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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.


"Harnesses the power of nature to brighten up everyone’s day."

-Job Description

Flower Description


【Miitopia】 - Flower Play Demo

The Flower is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on healing allies and moderate magic damage, unlocked after clearing Neksdor.

Their weapons of choice are Leaves.

Their clothing is called Flowers.

A hybrid of Cleric and Mage, the Flower specialises in healing and recovery while also dealing moderate amounts of magical damage.

The Flower's default attack hits all enemies, but the strength progressively weakens as it goes down the line.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 14 306 405
MP 10 172 271
Attack 5 52 324
Magic 3 88 281
Defense 5 79 354
Speed 5 51 150


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Base power Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Gentle Fragrance Lv. 3 4 "Restore a friend's HP with a floral aroma. (Magic)" 15 0.18 40%
Life Dew Lv. 4 8 "Get a fallen friend to wake up and smell the flowers. (Magic)" 7 0.18 100% Has 50% success rate.
Bluster Lv. 6 6 "Buffet an enemy with a strong wind. (Magic)" 15 0.55 50%
Sweet Fragrance Lv. 8 6 "Use the life force of flowers to greatly restore a friend's HP. (Magic)" 30 0.4 40% Can restore themselves or another Mii of their choice. Might not work due to the Stubborn Mii's Bluff quirk.
Restoring Whistle Lv. 9 12 "Bring confused friends back to their senses with a whistle call (Magic)" - - 50% Targets all allies.
Flower Bed Lv. 15 15 "Fill the party with nature's energy, restoring everyone's HP. (Magic)" 15 0.2 40%
Flower Power Lv. 20 12 "Channel the forces of nature into a friend, turning them wild." - - 40% Makes the Mii have the Angry status effect, giving them two turns and increasing damage, but preventing them from selecting what move to use.
Mega Flower Bed Lv. 25 23 "Cradle everyone in a bed of flowers, greatly restoring HP for all. (Magic)" 50 0.3 40%
Hurricane Lv. 32 32 "Blast all enemies head-on with gale-force winds. (Magic)" 60 0.8 40% Hurts all enemies.


  • "Oy! Wake up, [teammate]!" (Life Dew skill)
  • "Aand... Beautiful flowers!" (Sweet Fragrance skill)
    • "Whoa..." (Teammate's response)
  • "Grr... The Earth is angry!" (Flower Power skill)


  • Flowers, Chefs, Cats, Tanks, Thieves, Pop Stars and Vampires are the only jobs that have unique walking animations in explorations.
  • Life Dew and Flower Power share the same animation.
  • The Mii representing the Flower as shown in the Nintendo 3DS version's artwork becomes the default Mii for the Cheery Granny (Clara) in the Nintendo Switch version, albeit with darkened skin.