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Events are short cut-scenes that can occur while out adventuring or when checking in on the Mii characters at the Inn. Certain Events can raise or lower a Relationship status between two Mii characters or give the player HP Bananas, MP Candies, Cake, or Gold.

Inn and stable event names are based on their internal names, while other event names on this article and its subpages are conjectural and thus not official.

Inn events

After completing a stage and reaching the Inn, the Mii characters will go to sleep, restoring all of their HP and MP. Sometimes, once the Mii characters wake up, two Mii characters that share a room will have a speech bubble over them with three dots in it. Occasionally, a cutscene will happen where a certain Mii thinks about talking to another Mii. If you transport the Mii into the room they want to socialize with (or vice-versa), a speech bubble will appear. If you tap/press A on the speech bubble, an Event will happen. These events will raise the Relationship level between the two Mii characters. Sometimes, a third Mii will appear in the window and might gain resentment towards one of the Mii characters, depending on the event. On a rare occasion, this Mii may become agitated toward one of the Mii characters and could even have a falling out with that Mii.

The following lists all possible Inn events, not counting events related to starting/ending an outing or special cutscenes that occur at the end of the game.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Change One of the Mii characters thinks about visiting another Mii's room. This event randomly triggers automatically upon arriving at the Inn. Normal:
  • Mii: (thinking) I want to go to [another Mii]'s room.


  • Mii: (thinking) I should check in on [ill Mii]...


(under construction)

The "Change" event in action. (Nintendo Switch version)

The "Cold" variation of the "Change" event. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

The first Mii is cleaning their room in the inn, and the second Mii is stood there watching.

The second Mii will either help the first Mii, say some words of encouragement, or think about how the first Mii is doing. If the second Mii helps or cheers on the first Mii, it can possibly result in everything getting clean which boosts the relationship a whole level.

  • Mii 1 - Kind: "Bust that dust! Clean clean clean!"
  • Mii 1 - Energetic: "Whew!"
  • Mii 1 - Laid-back: "Slow and steady."
  • Mii 1 - Cool: "...Meh!"
  • Mii 1 - Stubborn: "Grr! Get clean!"
  • Mii 1 - Air-headed: "Dee dee diddly dee!"
  • Mii 1 - Cautious: "Scrub a dub dub!"

[Mii 1] is cleaning.

If Mii 2 decides to watch:

  • Mii 2 - Kind: "You're so thoughtful!"
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: "You're doing great!" or I admire your work ethic.
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: "Put your back into it!"
  • Mii 2 - Cool: "You're pretty good at cleaning." or "...Yay. Go you."
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: "You can do it! Gotta clean it all!"
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: "This is so good! It's the best! The greatest!"
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: "This is so helpful. Thank you..."

If Mii 2 decides to help:

  • Mii 2 - Kind: "Let me help!"
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: "I want to help!"
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: "I'll lend a hand too."
  • Mii 2 - Cool: "...OK, fine."
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: "It's just common sense to clean up after yourself."
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: "So shiny and sparkly!"
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: "I can help...?"

If Mii 2 decides to cheer:

[Mii 2] is cheering from the sidelines!

  • Mii 2 - Kind: "You show that dust who's boss!"
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: "You're doing great!"
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: "Yay, just a little bit more!"
  • Mii 2 - Cool: "...Yay. Go you."
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: "I believe in you, [Mii 1]! Go!"
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: "Cleany cleany clean!"
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: "Clean like you've never cleaned before!"

[Mii 2] is cheering from the sidelines!

  • Mii 1 - "Whew!"

Everything is getting cleaner!

Nintendo 3DS version.

Nintendo Switch version.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Cold After the player defeats the Dark Lord, the Mii characters can now get ill. This means another Mii can go to see them, and make them feel better.

If they level up their relationship level, then the sick Mii will feel better instantly.

Curiously, feeling sick still will not stop the Mii from being jealous.

Asking how they are:
  • Mii: How are you feeling?
  • Sick Mii: Much better, thanks to you!

Take rest:

  • Mii: Rest as long as you need.

Get well soon:

  • Mii: I hope you get better soon!

If the ill Mii recovers:

[Affected Mii] is feeling better again!

Nick, who had previously been feeling sick, becomes better after his Relationship level increases

The "Cold" event in action. (Nintendo Switch version)

Another variation of the "Cold" event. (Nintendo Switch version)

The "Cold" event in action, with the ill Mii recovering. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Copycat The Mii on the left does an impression of any one of the other Mii characters aside from the Mii on the right. They will then say the war cry of that Mii, and the Mii on the right always has the same reaction.

There is a chance that the Mii the one on the left is doing the impression of will appear at the window because they heard their name. This will not cause resentment, however.

  • Mii 1: And for my next trick! I'm going to do an impression of [any other Mii name]!
  • Mii 2: Eeee!
  • Mii 1: [that Mii's war cry]
  • Mii 2: Hahaha, that's so good!
  • Mii being copied: Did someone say my name?
Quinn attempts an impression.JPG

The "Copycat" event in action. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A Mii tells their roommate something interesting related to another Mii. It's not clear what it exactly is (the Mii whispers it), but the outcome can either be amusing to both Mii characters or cause them to cry. This raises their friendship meter.

The Mii being talked about may overhear it, but nothing else happens after that.

The conversation:

  • Mii 1: So I heard something about [any other Mii's name] recently. (begins whispering to the Right Mii)
  • Mii 2: Wow, is that true?!
  • Mii 1: It seems so!
  • Mii 2: You'd never tell just by looking!

Sad outcome:

  • Both: How sad!

Amusing outcome:

  • Mii 1: Just goes to show!
  • Mii 2: I never would have guessed!

If the rumored Mii appears:

  • Rumored Mii: Did someone say my name?

Starting the "Gossip" conversation.

The "Gossip" event in action, amusing outcome. (Nintendo Switch version)

The "Gossip" event in action, sad outcome. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A Mii asks their roommate about who they like. Said roommate will not tell, even after the Mii persuades the roommate into telling. In the end, the roommate doesn't reveal who they like.

