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Galados Isle (Japanese: ガラパス島 Garapasu-tou; Galapas Island) is a post-game region. It is a tropical island located far from the mainland Miitopia. It's divided into four areas: Galados Isle, Seaside Grotto, Midland Marsh and Uncharted Galados. The first area is the beach, the second is the cave, the third is the marsh, while the fourth is a hidden area that requires going into a portal at the far end of this region.

The Scholarly Pioneer can be found in this region, being the only non-playable Mii here.


MiiCast ScholarlyPioneer.jpg She is always looking for new discoveries but doesn't really know what she is looking for, leading to her mistaking the player for a native at every encounter. She however knew about the island's treasure in the Uncharted region, locked behind a door.

Upon completion of the Uncharted region and after getting the Elf Charm, talking to the Scholarly Pioneer reveals that the Worried Explorer is her older sibling.





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