The Fab Fairies (Japanese: 大妖精三姉妹 Dai-yousei 3-Shimai; Three Great Fairy Sisters) are three Elf sisters who help you continue your quest after saving them.

They do a magic dance to first open a gate so you can continue, and then it's to reveal the pathway so you can get to the next area of the game.

Youngest Fab Fairy

Miitopia - Youngest Fab Fairy
"The youngest sister. Makes up for her height with a bossy attitude."

First encountered in the Elven Retreat. When the hero greets her, she claims she and her sisters had fought off the Dark Lord once before, however when their guard was down, the Dark Lord had kidnapped her elder sisters leaving her to defend the town on her own. She accompanies the party to the Citrus Cave to help save the Middle Fab Fairy.

After her middle sister's rescue, she goes to the Elven Retreat while the hero saves the Eldest Fab Fairy with the Middle Fab Fairy's help. After the rescue of the elder sister, the youngest is captured by the Dark Lord and has her face on "Youngest Fab Fairy" Frog in the Lotus Lake.

Once Travelers' Hub becomes accessible, the Youngest Fab Fairy becomes a recurring quest giver whose requests always have something to do with being bored of salad and wanting some desserts instead.

Level Location Boss Rewards
Lv.20 Karkaton Deadly Demon Devil's Food Cake ★★
Lv.23 Karkaton Angry Queen (boss) Dragon Fruit ★★
Lv.26 The Sky Scraper Dark Medusa Rock Candy ★★
Lv.29 Easin Hills Licorice Jelly Slime Jelly ★★
Lv.32 Eerie Road Hamburger Surprise (normal) Mysterious Crepe
Lv.35 Manor Macabre Devilish Skulleton Bone Biscuit ★★
Lv.38 Castle Annex Red Orochi (normal) Butterfly Honey ★★
Lv.41 Nimbus Ancient Robot (boss) Cotton Candy ★★
Lv.44 Peculia Extra Spicy Burger (boss) Strata Sundae ★★
Lv.47 Arid Frontier Replica Dark Lord (boss) Choc Rock ★★
Lv.50 Castle Annex Replica Dark Lord (boss) Devil's Food Cake ★★

Note: Level 20 quest only appears once at the second half of Travelers' Hub's main story.

Middle Fab Fairy

Miitopia - Middle Fab Fairy
"The middle sister. Has a shy streak, but is very sweet once she opens up."

After she is rescued in the Citrus Cave, her face is put on a giant spider. She accompanies the party to the Bigg Forest to help rescue her elder sister. Once her elder sister is rescued, and her younger sister is kidnapped, she goes to defend the Elven Retreat when the elder sister accompanies the party.

Eldest Fab Fairy

Miitopia - Eldest Fab Fairy
"Eldest of the fairies, she commands her siblings with an air of grace."

After her rescue in the Bigg Forest, her face is put on a huge owl, while her youngest sister's face is stolen. She then accompanies the party to the Lotus Lake. Once she is saved, she and her two sisters will perform a magical dance to open the path to the Dark Lord's castle to the east.

Ally Skills

Skill Description Extra Notes
Attack Inflicts damage on one enemy.
Dancing Arrow

(used by the Youngest)

"Shoot an enemy with an arrow that can cause chronic dance fever." Inflicts higher damage compared to the regular attack. This will leave the affected target waste its turn dancing. Bosses are immune to this skill's secondary effect.
Counter Arrow

(used by the Middle)

"Shoot an arrow at an enemy to stop it from attacking a friend. (auto)" Only protects against regular physical attacks.
Healing Melody

(used by the Eldest)

"Play a gentle melody that heals the party's wounds. (magic)" Heals the whole party.


Eldest Fab Fairy

Middle Fab Fairy

Youngest Fab Fairy


  • In promotional material from Nintendo of Europe, the name of the eldest Fab Fairy in their official artwork is given.
    • The eldest is given the name "Maria", although the names of the other two are not given. All three are described as the idea of importing "Three best friends" from NOE's "Adventure awaits your Tomodachi Life Friends" video.
  • It can be assumed that all three Fab Fairies are left-handed, as they all use their left hands to draw their bowstrings.
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