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The party being split by falling rocks.

The "Falling Rocks" event (conjectural name[nb 1]), also known as "falling boulder" or "party split", is a map-only event that always occurs right before a certain forked path or path split on a particular map. It is first encountered in the main story during the first trek through the Karkaton area.

This event will force a party split. The Hero Mii, if not in Villa, will always go with the first group. Said group's objective in this situation involves reaching a designated rendezvous point at the end of the path split. The other group can then be played after that. Unlike the first group, once the player moves the other group to the rendezvous point, the cutscene of the party reunion will be automatically played without player input. Note that, if this happens after the Villa is unlocked, the "Sort party" menu will be rendered inaccessible until the reunion is done.

The party split not only affects the player's current active party, but also the Mii characters staying at the Inn. If the player happens to have a guest Mii (main story character or Travelers' Hub client), said Mii will always end up with the first group. In the Nintendo Switch version, the horse will also always end up in the first group if this event happens, resulting in an empty stable at the Inn on the second group's perspective. Interestingly, this event can still be triggered with a solo Mii (while the rest remain in the Inn) even though there is no way to split the party in this scenario. The dialogue after the "split" will be skipped and the second group will be rendered empty.

The player will not be able to quit the map normally when this event is active as the way-back path is cut off. Only after this sequence is cleared can the player travel back. However, if the player has difficulty progressing through this sequence, the player can simply tap the "Give up" button that only shows up during this event in order to undo the split. The player still has to go through this event when it shows up on the map if they want to make progress.



Miitopia What Happens When You Have 1 Mii In The Team Split Event

Demonstration of the oversight by bluegreenangel.

After unlocking the Villa, the player may bypass this event entirely if it is encountered within a random dungeon by moving all but one Mii into the Villa. Upon returning to the overworld map, the event node where the party split would happen will be removed entirely and the branching paths leading to the two separate stages will be drawn normally as if the split never happened.


Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Switch version


  • When this event occurs, all Mii characters afflicted with a cold instantly get better.


  1. The title of this article is conjectural as an official name for this subject is unknown. The name for this article has instead been taken from one that is commonly used within the community.