This raises their friendship meter.

Variant 1 (NTSC):

  • Mii 1: Who do you like?
  • Mii 2: Whaaat? I'm not telling!
  • Mii 1: Whaaat? Tell me!
  • Mii 2: Whaaat? Nope!
  • Mii 1: OK, I understand.
  • Mii 2: (Whew...)

Variant 2 (NTSC):

  • Mii 1: You should tell me who you like.
  • Mii 2: Whaaat? I'm not telling!
  • Mii 1: Oh, OK then.
  • Mii 2: You give up too easy.

Variant 1 (PAL):

  • Mii 1: Who do you fancy?
  • Mii 2: Whaaat? I'm not telling!
  • Mii 1: Whaaat? Tell me!
  • Mii 2: Whaaat? Nope!
  • Mii 1: OK, I understand.
  • Mii 2: (Phew...)

Variant 2 (PAL):

  • Mii 1: Do you fancy someone? Who is it?
  • Mii 2: Whaaat? I'm not telling!
  • Mii 1: Whaaat? Tell me!
  • Mii 1: I'll tell you who I fancy!
  • Mii 2: Meh, I'm not that fussed.
  • Mii 1: ...

Nintendo 3DS version.

Nintendo Switch version.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Makeover The left Mii changes their hair style and color (wig in the Nintendo Switch version) because not much was happening. This somehow boosts relationship. This change is temporary and they will return to normal after the event, looking a new person (US version) or a different person (EU version): When the relationship level increases, the Mii's new look will stay during the relationship level increase cutscene until the cutscene is over. The Mii returns to normal regardless of the relationship increased cutscene being triggered or not. The conversation (US):
  • Mii 1: We've got a lot of time on our hands today. Time for a new look!
  • Mii 2: Huh?
  • Mii 1: I'll be back in a sec!
  • Mii 1: Ta-da!
  • Mii 1: What do you think?
  • Mii 2: You look like a new person!

The conversation (EU):

  • Mii 1: We've got a lot of time on our hands today. Time for a new look, methinks!
  • Mii 2: Huh?
  • Mii 1: I'll be back in a sec!
  • Mii 1: Ta-da!
  • Mii 1: What do you think?
  • Mii 2: You look like a different person!

Nintendo 3DS version.

Nintendo Switch version.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

The left Mii discusses a fond memory while showing various pictures and reactions, which happen to be occurrences that come up in the actual game. The right Mii will also be showing various reactions. The right Mii then concludes the memory with various reactions (crying, smiling, etc.) This raises their friendship meter.

A fond memory!
  • Mii 2:
    • Wow, that really happened?!
    • That must have been so great!

Nintendo 3DS version.

Nintendo Switch version.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Present A Mii buys a present for another Mii during a stay at the Inn, the effect on their relationship depends on how much the Mii receiving the gift likes or dislikes the present.

The dialogue changes depending on what item is being given and how the Mii receiving it feels about it.

The personality of both Mii characters has an effect on what they say, (most likely) including what the second Mii says about the present.

Occasionally, if the present gives the Mii at least a "Kind of happy" response, there is a chance that a jealous friend of one of the Miis will spy from the window. This can cause resentment towards the other Mii involved.

Possible items are:

Small: Photo of [First Mii's Name], Doll of [First Mii's Name], Castanets, Cuddly [Animal], Glass Ball, Music Box, Rainbow Shell, Copper Goblet, Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Platinum Ring, Wooden Spoon, Silver Spoon, Gold Spoon, Perfume, Mirror, Handkerchief, Bar of Soap, Toothbrush, Bead, Empty Can, Brick

Medium: [Insect] Specimen, Tambourine, Trumpet, Guitar, Lyre, Balloon, Pillow, Portrait of [First Mii's Name], Avant-garde Painting, Crystal Ball, Bouquet of Roses, Violin

Large: New Car, Grand Piano, Statue of [First Mii's Name], Sofa, Bashed Up Bike, Log

[Mii 1] bought a present!
  • Mii 1 - Kind: Surprise! This is for you.
  • Mii 1 - Energetic: Totally got you a present! Take it, take it!
  • Mii 1 - Laid-back: Saw this and thought of you. Have a present.
  • Mii 1 - Cool: There was a sale. So I picked this up.
  • Mii 1 - Stubborn: Went shopping. Got you something.
  • Mii 1 - Air-headed: Look what I bought! Here!
  • Mii 1 - Cautious: I, er, got this for you. I hope it's OK...

[Mii 1] gave a present to [Mii 2].

  • Mii 2 - Kind: Thanks!
  • Mii 2 -Energetic: Ooh, gimme gimme!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: Don't mind if I do.
  • Mii 2 - Cool: Wow. Thanks.
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: Hand it over!
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: What, for me?
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: You're sure?

[Item name]

[Mii 2] is not at all happy!

  • Mii 2 - Kind: Oh dear...
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: Eek!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: I do not need this at all!
  • Mii 2 - Cool: ...
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: The heck is this?
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: Gross.
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: Do you hate me?

[Mii 2] isn't too pleased...

  • Mii 2 - Kind: Oh... It's... Right.
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: Ack!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: Well, it's...
  • Mii 2 - Cool: Hrm.
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: Ugh.
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: But... why?
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: Uh...

[Mii 2] is kind of happy.

  • Mii 2 - Kind: This is great.
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: O-ho!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: Thanks.
  • Mii 2 - Cool: Cheers.
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: Not bad at all.
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: How nice.
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: Thank you.

[Mii 2] is very pleased!

  • Mii 2 - Kind: I feel so happy!
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: Wahoo!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: How'd you know?
  • Mii 2 - Cool: I'll treasure this.
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: I like this!
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: Ooh, shiny!
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: W-wow...

[Mii 2] is amazed!

