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In Miitopia, there are many areas to explore (conjectural name[nb 1]) including; towns, fields, caves and groves. Towns or safe zones are populated by Mii villagers who the player can talk with and who may need rescuing if their faces are stolen. Outside of towns are areas where the player can explore paths and discover treasure, events or battle monsters.

In the Nintendo Switch version, a level exploration can be made faster in addition to the B/ZR button as fast-forward by having either Saddle Up or Saddle Up II triggered at the start of the level, which happens at random.

Towns/Safe zones

Exploration areas

Random dungeons

Main article: Random Dungeons

These locations only show up during quests and will become inaccessible again if the quest related to that location is completed. The layout tends to be different every time it becomes available for exploration.



During exploration, party members often talk with each other while on their journey. The quotes are randomly determined from a list for certain scenarios. Quotes in brackets are showed as thought bubbles.

Start of exploration:

  • Kind: "Let's go!"
  • Laid-back: "OK then..." or "Right, then..." in the PAL version.
  • Stubborn: "Onward!" or "Onwards!" in the PAL version.
  • Energetic: "Go go go!"
  • Cool: "The journey continues..." or "Let's get this done." in the PAL version.
  • Airheaded: "Saddle up!"
  • Cautious: "We're off..." or "Here goes..." in the PAL version.

While exploring (solo lines):

  • "Ahh, peace and quiet..."
  • "Feeling a twinge in my back..."
  • "For Miitopia!"
  • "Hope I haven't dropped any treasure."
  • "I can do this!"
  • "(I'm a bit nervous...)"
  • "I'm doing fine on my own!"
  • "I'm feeling peckish."
  • "Must...get...stronger..."
  • "(What did I come here for again?)"
  • "(What was it I ate yesterday?)
  • "(Whistle) ♪"

While exploring (first line):

  • "Adventure ho!"
  • "Any gold lying about?"
  • "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"
  • "Breakfast was nice."
  • "Can I have a rest?"
  • "Can't wait for some nosh."
  • "Come on, team!"
  • "Feeling good!"
  • "Feeling like a newborn babe!"
  • "Giddy-up!"
  • "Got enough HP Bananas?"
  • "Got my favourite clothes on today!"
  • "Good job, [Mii!]"
  • "Hey ho! "
  • "Hmmm..."
  • "Hold that feeling!"
  • "Hum dee dum "
  • "I am not a happy bunny..."
  • "I feel like I can take on the world!"
  • "(I just love [Mii]'s hairdo.)"
  • "I need a cuppa."
  • "I need a good night's sleep!"
  • "I want a cat!"
  • "I want a dog!"
  • "I don't feel so good."
  • "I'm feeling pumped!"
  • "I'm getting blisters..."
  • "I'm on top of the world!"
  • "I'm not feeling it..."
  • "I’m ready to conk out..."
  • "I've seen the light!"
  • "It's all so pretty..."
  • "Lah lah lah! "
  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Let's get down to business!"
  • "Let's show 'em what we can do!"
  • "Looking forward to my bed..."
  • "Looking good!"
  • "My nose is all stuffy."
  • "My tummy hurts..."
  • "Nearly there now..."
  • "Need some doggy cuddles."
  • "Need some kitty cuddles."
  • "No more fighting..."
  • "Phew..."
  • "So ready for this!"
  • "That hairdo really suits you."
  • "That's the spirit!"
  • "There's a hole in my shoe..."
  • "Time to get us some loot!"
  • "We're beasting this!"
  • "We're on a roll!"
  • "We’re in the move! Get in the groove!"
  • "Whooo! Woo-hoo! Whoopeeee!"
  • "Woo-yeah! I'm on fire!"

While exploring (second line):

  • "([Mii Name], did you just toot?)"
  • "Agreed."
  • "Can't say I approve..."
  • "Come on!"
  • "(Did [Mii] just guff?)"
  • "Did you say something?"
  • "Dig a hole!"
  • "Don't overdo it."
  • "(Enthusiastic, much?)"
  • "Feel the power."
  • "Glad to hear it."
  • "Go! Go!!"
  • "Hope that works out for you..."
  • "How much?"
  • "I envy you."
  • "(I feel the same, actually.)"
  • "(I have to be better than [Mii]!)"
  • "I like that story."
  • "(I want a game of rock, paper, scissors...)"
  • "I want some new clothes."
  • "(I want to leave this all behind...)"
  • "I want to put my feet up..."
  • "(I'll be fine.)"
  • "If you say so."
  • "It's a while since I've heard that."
  • "(It's just your imagination.)"
  • "Just hang in there!"
  • "(Just...stop.)
  • "Just a little further."
  • "Keep your chin up!"
  • "Let's not get too excited..."
  • "Let's savor the little victories!"
  • "Likewise."
  • "Me too..."
  • "(Monsters have been here!)"
  • "(Oh, come on...)"
  • "Oi, don't push!"
  • "No can do..."
  • "No tough enemies, please..."
  • "Quit complaining..."
  • "(Really?)"
  • "Say what?"
  • "Sure, whatever."
  • "Surely you jest..."
  • "(That again?)"
  • "That so?"
  • "That was a good plan."
  • "Them's the breaks."
  • "There's a long way to go yet."
  • "Um..."
  • "(We'll make it through this...)"
  • "We'll see..."
  • "We're not out of the woods yet."
  • "(Wonder what that person we helped is doing now...)"
  • "(Yaaaawn...)"
  • "You don't say!"
  • "You OK?"
  • "(You sure about that?)"
  • "You’re always saying that."
  • "You’re saying that now?"
  • "You've got a point there!"
  • "Yup, yup!"

