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This article is about actual bugs in the game. For the Scientist's attack, see Scientist.

Glitches are programming errors in a game that cause unintended effects. Even modern games can have lots of bugs, including Miitopia.

Some glitches were not fixed in the Nintendo Switch port.

Known glitches

Angry at the dead

Angry Glitch.png

If a Mii's ally is killed, activates Avenge, kills the offending enemy and then receives an encore, they will get mad at a dead enemy. This appears to be merely a graphical glitch as the Mii simply attacks another.

This will also happen with the Red Goblin, as when it teases another Mii and then dies, it still says they're mad at the Red Goblin that teased them, despite them being dead.

Darkest Lord Journal Error

The Darkest Lord with wrong medals.

Theorically, when the Darkest Lord transits to the second phase, the medals surrounding him will have the same face as the original, but when viewed in the journal and with another Mii's face placed on him, his other medals remains the old face.

Displaced camera

If the Menu is opened and closed rapidly enough in a level, the party will be pushed back a bit each time, eventually going off-screen and not visible.

This glitch does not actually push the party back, so the level progression is unchanged and it is undone when either the fast-forward button is pressed or the party encounters an event.

This glitch is present on both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch version.

District boss Medal glitch

A blank achievement page showing no Medal after the glitched Calc King battle.

A yellow flag at the end of the 2nd District right after the glitched battle instead of an empty node. Not to be mistaken for a yellow flag stage node that reappears every "new day" after the first-time battle is cleared.

While it is currently unknown how this is triggered, rarely the Medal achievement screen will be triggered upon defeating a District boss despite the player already getting that Medal earlier. When this happens, it messes up the game's daily routine, causing no District bosses to respawn and even stopping the player from receiving daily quests in Travelers' Hub. Only the daily questionnaire is confirmed to be unaffected. It also causes the loading time during visiting or leaving the Inn to be increased as if the game is trying to load the daily events, which are rendered broken by the glitch.

To fix this glitch, the player has to be in anywhere but New Lumos when the player saved and closed the game, then reopen the game in the next "new day."

The glitch was first observed from a repeat battle against Calc King. It has been confirmed that the Highlight crash has nothing to do with this glitch. Manipulating the system clock also does not influence this glitch occurring at all. While it is still unknown if this glitch applies to both physical and digital copies, it is confirmed that moving the game's cartridge between systems also does not cause this glitch.

There is also a variant of this glitch where beating a District boss the first time does not reward the player with the respective Medal at all (the achievement screen is shown, but no Medal is displayed), only during a repeat battle (which for some reason became re-playable immediately instead of needing to wait), also for currently unknown reasons. Getting a Medal in these circumstances will not cause the Town Guide to have the "new" icon.

Encore bug

Sometimes, when the Pop Star protagonist selects Encore, only one Mii will be able to be selected. It seemingly appears more often on the first turn. This bug goes away after the Pop Star uses their turn.

Equipment softlock

Note the missing UI buttons. Link to the same glitch in action from a different player.

After confirming what to do with a purchased equipment, there is a chance that the game will be stuck on the gear-up screen. The background music still plays properly and there are no other visual oddities bar the UI buttons being gone, but the screen will refuse to transition. The only way out of this is to reset the game. This has the unintended effect of keeping the bought equipment while at the same time not deducting the gold used to purchase it.

This softlock is first observed on the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia. It is currently unknown if this also applies to the Nintendo 3DS version.

Facial hair glitch

A bearded Mii's face drifts away without his beard, until it is put on an Imp.

In the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia, a glitched animation plays when a Mii with facial hair (that does not hang off his/her face) gets his/her face stolen. When the Mii's face first drifts away from him/her, his/her facial hair is not shown. However, it appears normally once the face is put on a monster. This is a purely visual glitch, and is not present in the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.