  • Mii 2 - Kind: How did... I'm speechless!
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: Wow!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: Ooo-ooh!
  • Mii 2 - Cool: ...I'll keep it forever.
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: This is amazing!
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: Thanks!
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: So happy...

If the jealous Mii appears:

Uh-oh, [Mii 1] saw [Mii 2] and saw it all...

  • Jealous Mii: Always [Mii], it's unfair!

[Mii 1] is jealous with [Mii 2].

A typical gift-giving event.

The worst possible reaction to a gift. Note: This causes resentment!

The best possible reaction to a gift.

A jealous Mii eavesdropping.

The "Present" event in action. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Repair (one-sided)

The offending Mii on the right apologizes for their actions that have caused the offended to resent them. He/she then asks if they can be friends again. The offended Mii then accepts the apology, then the two share an embrace.

This removes all resentment that the offended Mii had towards the offender.

  • Mii 2: ...[Left Mii].
  • Mii 1: ...
  • Mii 2: I'm sorry for being so mean. I want to be friends again.
  • Mii 1: ...Me too! Aw, [Right Mii]!
Repair (two-sided)

There are two variations to this event. One variation shows the Mii characters apologizing to each other while facing opposite sides of the room sitting down. Another shows the Mii on the left suggesting that they should be friends again, which the right happily accepts, causing the both of them to celebrate in joy.

This removes all resentment that the Mii characters had toward each other.

  • Mii 1: ...I'm sorry.
  • Mii 2: No, I'm sorry.

Alternate variation

  • Mii 1: ...[Right Mii]?
  • Mii 2: ...What?
  • Mii 1: ...I think we should be friends again.
  • Mii 2: Yes! Please!

3DS version.

3DS version.

The one-sided "Repair" event in action. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Rule The Mii on the right will say that they should set some ground rules for their room, and the Mii on the left will agree.

There are three variations to what rules the Mii on the right will then say.

(Need the text for the left Mii for all situations, plus some parts might not be correct as this has mostly been done by memory)

Keeping the World Clean
  • Mii 2: We should always keep our room clean.
  • Mii 1: Yeah, definitely!
  • Mii 2: We should always keep the inn clean.
  • Mii 1: Okay, sure.
  • Mii 2: We should always keep the world clean.
  • Mii 1: You lost me.

Night Noises

  • Mii 2: We should be quiet when we're sleeping.
  • Mii 1: I won't even snore!
  • Mii 2: We shouldn't worry about any weird noises at night.
  • Mii 1: Wait, what?
  • Mii 2: And if we hear any whispering... we absolutely shouldn't open our eyes.
  • Mii 1: I don't want to stay here anymore!

"We Shouldn't" Rules

  • Mii 2: We should agree on some rules for our room.
  • Mii 1: Definitely!
  • Mii 2: We shouldn't leave the room in a mess!
  • Mii 1: Well, duh!
  • Mii 2: We shouldn't break any of the items in the room.
  • Mii 1: I'll guard them with my life!
  • Mii 2: We shouldn't paint the room.
  • Mii 1: That's...debatable...

The "Rule" event where one Mii's obsessive cleaning habits are slowly revealed.

Another "Rule" scenario. This time, the Mii on the right attempts to creep out her partner before bedtime.

A "Rule" event in action. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Sing The Mii on the left is singing, and the Mii on the right either cheers for them, thinks about it, or joins in.

If the Mii on the right joins in, there is a chance they can sing "The Princess's theme" in a Duet and improve their relationship.

  • Mii 1 - Kind: Doo doo...
  • Mii 1 - Energetic: Tralala! or Ohhh, whoa whoa whoa!
  • Mii 1 - Laid-back: Yeahhhh! or Doo doo-doo!
  • Mii 1 - Cool: Hmmm, mmm-mmm!
  • Mii 1 - Stubborn: Ooh ooh ooh, yeah!
  • Mii 1 - Air-headed: Badada!
  • Mii 1 - Cautious: Shalala, la!

[Mii 1] is singing.

If Mii 2 joins in:

  • Mii 2 - Kind: Doo doo doo, lala!
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: Yeah, yeahhhh!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back: Doo doo diddly doo...
  • Mii 2 - Cool: Na nanana na!
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: Whoah, oh yeah! or Shazam, woo!
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: Nn tss, nn tss!
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: Wah wah, whoooa!

[Mii 2] joins in!

What beautiful harmony!

If Mii 2 decides to cheer:

  • Mii 2 - Kind: You're such a good singer!
  • Mii 2 - Energetic: Ooh, fun!
  • Mii 2 - Laid-back:
  • Mii 2 - Cool: ...You've got a good voice.
  • Mii 2 - Stubborn: Shazam! Wow!
  • Mii 2 - Air-headed: Such a good song!
  • Mii 2 - Cautious: Great set of lungs!

If Mii 2 decides to watch:

Nintendo 3DS version.

Nintendo Switch version.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Sleep Talk The left Mii tells the right Mii that they can not sleep, and the right Mii asks why.

The left Mii tells the right Mii that they kept talking in their sleep, and it is random which phrase they were saying in their sleep, as well as the reaction the right Mii has to this.

On rare occasions, a third Mii might eavesdrop and make a comment about it.

  • Mii 1: I didn't get much sleep last night. / I didn't sleep much last night.
  • Mii 2: Oh no! Why not?
  • Mii 1: Turns out you talk in your sleep, and you're LOUD.
  • Mii 2: Oh, sorry about that...
  • Mii 1: You kept saying "[Phrase]!"
    • "Aww, so cute!"
    • "It's gonna be OK!"
    • "Me too!"
    • "I know you are, but what am I?"
    • "Look at me, everyone! Look!"
    • “I’m flying!”
  • Mii 2:
    • Oh, that's embarrassing...
    • Please don't tell anyone!
    • I wonder what I was dreaming about...
    • Must have been a good dream!
    • I don't even remember!
    • Ugh, not that dream again!

