and is a common reward. The player can only carry up to 999,999G.

Acquiring method

Gold is commonly dropped from defeated monsters, though bosses generally do not drop any. The amount dropped varies by monster. Note that monsters removed from the battlefield via a Kind Mii's Spare quirk will not drop gold as well as Experience Points and any possible grub it has. The monsters Gold Snurp and Rich Snurp are gimmick monsters that only drop gold upon defeat. One of the best ways to utilize this is to take the "Gold" path at one of the levels in Midland Marsh, where it has a chance to spawn a Rich Snurp.

Outside battles, the player can also find gold during explorations. Chests may contain gold, a digging event may reward gold if the player does not give up either voluntarily or involuntarily (caused by the digger if his/her personality is Cool or Laid-back), and the player can choose to wish for gold during stargazing camp scenes.

Another method for acquiring gold is to use the Arcade at the Inn, but this requires Game Tickets to play. The minigame Rock, Paper, Scissors allows the player to try their luck for the offered gold, though losing will leave the player with no rewards. Even though the Roulette does not directly reward gold, the player can sell earned equipment if the player chooses not to equip it on any party member. To maximize profit, wait until the yellow area covers the majority of the roulette and it gives the player Legendary equipment. Jolly Jaunt Tickets are automatically sold for some gold (either 500G, 1,000G, or 1,500G depending on the ticket quality) if they are used on a party member not roomed with another, or a party member roomed with an ill Mii or another party member quarreling with the chosen Mii.

Travelers' Hub quest givers may give the player some gold as one of the possible rewards for completing their favors.


  • Not counting the Rich Snurp, the non-boss version of Replica Dark Lord drops the most gold among all monsters, at 1015G.
  • All New Lumos bosses do not drop gold, but for some reason some of the ones from Tower of Despair have gold drop programmed despite never being used.