Fake damage bug

Sometimes when the game is turned on and the player has last saved on either the world map or an area, the player's current party on the top screen might show one or several Mii characters with less HP and/or MP than usual as if they were in a battle. This can also happen after leaving the Inn. The glitch is just a harmless graphical bug and does not affect anything, as simply refreshing the screen (either by opening and closing the menu or going into an area/stage) will fix it. It is currently unknown what causes this bug.

Grub glitch


Crazycat829x - Miitopia Food Glitch

The grub glitch as demonstrated by crazycat829x.


Miitopia Glitch

Another video; Guitar Pick Nachos ★ have glitched stat increases of HP/MP/Attack/Magic rather than Defense/Speed

Rarely, a grub will glitch, where the stat increases it gives may be different than what it is supposed to be, such as a Butterfly Honey raising Attack and Defense stats or even all stats, rather than normally raising only MP. If a Mii is given this grub, it will result in the "Eat Grub" screen softlocking, as that grub isn't supposed to give those stat bonuses and the game doesn't know how to add them to the Mii's stats, necessitating a reset. It is possible to avoid and fix the grub by saving and reloading before consuming it, though the glitch may still occur in the future.

This glitch can affect Snurp Radishes as well despite it being the only grub in the game to raise all stats, making it harder to tell whether they're glitched or not.

Glitch orb


Miitopia Face Bubble Glitch

Glitched Orbs by bluegreenangel.


Rarely, if the party replays a stage where any teammates were rescued or saved and quit on said stage, then the game may try to play the "saved face orb" effect, but the effect will be visually corrupted.

A more stable variant of this occurs in the Nintendo Switch version, which has the same effect albeit handled differently, as the orbs use the placeholder face of the default male Mii.

Guest merge oversights

The player Mii overlapped with the Great Sage in Haven Hollow. (Screenshot by Daphne Tett)

If the player is in a safe zone (i.e. Travelers' Hub) and has a guest in their party, the player can move so that they clip into their guest and even overlap with them entirely. This requires that the guest be in a position that they are unable to move behind the player (i.e. between two faceless allies in Haven Hollow). This can also happen with two party members while exploring.

Highlight crash

When selecting certain Highlights in the Journal if the player is outside an Inn, the game will pause, then crash and close itself, stating that "an error has caused the software to shut down" on the home menu. Often, the glitched Highlight will stop crashing. It is not known what causes this bug.

Highlight glitch

See: The Highlight Glitch

Horse wants sick Mii glitch


Miitopia Horse Glitch

This video shows the horse glitch in action.

In the Nintendo Switch version of the game, if the horse is thinking about a Mii in the inn, and the Mii gets sick before going into the same room as the horse, the horse will continue to think about the Mii. When the player places the Mii into the same room as the horse, of course nothing happens. If the player takes him/her out the room, the horse will still think about the Mii. To fix this, either the horse has to stop thinking about the Mii or the Mii has to recover from being sick. Note that there is no "Cold" event associated with the horse unlike with the Mii party members. This bug is harmless.

Horse assist upon victory oversight

In the Nintendo Switch version of the game, if a quarreling Mii performs Interrupt when the offending Mii is about to be assisted by the horse and said Interrupt hit ends the battle, the animation of the horse about to assist will play before cutting to the victory screen. This only occurs during the battle itself, as the replay will skip this oversight altogether.

Illness floating glitch

Illness floating glitch (screenshot by YoungThugBoiz).

A small graphical glitch can be achieved by entering a Mii's profile while they are ill and editing them by changing any Mii aspects like, for example, their favorite color. Once the change is confirmed, the bed the Mii is in will disappear and they will appear to be floating. This glitch is only temporary until the menu is exited.

Inn entrance glitch

If a Mii skips off-screen during exploration and the party finds an inn, the Mii will appear in front of the inn entrance. However, it will not leap through the entrance like usual. Instead, it will begin the leaping animation and then freeze while the other party members pass it. This is only a graphical glitch, and the Mii will appear in the inn as normal.