If another Mii eavesdrops:

  • Mii 3:
    • I heard it too...
    • I wish I could have heard it...
    • I could hear it all the way in my room...

The "Sleep Talk" event in action.

The somewhat rare moment when a third Mii decides to eavesdrop.

Nintendo Switch version.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Sleeping Face The Mii on the left says that there was a bug on the other Mii's face last night, leading the right Mii to feel intrigued about it. There are multiple outcomes for what the bug looked like and how long the left Mii watched it for. Ironically, this is regardless of personality.
  • Mii 1: There was a bug on your face last night.
  • The left Mii tells what the bug looked like.
  • Mii 2: Wow, really?
  • Mii 1: Yeah! I got a good look at it!
  • The left Mii tells how long they watched it for.
  • The right Mii's reaction.

The left Mii here tells the other, in this case, the bug looked like a tiny cat. (Nintendo 3DS version)

The left Mii here tells the other, in this case, the bug looked like a tiny cat. (Nintendo Switch version)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Training The two Mii characters will do exercise depending on what they are seen doing from the "Check on the party" screen.

They can then either just do the exercise together with a moderate increase to their relationship, or they can have an "excellent" training session where they'll somehow move closer together, there will be speed lines, and they'll be doing their exercise at a faster speed. The dialogue before exercising is randomly determined.

Before training session
  • Mii 1:
    • I feel the need for intensive training!
    • It's time to bulk up!
    • Let's train ourselves into fighting machines!
    • We need more discipline!
  • Mii 2:
    • For the one I love!
    • It may hurt now, but future us will be glad!
    • Let's get some results!
    • Let's save this world!
    • We'll bring smiles to the faces of the people!

During an excellent training session

  • Mii 1: We're so in sync!
  • Mii 2: I'm feeling the burn!

Their bond is(/bonds are) as strong as their muscles.

A pair of Mii characters exercising. (push-up variant; Nintendo 3DS version)

A pair of Mii characters exercising. (push-up variant; Nintendo Switch version)

Stable events (Nintendo Switch only)

In the Nintendo Switch version, the horse is added as an additional party member. Like the Mii party members, the horse can be bonded with, even during the stay at the Inn (in this case, the horse stays at the stable). All events involving the horse raise relationship between it and the visiting Mii, the amount of which depending on the event and/or its outcome. The following is a list of possible events (outside the special cutscene after the horse's introduction and name decision) that can be viewed in the stable.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Brushing The Mii decides to brush the horse. Either the Mii arrives with the brush ready, or the Mii has to search for it first. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: Time for a nice brushing, buddy!

If there is no brush in hand:

  • Mii: Wait... Where's the brush?

(the horse sniffs the ground)

  • Mii: Hm?

(the Mii finds the brush)

  • Mii: Ah! There it is.

If the Mii has a brush ready:

  • Mii: There! All done.

[Horse] seems satisfied. (if the horse remains awake)

The "Brushing" event in action, with the Mii searching for the brush.

The "Brushing" event in action, with the horse satisfied.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Care The Mii decides to spoil the horse with some feeding and cleaning in quick succession as the horse looks on in surprise. It then ends with both the Mii and the horse sleeping. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: Who's ready for some pampering?
  • Mii: Whoa!
  • Mii: Here's a treat.
  • Mii: WHOA!
  • Mii: Scritchy scratch...
  • Mii: WHOOOA!!

Conversation (PAL)

  • Mii: Who's ready to get looked after, eh?
  • Mii: Whoa!
  • Mii: Here's a treat!
  • Mii: Whoooa!!
  • Mii: Scrub-de-dum...
  • Mii: WHOA!!!

The "Care" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Check The horse has just done eating from the provided bucket. The visiting Mii checks on it, either revealing that the there is still food left inside the bucket or revealing that the food inside the bucket is all gone. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: All done chomping?

(the horse nods)

  • Mii: Let's have a look-see.

If there is still food left:

There's some food left.

  • Mii: Huh! Not hungry today?

If the food is all gone:

The food's all gone!

  • Mii: You certainly had a hearty appetite!

The "Check" event, with the bucket still having some food left.

The "Check" event in action, with the bucket empty.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Clean The Mii cleans the horse stable. There are four unique scenarios related to this event. First scenario:

[Mii] is sleepily cleaning.

  • Mii: [Horse] fell asleep...

Second scenario:

[Mii] is cleaning.

  • Mii: This isn't exactly helping, my equine friend.

[Mii] is still cleaning.

  • Mii: Eh, whaddaya do...

Third scenario:

[Mii] is cleaning.

  • Mii: Hm?

(Mii searches the hay and then picks up a carrot)

  • Mii: A carrot! Here you go!

Fourth scenario:

[Mii] is cleaning.

[Horse] gave silent support!

  • Mii: I'm suddenly overcome by a wave of motivation!

Cleaner and cleaner still!

The "Clean" event in action, first scenario.

The "Clean" event in action, second scenario.

The "Clean" event in action, third scenario.

The "Clean" event in action, fourth scenario.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Drink The Mii gives some water to the horse. This makes the horse drink it while the Mii says that he/she feels wet from the water splashed on him/her. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: Here's your water, [Horse].

(the horse drinks it)

  • Mii: Pffft!

(the horse finishes drinking the water and the Mii feels wet)

  • Mii: I'm soaking wet... / That's all?

The "Drink" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Greet The Mii greets the horse in the morning. While petting it, the horse becomes excited, causing the Mii to fall backwards. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: Morning!

(the Mii pets the horse, then falls backwards as the horse excitedly gets up)

  • Mii: You're in good spirits today!

The "Greet" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Hypnosis The horse gets up and began to hypnotize a Mii to a sleep. As the Mii wakes up, it was only a dream. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Horse: Behold! I shall now hypnotize you.
  • Mii: Huh?!
  • Horse: You're getting veeery sleepy, [Mii].
  • Mii: *yawn*
  • Horse: So sleepy...