While exploring (running):

  • "As quick as a flash!"
  • "Can we slow down a bit?" (NTSC) / "Can we please drop the pace?" (PAL)
  • "Chaaaarge!" (NTSC) / "Charge!" (PAL)
  • "Don't trip me up!"
  • "Full steam ahead!"
  • "Get a move on!"
  • "*huff* *puff*"
  • "I am the wind!"
  • "Make for an inn!"
  • "On your marks..."
  • "Quick!"
  • "Slow down!"
  • "Think I'm going to take off..."
  • "This is hard on the legs..."
  • "Wheeeeeee!"

While exploring (with traveler):

  • "([Traveler]'s clothes are so fashionable.)"
  • "(Companionship's what traveling is all about!)"
  • "I hope I get along with [Traveler]."
  • "(I want to show [Traveler] what I can do!)"
  • "(I wonder what makes [Traveler] tick...)"
  • "(I wonder what sort of things [Traveler] likes?)"
  • "We stand together!"

While exploring (traveler lines):

  • "Ah, out of art supplies..." (Artsy-Fartsy [Traveler])
  • "I'll fight too!"
  • "I'm [Traveler's name]!" (All travelers)
  • "I'm so grateful!" (All travelers)
  • "Talking so much my jaw hurts..." (Chatty [Traveler])

While exploring (riding on horse):

  • "Ah, lovely breeze..."
  • "Hang in there, [Horse Name]."
  • "(I need to acquire some carrots...)"
  • "Why the long face? Heh."

While going to an outing (the outing):

  • "Let's go fishing!"
  • "Let's go read a bit at the library."'
  • "Let's go watch a film!"
  • "Let's get sweaty at the gym!"'
  • "Wanna relax at a café?"

While going to an outing (first line):

  • "[Mii 2], all good?"
  • "[Mii 2], are you listening?"
  • "[Mii 2], how you feeling?"
  • "[Mii 2], just chill out."
  • "[Mii 2], why're you blushing?"
  • "[Mii 2], you're so cool..."
  • "Aren't you tense?"
  • "Be patient for a little longer."
  • "Better watch your step!"
  • "Can we hold hands?"
  • "Do you like my hair?"
  • "Getting a bit nervous now."
  • "Having fun yet, [Mii 2]?"
  • "How about this bed-head, eh?"
  • "I can't wait!"
  • "I like your outfit!"
  • "I think we're on the right way?"
  • "I've never been so happy."
  • "It's you and me, [Mii 2]!"
  • "Let's be together always!"
  • "Let's hurry this up."
  • "Let's take it slow, OK?"
  • "Look, I need to talk to you..."
  • "Neat, a outing with [Mii 2]!"
  • "No need to rush."
  • "Oh wow, it's late."
  • "So, the plan for today..."
  • "This makes a nice change."
  • "This way, if you please."
  • "Walk with me."
  • "We're all alone out here..."

While going to an outing (second line):

  • "Bored now."
  • "Can't wait!"
  • "Cheers to that!"
  • "Couldn't agree more!"
  • "(Do you really mean that?)"
  • "Egad!"
  • "Exactamundo."
  • "Fine by me."
  • "Good going, [Mii 1]."
  • "Hmm..."
  • "Hrm?"
  • "Hum-de-dum..."
  • "(I just wanna enjoy the view.)"
  • "I'm relieved."
  • "I'm telling you!"
  • "(Is this what all outings are like?)"
  • "Let's hurry it up."
  • "Moo."
  • "Not too shabby."
  • "(Oh, what fun!)"
  • "OK, I get it."
  • "(Read the room, sheesh...)"
  • "Say..."
  • "Shocking!"
  • "Sure!"
  • "That came out of nowhere..."
  • "That's not on."
  • "What are we talking about?"


  1. The title of this article is conjectural as an official name for this subject is unknown. The name for this article has instead been taken from one that is commonly used within the community.