Inn event glitch


Miitopia Glitch Inn Event Softlock

The Inn event glitch as demonstrated by Lost-Paisley.

Inn Event glitch (screenshot by Lost-Paisley).

After getting back from an exploration, two Miis will appear to talk to each other but the speech bubble icon will not appear despite the game saying there's an event taking place. It can still be selected, which will cause the game to softlock and no action can be taken (the camera function still works however). If the player has moved a Mii from one room to another and selects the glitched event, the room that the last Mii was moved to will be stuck highlighted. Resetting fixes the event.

Invisible map path

Neksdor Desert with invisible path lines. (screenshot by ▸ Razz ◂)

This graphical glitch causes certain path lines between certain map nodes to not be drawn by the game despite the nodes being accessible. The leader Mii, however, can still walk on the "missing" paths as normal, much like the proper hidden paths on Karkaton Peak and Otherworld. It is currently unknown what caused this glitch, and whether this also applies to the digital version, and other maps outside Neksdor, where this glitch was first found. Resetting or choosing to save and quit fixes this problem.

Job selection menu cursor glitch

At least in the Nintendo Switch version due to the different job selection layout, the cursor may end up desyncing with the job list if it is moved in a certain way, messing up navigation (even to the point where the cursor ends up outside the selection box) until the player quits out of it. This is easier to observe if the player's controller has a "drifting" problem (excessive controller input data from joystick movement due to the contacts within, which are made out of cheap material, being worn down), which is more likely to cause this glitch.

Karkaton softlock glitch

If the player defeats the Cerberus, but then leaves the stage before the party makes it to the Inn, they will be able to access Karkaton Peak on the other side. If the player enters the volcano from the other side, the Hero will get stuck and will be unable to move. The player can still access the Journal, however. This can be fixed by closing the game. If the player performs the glitch after defeating the Dark Lord, the player can fly out with Dominic to escape.

This video shows the glitch as demonstrated by AG64 or AGM.

Love Song Hamburger bug

A minor visual bug occurs when the effect of a Pop Star's Love Song wears off while the Pop Star has been eaten by a Hamburger, Hamburger Surprise, Extra Spicy Burger, or a Gourmet Burger. Before showing the Pop Star Mii eaten, Love Song will lose effect, stating that "'Pop Star' isn't so popular anymore." While this text is displayed, the camera will show the Pop Star on the ground as if they fainted. This bug is merely visual and harmless.

Mii theft glitch

There is a glitch exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version that lets a player take full ownership of any Mii characters from Mii Central, letting them edit and share them without consequence. This is confirmed to work in the US version but not in the European version.

The following is the step-by-step to perform this glitch:

  • The player picks a new Mii from the Mii Central (requires internet connection if the player needs to use the search function) to be added as a party member.
  • After deciding the Mii's name, personality, and job, the player has to go to the "Appearance" option on the provided menu alongside the options for the aforementioned three aspects to edit the Mii.
  • Make at least one edit performed in the "Appearance" option on the Mii and save it.
  • The player will know the glitch will begin to take effect when, still on the Mii creation screen, the player presses the B button to return to the previous menus until the player ends up in the in-game Mii Maker when it was not supposed to happen for Mii characters the player does not own.
  • The player has to press the B button once more to take them to the gender selection screen.
  • After picking either gender and then tapping the "OK" button on the in-game Mii Maker, the Mii's name will be shown to have been overwritten as "???", indicating that the glitch has been performed successfully.

Even if renamed with the same name as what the Mii originally had, the player still holds full ownership, meaning they can create a QR code using the stolen Mii, transfer the stolen Mii to the Mii Maker, or even upload the stolen Mii to the Mii Central. Another indicator of a stolen Mii is that transferring the Mii to the Nintendo 3DS' Mii Maker will result in the Mii wearing black pants (the player's own Mii) instead of blue (owned by another player). It has been reported that Popular (taken from the Nintendo 3DS' Mii Central database) Mii characters named "???" can not be downloaded to the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia.