(Mii wakes up)

  • Mii: Hm? It was all a dream...

The "Hypnosis" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Makeover The Mii gets bored and decides to have some hair makeover, similar to the Inn event of the same name. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: So bored... I know! I'll change up my look. Just a minute...

(Mii's makeover finished)

  • Mii: Ta-da!
  • Mii: (posing) Whaddaya think?

The "Makeover" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Massage The Mii massages the horse. [Mii] is massaging [Horse].
  • Mii: You've got a lot of tension, my friend.

[Horse] seems blissful.

The "Massage" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Meal The Mii feeds the horse with a carrot. The horse either dislikes it, likes it, or really loves it. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: Here's a carrot! Eat up!

Bad outcome:

Not that tasty, apparently.

Good outcome:

[Horse] found it delicious.

Best outcome:

It's super delicious!

The "Meal" event in action, bad outcome.

The "Meal" event in action, good outcome.

The "Meal" event in action, best outcome.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Memory The Mii tells the horse about a fond memory, similar to the "Memory" Inn event. The horse ends up sleeping and the Mii ends up puzzled. 'Conversation (NTSC)

A fond memory!

(the horse ends up sleeping)

  • Mii: Hm?

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Mood The horse seems to be in a bad mood as it is facing away from the Mii checking it. The Mii nervously offers an apple, which it accepts, thankfully cheering it up. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: Heya, [Horse].
  • Mii: (thinking) Someone's in a bad mood, huh?
  • Mii: How about a treat?

The "Mood" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Present The Mii gives the horse a flower as a present. This makes the horse sneeze instead after sniffing it, knocking the Mii backwards. Conversation (NTSC)
  • Mii: Ta-da!

The "Present" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Sleep The horse and the Mii in the stable are feeling tired, so they decide to take a short nap. Sometimes, a second Mii will appear sleeping beside the horse. Conversation:
  • Mii: Feelin' sleepy, [horse]?
  • Mii: I sure am, come to think of it.
  • Mii: [Horse]... Such a good horse... So warm...

(the Mii and the horse end their nap and face each other happily)

If another Mii showed up:

(the Mii and the horse wake up and face the new Mii beside them)

  • Mii: Oh! When did that happen? / [Other Mii]...

The "Sleep" event in action.

The "Sleep" event in action, with another Mii showing up.

The "Sleep" event in action, with another Mii showing up. (alternate reaction)

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Talk The Mii is listening to the horse. Another Mii shows up mid-talk without either noticing. Then the Mii is surprised over something "stated" by the horse, causing the other Mii to ask if he/she was interrupting. [Mii] is listening to [Horse].
  • Mii: Right, right.

(another Mii steps in)

  • Mii: Ha! Oh, you.

(the interacting Mii is surprised)

  • Mii: Is that true?!
  • Another Mii: [Mii]? Am I...interrupting?

The "Talk" event in action.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Trivia The Mii reads a book about horse trivia, which can be about either correlation of horse teeth to its age, how it enjoys dust baths, or the fact that it can sleep standing up.
  • Mii: Ahem!

Horse age:

  • Mii: "You can tell a horse's age by its teeth."
  • Mii: Wow, who knew!
  • Mii: (thinking) I wonder how old [Horse] is...

Dust bath:

  • Mii: "Horses enjoy dust baths."
  • Mii: (thinking) What in the world is a dust bath?
  • Mii: Bah!
  • Mii: (thinking) So thaaat's what it is.

Sleep standing up:

(under construction)

The "Trivia" event in action, about horse teeth's relation to its age.

The "Trivia" event in action, about dust bath.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Which The Mii offers the horse a meal option between an apple and a carrot. Either the horse eats one of them, or the horse eats both of them. Conversation:
  • Mii: Ta-da! Which would you like?

If the horse eats the apple:

  • Mii: Guess that leaves the carrot for me.

If the horse eats the carrot:

  • Mii: Down the hatch!

If the horse eats both:

  • Mii: Hey, the other was supposed to be mine!

The "Which" event in action, with the apple eaten.

The "Which" event in action, with the carrot eaten.

The "Which" event in action, with both food eaten.

Adventure Events

Adventure Events happen automatically during exploration. Some events can give you items like HP Bananas, MP Candies, or Gold. Other events can restore or deplete HP (and/or) MP, gain relationship or resentment status, and some can just give information about things in Miitopia or your Miis. Each event occurs only once in each stage, and revisiting the stage where they occurred won't trigger them again.

See Events - Personalities for personality-based "talking" events which gives more depth about certain personalities.

See Events - Jobs for job-based "talking" events which gives more depth about how certain classes work.

See Events - Areas for area-based "talking" events which gives more of a feel about the situation of the main game or the area.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Adventuring Experience A Mii thinks they've gotten better at adventuring, to which the other Mii thinks otherwise. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: You know...
  • Mii 1: Lately I feel like I've really aced this whole adventuring thing.
  • Mii 2: Yeah, no. You really haven't.
  • Mii 1: What? But I make it look so cool!
  • Mii 2: I don't know...
  • Mii 2: That last battle?
  • Mii 2: You almost tripped over yourself three times.
  • Mii 1: You saw that?
Adventuring Experience Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

The dungeon the party is in suddenly plunges into complete darkness, with only one party member visible. You'll be given an option to look to the left or to the right.

Results include either bumping into an ally (either while he/she and other allies are dancing or while he/she just happens to be in the way; may cause resentment, while the former causes resentment to all other teammates), tripping over a snack item (obtains said item), getting a birthday surprise (obtains Cake), or nothing happening except for two random allies interacting with each other behind the Mii (boosts friendship meter of those allies).

Blackout happens:

  • Mii: Buh? Who turned the lights off? Where did everybody go?

Snack (Left):

  • Mii: Whoa!

Blackout stops

  • Mii: Hey, what's this doing here?

Nothing (Left):

  • Mii: Is anyone there?

Blackout stops

  • Mii: What are you two doing?

Bump (Left):

  • Mii: Ow!

Blackout stops

Snack (Right):

  • Mii: Whoa!

Blackout stops

  • Mii: Hey, what's this doing here?

Birthday (Right):

  • Mii: Is anyone there?

Blackout stops

  • Mii 2: Happy birthday!
  • Mii 3 & Mii 4: Yay!
  • Mii 2: Here's a present from all of us!
  • Mii: Aww! Thanks! Wow, is it today?

Bump (Right):

  • Mii: Ow!

Blackout stops

  • Energetic/Stubborn Mii: What are you doing?!
  • Laid-back/Cool Mii: ...Watch where you're walking.
  • Kind/Air-headed/Cautious: Owww!
  • Mii: Sorry...
Blackout event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Buried Treasure

A party member finds a mound of dirt. You'll be given an option to dig it up or leave it be.

Digging it up can either result in a snack or some G, but it's also possible to fail.

Depending on their personality, a Mii can either automatically give up or insist, such as Stubborn, on continuing digging after a single fail, like Cool and Laid-back Miis.

However, the Mii will give up if their HP is too low after a failed attempt if the player chooses to try again afterward.

Start of event:

  • Mii: I feel like something's buried here...
Buried treasure event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Butting in Conversation Two party members are shown chatting until another party member cuts in. The second party member becomes angry at the third, but is fortunately stopped by the first.

[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] are having fun.

[Mii 3] cuts in!

  • Mii 2: Guh!
  • Mii 3: What's wrong?
  • Mii 1: Be nice, you two!
  • Mii 2: Hm...
  • Mii 3: Of course, if YOU say so!
Butting in conversation event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A party member is so tired, he/she starts to lose focus. He/She then finds a cactus. Mistaking it for a seat, he/she decides to rest on it.

The Mii either recovers some HP from impromptu cactus acupuncture or takes minor damage.

Another possibility for this event is he/she sees a horse sleeping, which turns out to be a mirage where he/she sleep on a cactus.

Getting tired:

  • Mii: Ugh...

Dizzy from the heat...

  • Mii: Oh! Is that...? Think it's time to rest.

(Mii sits on cactus)

  • Mii: ARGHHHH!

Heals HP:

  • Mii: That felt... good!

Got an impromptu cactus acupuncture!

Takes damage:

  • Mii: Ow ow ow ow ow!

Sat on needles!

Cactus event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Complain about Sock A party member complains about his/her sock that keeps falling down inside his/her shoe.

The event:

  • Mii: *sigh* No matter how often I stop to fix it... my sock keeps falling down inside my shoe. Why, sock? WHYYYY?
Complain about sock event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Copying The party member copying what other Mii says. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: I'm so tired.
  • Mii 2: I'm so tired.
  • Mii 1: Stop copying me.
  • Mii 2: Stop copying me.
  • Mii 1: Why are you copying me?
  • Mii 2: Why are you copying me?
  • Mii 1: Because you're super awesome!
  • Mii 2: Nope!
  • Mii 1: Uh...
  • Mii 2: ...
Mii Copying.jpeg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Delicious HP Bananas

The group exclaims their love for HP Bananas.

The conversation:
  • Mii 1: HP Bananas are deeeelish!
  • Mii 2: So soft! So squishy!
  • Mii 3: Sweet but not too sweet.
  • Mii 4: I could eat them all day, every day.
Delicious HP Bananas Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A party member discovers either a giant statue of an ally or a row of giant statues of all other allies. The Mii then wakes up, turning out that it was all a dream.

There's another dream variant that can only be seen in Realm of the Fey area or any other area that shares the same environment as it.

Only the nap that results in the "statue" dream heals both HP and MP of the napping Mii.

Statue dream:

  • Mii: Huh? Whaaaaat?!

(Mii wakes up from the dream)

  • Mii: Oh! It was just a dream...

[Mii] had a nap.

Giant encounter dream:

  • Mii 1: That's the biggest tomato I've ever seen!
  • Mii 2: Or... did we just shrink?
  • Mii 1: Hahaha!
  • Giant Mii: Ooh, you're so teeny!
  • Mii 1: GAHHH!

(Mii 1 wakes up from the dream)

  • Mii 1: Ah! It was all a dream...

"Statue" dream.

"Giant encounter" dream.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A party member finds a bottle filled with unknown liquid. You'll be given an option to either drink it or not, unless if the Mii has one of certain personalities that skips to them throwing away the drink, like Cautious Miis, or drinking it right away, like Airheaded and Energetic Miis.

However, if the Mii says the drink smells funny, you'll be given a prompt regardless of personality.

Drinking it can result in one of several possible outcomes: A full heal (or healing 0 HP if HP is already full), healing some HP, taking minor damage, or, in the case of the drink being poison, instantly reducing the drinker's HP to 1.

Drink event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Drowning in Cash One Mii tells the other about the best "dream" they've had the other night. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: I had the best dream last night!
  • Mii 2: Oh, yeah? What was it?
  • Mii 1: A mountain of money rained down on me!
  • Mii 1: It totally buried me.
  • Mii 1: I couldn't even breathe! It was a total nightmare!
  • Mii 2: Uh...
  • Mii 2: Is that really the best dream?
Drowning in Cash Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Embarrassing Teammate A random party member talks about something embarrassing related to a random teammate.


  • Mii: I've had something on my mind lately. When [teammate] is fighting... he/she tries to secretly fart. He/She pretends that nothing happened. But I totally notice!

Inside-out clothing:

  • Mii: There's something I need to get off my chest. Sometimes [teammate]... wears his/her clothes inside out. But I haven't told him/her yet.

A Mii confesses catching her fighting partner in the act.

The same Mii talks about one of her teammates' fashion disasters.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Friend Mail

One party member discovers that someone (not in party) has slipped a snack into his/her pocket. Said snack has a letter attached to it.

What the party member says and the letter's content vary depending on the Miis' personalities.