Mii characters imported from Tomodachi Life are also susceptible to this glitch due to the similar selection mechanism. Mii characters invited via QR code can not be exploited this way because the player will end up going back to the QR code scanner instead of the in-game Mii Maker. Mii characters imported from the Nintendo 3DS' Mii Maker are believed to be unaffected by this glitch.

A detailed tutorial for how to perform the glitch can also be found in this video by dekutony. A lot of details about it can be found in the description of said video.

Misplaced Ignite sparks


Miitopia -Switch- Glitch- Misplaced Ignite Sparks

The glitch in action.

When a Scientist uses Ignite on a Cleric's Silver Staff in battle, the sparks will appear under said Cleric's outfit instead of on the staff itself. This is only a small visual change, and is ultimately harmless.

Monster's hurt face sticks around


Miitopia Glitch- "Traveler"otaur Hurt Face Sticks Around

The hurt face glitch in action on the "Traveler"otaur.

When the player is in the journal viewing a monster, poke it until it does its hurt animation. Quickly tap the A button to go to the "Pose with Monster" screen. The "hurt" face should now be displayed on the monster.

If the monster has an NPC's face on, this glitch can be fixed by changing the face of a monster to another person's or by exiting the "Pose with Monster" menu.

Monsters Journal HP Banana bug

An HP Banana is loaded instead of the I, Medusa.

When accessing the I, Medusa in the Monsters Journal, the model of an HP Banana will show instead. It has no animations and pressing the "poke" buttons yields no results. It is unknown at this time what "Pose with Monster" and "Look Closer" will do.

To fix this glitch, simply switch to another monster then switch back the to I, Medusa for the correct model to load.

Note that the HP Banana model also acts as a placeholder model in case objects with no model data (like weapons inaccessible in the demo when playing said version) are loaded.

Negative but positive boost bug

Miitopia - Postive Hate.png

Sometimes, when a Tank (and possibly other jobs that cause resentment with their attacks) attacks twice, they can get a positive boost from someone who resents them. This is caused by the first attack causing the relationship break, then attacking like normal the following, due to the Angry status effect.

This bug can however prove that at least the attacks and activation of Assist skills of the character are predetermined for those under the Angry effect, and do not account for any possible relationship breaks.

Petrified Mii with dialogue oversight


Is this a Miitopia Glitch or something?(I think it's a stone glitch)

The oversight as demonstrated by TeardropFTW ShoutaFTL/MiitopiaandFliplineAwesome 2007 NAUTTP.

It is possible for a Laid-back Mii to Hide behind a party member with the "Stone" status. The oversight comes in when the petrified Mii, normally lacking any dialogue, utters the hiding Mii's name (and gains resentment). It is currently not known if the same oversight also applies to party members with the "Ice" status, and whether this can also start quarrels or not.

Pop Star wink flickering

If the player scrolls through the Pop Star's equipment without changing their current set up, their winking eye flickers between normal and winking for a split second. This is more noticeable if the player scrolls faster, where it will flicker more rapidly.

Rapid dragon marker

On the world map, if the d-pad buttons are pressed in two region directions at once, Dominic will rapidly move between them. If the A button is pressed, he will go into a random region he is over.

Replayed Highlight glitch

Main article: The Highlight Glitch

If any Highlight where a face is restored (like the '...Again' scenes) is played then the player exits right as the scene is about to transition to the face restoration scene, then it will confuse the game.

  • If the player tries to exit, the scene will play; exit or watch it to go to the Journal.
  • If the player tries to replay the same cutscene, it will play twice.
  • If the player tries to play another scene, the first scene will play, then the second one.
  • If the player does the trick again on the second scene, the face segment will replay wrong.

However, if the player then leaves their Inn, the Records menu will show up, with only the arrow being visible.