  • Kind Mii: Eh? There's something in my pocket...
  • Laid-back Mii: Eh? Is there something in my pocket?
  • Stubborn Mii: Eh? Hm? What's in my pocket?!
  • Cautious Mii: Eh? What's that in my pocket?
  • Energetic Mii: Eh? Ack! Something in my pocket!
  • Cool Mii: Eh? ...My pocket feels heavy.
  • Airheaded Mii: Eh? My pocket feels all lumpy.
  • Any personality Mii: An HP Banana!

There's a letter with it!

For reactions, see letter reactions.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Ghost Talk A party member talks to another about the former having seen a ghost.

The conversation:

  • Left Mii: Last night, I saw... I saw...
  • Right Mii: Saw what?
  • Left Mii: ...A ghost. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn't sleep...
  • Right Mii: Do you see ghosts... a lot?
  • Left Mii: Maybe. Why do you ask?
Ghost talk event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A party member suddenly hiccups. A random ally is given an option to either scare or ignore.

Scaring the hiccuping Mii either surprises him/her slightly, getting rid of the hiccups and slightly boosting both Miis' friendship meter, or shocks him/her so much he/she ends up launching upwards and then crashes down, inflicting minor damage.

Ignoring the hiccuping Mii will skip the event, but not before showing the now lone Mii hiccuping without anyone else noticing.

Start of event:

  • Right Mii: Hic! Hic! Hic!


  • Left Mii: Boo!

No damage taken:

  • Right Mii: Hey, it stopped!


  • Right Mii: Hic! Hic! Hic!
Hiccup event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A hole suddenly forms underneath a party member walking on the front, sending him/her down underground.

This reduces your party count by one until you arrive at the Inn.

Hole forms underneath a Mii:

  • Victim Mii: Buh? ARGH!
  • Mii 1: [Victim Mii]!
  • Mii 2: Did you fall in a hole?!
  • Mii 3: Are you OK?
  • Victim Mii: I'm fine! You guys go on ahead without me.

[Victim Mii] left the party!

  • Mii: We'll meet you at the inn!
  • Victim Mii: OK!
Hole event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
I Have to Do It A party member can't resist dancing, causing another party member to feel embarrassed.

The conversation:

  • Left Mii: I have to do it.
  • Right Mii: No! Don't you dare!
  • Left Mii: I can't fight it!
  • Right Mii: Noooooo!
  • Left Mii: It's bubbling up inside me! The need to express myself! To shed my stress! THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF DANCE! Aaaaaand... Meh, I'm over it.
  • Right Mii: Is it possible to die from secondhand embarrassment? 'Cause I just might.
Time to dance away the stress.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Jealousy Two random party members become jealous toward each other for liking the same Mii.

[Right Mii] likes [Middle Mii].

[Left Mii] likes [Middle Mii] too.

  • Left Mii: Grrr!
  • Right Mii: Hmph!
  • Middle Mii: Are you two all right?
  • Right Mii: Yes... (NTSC) / Er... yeah. (PAL)
  • Left Mii: Peachy. (NTSC) / Just fine! (PAL)
Jealousy event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Last Night The party member talks about how he/she can't sleep last night. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: *yawn*
  • Mii 1: Ugh, I'm so sleepy...
  • Mii 1: Last night I couldn't get to sleep at all!
  • Mii 1: I just kept going over things in my head.
  • Mii 1: I just wanna sleep!
  • Mii 2: ...
  • Mii 1: [Mii 2]...?
  • Mii 2: ...Zzzz...
  • Mii 1: Are you...sleeping?
Last Night Event.jpeg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Left Sleeping

A random ally ends up falling asleep in the middle of the journey, leaving him/her behind. The other party members wonder where that Mii is before getting ambushed by monsters.

During battles that take place after this event, the sleeping Mii won't show up until a few turns into the battle. However, even if the Mii doesn't show up when the battle ends, he/she will still gain EXP. If the Mii does show up during the battle, one of the other Miis will give resentment.

A Mii ends up sleeping, other party members wonder:
  • Left Mii: Hm?
  • Right Mii: Where's [Asleep Mii]?

Left sleeping event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Let's Be Quiet A Mii suggests to the other that they should quietly sneak past the tough monsters ahead, to which the other Mii exclaims (loudly) in agreement. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: Those monsters are really tough...
  • Mii 1: Let's try to sneak past.
  • Mii 2: (very loudly) GOOD IDEA!!
  • Mii 1: Whoa! Keep it down.
  • Mii 2: Sorry, sorry.
  • Mii 2: Got a bit carried away there. Heh...
Let s Be Quiet Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A party member is faced with two levers. You can only have them activate one lever (left or right).

The activated lever can result in either a snack falling down, the Mii dodging a boulder trap, or the Mii being damaged by said trap. The damage taken from the boulder is half the Mii's current HP.

Start of event:

Which lever will you pull?

Lever event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Lost The party think they've gotten lost in the middle of their exploration.

The conversation:

  • Mii 1: Are we lost?
  • Mii 3: Not at all! We're...erm... Yeah, we're lost.
  • Mii 2: Ah, it'll be all right. It always is.
  • Mii 4: As long as we keep moving, we'll end up somewhere.
  • Mii 1: That's...totally obvious and ridiculously unhelpful.
Lost event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Missing Diary A party member talks to another about that they forgot to bring their favorite diary at the inn.

The conversation:

  • Mii 1: Oh no! I've left something back at the inn!
  • Mii 2: What have you forgotten?
  • Mii 1: My diary...
  • Mii 2: I didn't know you kept a diary!
  • Mii 1: Yeah, I've been keeping it for ages!
  • Mii 1: It's still got the nice plastic wrap on it and all!
  • Mii 2: So... You don't actually write anything in it?
  • Mii 1: Are you supposed to?
  • Mii 2: Let's just go.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
MP Candy Talk Two random party members talk about MP Candy.