  • If "Journal", or "Highlights" are selected in this state, the game will crash.
  • If the player presses B, they can exit the records menu in this "darkened" state. The player can actually feed their Mii characters, and even press "Set out" which will bring the player to the map screen, ending the glitch.
  • If the player performs this glitch, and does anything that transitions in the game (entering an area via Dominic, leaving an area via area map, entering a level on the area map, etc.), said transition will repeat itself depending on how many times the Highlight was exited during the face restoration scene.
  • Also, on the map screen, after performing this glitch, if the player selects "Save and quit", the bottom screen will transition to black but will get stuck on a fully black screen. Oddly, the top screen will look normal, however, all Mii characters' stats will be shown as 0, and their levels will be shown as 0. There will be no sound coming out of the console, and the game will softlock, as the player can no longer interact with the game, and they are forced to close it.
  • When choosing the Mii characters to fight the Darker Lord's hands, it could end leaving the player stuck in the inn or fight the Left Hand with no Mii characters, causing the player to lose and eventually crashing the game.
  • This glitch can potentially destroy your save file if used with certain highlights and the Final Battle.

This glitch can be performed anywhere with access to the Highlights menu and can affect any transition.

This glitch is present in both the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch versions.

Silent Journal


Miitopia Glitch- Silent Journal

The Silent Journal glitch in action.

If the "Great Sage", The Darkest Lord's asteroid attack is playing (poke it three times to make it do the attack animation), quickly press A to go to the menu, then go to "Pose with Monster" and press the copy face button repeatedly until the player can not hear the music that is playing. This also works on the Dark Sun if the player pressed A repeatedly during the same animation.

It can be fixed when the player exits the journal and goes back into it again. This glitch has been patched in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Silent oasis title screen

If the player saves while standing on the Neksdor oasis closest to Greenhorne, no title music will play and the Miis in the title don't move. There is no other effect from this and it is fixed as soon as the player saves in another spot. This glitch has been patched in the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Stuttering gameplay

It is possible for a lag to affect the game so much that the game ends up running with constant stutter every few seconds even after passing through the lag point. The only way to fix this is to reset the game.

This is observed on the Nintendo Switch version, which has a tendency to lag when handling a large number of monsters in a single encounter (for example, against eight Snurps). When a lag from this lasts for longer than normal, this effect may trigger.

Tank Traveler's wig oversight

An example of a messed up animation due to the wig oversight.

In the Nintendo Switch version, normally a wig on a Mii cast as a Tank will be overridden by his/her headgear due to the job's battle mechanics requiring it, but for some reason this does not apply to guest Tanks accompanying the party for a Travelers' Hub quest. This messes up the animations that depend on said guest Tank's headgear (for example, using Human Cannonball will render the ally used as ammo as a mere head before being launched).

UFO sound after outing

In the Nintendo Switch version of the game, on one of the Ranch outings, a UFO comes and abducts sheep while the Mii characters involved in the outing are sleeping. However, when the player holds down the Y button when the sheep are being abducted so the screen can temporarily freeze, and takes it off afterwards to unfreeze the screen, the abduction sound keeps playing forever even after the outing is finished, and even after the player saves and quit. The only way to stop it from playing after that is to close and reopen the game.

Ultimate Robot Warrior stance change

The glitch in action.

During a battle against the Calc King, if an Ultimate Robot Warrior is defeated while still charging and another is summoned, it will appear deployed for a split second before changing back into the charging stance (thus, not giving it a chance to target Mii characters).

Who Is It? softlock

It is possible to softlock a Quizmaster session when the quiz type is "Who Is It?", even in Quiz Remix if that quiz type is picked as one of the questions. The screen will be stuck without showing the question number pop-up (though the background's looping animation keeps playing as normal), leaving the player unable to do anything but take a snapshot or open the system's Home screen to restart the game. The exact reason for this is currently unknown, but it has something to do with the player's Inn resident composition as detected by the game every new day, since "Who Is It?" quizzes only use the player's current party members. Once this happens, it will always happen during every attempt of this quiz until the player transfers at least one Mii into the Inn from the Villa. This softlock is not likely to trigger if the player already has a full Inn by the time a new day begins.

It has been reported that the similar softlock effect also applies to "Curtain Conundrum" and "Who Am I?", even though the latter never involves party members, but the most consistent occurrence happens to "Who Is It?".

Wrong skin color from Enthrall

The Mii with proper makeup (left) and the same Mii with broken coloring caused by Enthrall (right). Images by LunarLuigi77.

Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version, having a Vampire party member or guest successfully use Enthrall on an ally with foundation and nose color modified using Makeup will cause the target Mii to lose the custom colors on the nose and part of his/her head (specifically the part where the hair model would be placed), the latter of which if the Mii's head is bald/uncovered, reverting them back to the original skin color assigned via Mii Maker while leaving the rest of the facial foundation untouched. This effect persists until the "enthralled" status wears off via its auto-revive effect kicking in or after the current battle ends.

The Vampire's Enthrall has the visual effect of changing the target party member's original (Mii Maker) eye color to red. It is possible that an oversight from porting this mechanic causes the unintended effect of also affecting the custom colors of the nose and part of the Mii's head instead of just the pupils.

Wrong themes and jingles


Miitopia Glitch- Non-Boss uses Boss Music

An example of the Boss Battle music playing on normal enemies on Eerie Road.

In certain boss stages, the boss will stay dead, but the boss theme will play while in battle with normal enemies. This has been reported in the stages for the Yeti, "Friend from Nimbus" UFO, Robo-"Traveler", and "Traveler" Woof-o'-the-Wisp

Like the boss themes, the "rare enemy" jingle also misplays rarely. In the aforementioned Robo-"Traveler" stage, the "rare enemy" jingle plays but normal enemies appear, while the regular jingle plays regardless of whether a Lion Snail (normal) or Rich Snurp (rare) appears in Midland Marsh.

Untested/Unknown glitches

This lists Miitopia glitches that have yet to be fully confirmed with at least one solid evidence (clear in-game explanation, supporting image(s)/video, etc.) supporting them. Please do not consider these glitches as true until fully confirmed.

Confirmed glitches go to the "Known glitches" section.

Glitch First discovered by How to cause it Other info
Getting into unknown levels ??? Finishing quest of a temporary generated dungeon. After Highlight glitch. Will cause the player to permanently get stuck in glitched dungeon. Attempting to fly out will crash game.
Highlight glitch in story Jewelraffe (suggested) As the Highlight glitch affects how transitions play, it might do something if activated to coincide with a new story cutscene, like a boss intro or face rescue scene. Might not actually do anything.
'Unknown Level' Literalwater768 Unknown. According to the screenshot, the result is a black plane with one level node on it.
Incorrect friendship healing sound Odahviing If a Mii is healed by a move which plays the alternate healing sound (Maestro Cooking, Giga Cure, etc.), and their friendship increases, when healed from friendship the alternate sound will play instead of the regular. Unknown if this is intentional or not, but this seems like an oversight in changing the sound back.
Ignite Crash Bluebatstar When a Scientist used Ignite on another Mii during a battle one time, the game crashed. During the battle this happened, there were many Status Effects active on the party, and one of the Miis was in the Safe Spot. Unknown if that has anything to do with it.

The battle was also in the Sky Scraper.

BBQ Freeze (3DS) Pigeonpullover When selecting a Mii to eat the mushroom at the BBQ Meal Camp event, the game freezes. Occurred at Neksdor Desert. Music still played, Home Menu was usable, and save data was intact. The box the player selected will appear pressed, but nothing happens. Other boxes cannot be selected. This happened when choosing the fourth party member. The "Y" Button was not held. Occurred on a New Nintendo 3DS and a digital copy of the game. Never happened with any other game or application.