The conversation:

  • Left Mii: Hey...
  • Right Mii: Yeah?
  • Left Mii: I've been thinking, MP Candy... Those things are huge! I can't fit one in my mouth!
  • Right Mii: What do you mean? I just swallow them whole.
  • Left Mii: BUT HOW?

This MP Candy talk will never be taken out of context by anyone. Nope.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
MP Stands For... Two random party members wonder about what MP really stands for. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: Do you know what MP stands for?
  • Mii 2: Mutating ponies?
  • Mii 1: Wha- No. Why would it stand for mutating ponies?
  • Mii 2: You know... Magic and stuff. Transformations!
  • Mii 2: Magic Points. It stands for Magic Points.
MP Stands For Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
New Clothing Talk

One party member will compliment another's outfit, slightly boosting their friendship meter.

Dialogue depends on personality.

This event has a possibility to be triggered if you've recently bought a new clothing item for your party member(s).

Mii 1

  • Kind Mii: Those are new clothes, right? They look so good on you!
  • Energetic Mii: Ooh, is that a new outfit? You look super cute!
  • Laid-back Mii: Oh, I just noticed you're wearing a new outfit. You look pretty good!
  • Cool Mii: New clothes? Cool.
  • Stubborn Mii: Oh, new outfit? Hm, not bad!
  • Air-headed Mii: There's something different about you... Oh, the outfit! Looking good!
  • Cautious Mii: I'm gonna say... the outfit is new right? Love it!

Mii 2

  • Kind Mii: Teehee, thank you!
  • Energetic Mii: I know, right?!
  • Laid-back Mii: Hm, yeah, not bad.
  • Cool Mii: ...Meh.
  • Stubborn Mii: Ah, you caught me!
  • Air-headed Mii: Haha, yeah, I look pretty great!
  • Cautious Mii: Oh gosh, you're making me blush!

The compliments went down well!

New clothing talk event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Organic? A random party member comments about something smelling nice, which turns out to be the smell of an all-organic shampoo that another party member has used. They then have a brief chat about it, even though they have no idea what "organic" means.

The conversation:

  • Left Mii: *sniff sniff* Something smells nice!
  • Right Mii: Oh, you noticed? Yeah, I changed my shampoo. To a new one with all organic ingredients!
  • Left Mii: Organic ingredients?! Aren't you fancy!
  • Right Mii: If you say so...
  • Both: ... (Wonder what "organic" means...)
Organic event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
A Pep Talk The group decides to have a pep talk. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: On your marks!
  • Mii 2: Get set!
  • Mii 3: Readyyy!
  • Mii 4: BLAST OFF!
  • Mii 1: Erm...right.
  • Mii 1: This concludes today's group pep talk.
A Pep Talk Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

One party member is resting, while another is skipping from left to right and vice versa behind him/her. The resting Mii then attempts pranking the skipping Mii by distracting him/her with a surprise dance.

The skipping Mii either dances along or trips. If it's the former, both Miis laugh together and have their relationship meter slightly boosted. If it's the latter, either both Miis laugh like in the former case or possibly gain resentment. If in a quarrel with the former Mii, he/she will always trip and react angrier than usual to the situation.

The prank event, with the skipping Mii tripping.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Personal Experience One Mii wonders what it's like to have your face stolen by the Dark Lord, so another tells them from experience. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: I wonder what it feels like...
  • Mii 1: to have your face stolen.
  • Mii 2: It kind of tickles.
  • Mii 2: But it's a bit hard to breathe.
  • Mii 2: And your head goes all fuzzy...
  • Mii 2: It's kind of a warm, fluffy feeling.
  • Mii 1: Wow.
  • Mii 1: How do you know all this?
  • Mii 2: Oh, I don't. I was just using my imagination.
  • Mii 1: Ugh...
Personal Experience Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Rustling Grass

Some grass is rustling near a Mii. You'll be given an option to investigate it or leave it alone.

Investigating it will result in encountering either a monkey (drops HP Banana), a kitten (restore some of the Mii's MP), or monsters (forces battle and has the Mii investigating have a scared effect).

Leaving the grass alone won't result in anything.

Encountering some rustling grass:

*rustle rustle*

There's something here!

  • Mii: What can it be?

Investigate, finds kitten:

It's a kitten!

  • Mii: Here, kitty, kitty!


Some of the Investigating Mii's HP and MP is restored.

Investigate, finds monkey:

  • Mii: Wahhh! (startled by monkey)

The monkey dropped a half eaten HP Banana!

  • Mii: Don't mind if I do.

The party gains 1 HP Banana.

Investigate, finds monsters:

A monster jumped out!

The party encounters monsters. The Mii who investigated becomes fearful.

Leave it alone:

(nothing happens and the Mii ignores it)

A Mii wondering whether to investigate or leave the rustling grass alone.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Safe Spot Talk

Two random party members get into a conversation about staying in the Safe Spot.

The conversation:

  • Mii 1: I'm so tired, I could drop...
  • Mii 2: Well, you need a stay in the Safe Spot! You'll regain your strength bit by bit.
  • Mii 1: Great! Know what? I think I'll just stay in there.
  • Mii 2: No slacking off!
  • Mii 1: Hee hee hee!
Safe spot talk event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Singing A random party member begins singing briefly. Another party member wonders about the song. The singing Mii claims it's their original work, only for the other Mii to compare it to a particular monster's sounds.


  • Mii 1: Hum-diddly-dee! Da-dee-dee-dee! ♪
  • Mii 2: What on earth are you singing?
  • Mii 1: I wrote it myself!
  • Mii 1: It's a blend of jazz and avant-garde funk. Cool, huh?
  • Mii 2: There's something about it... I've heard it before.
  • Mii 1: But... I just made it up.
  • Mii 2: Ooh!
  • Mii 2: It sound like a bread baking.
  • Mii 1: ...Really? Huh. I never knew bread was so jazzy.


  • Mii 1: La-deedag! Doo-doo-la-la-laaa! ♪
  • Mii 2: What song is that?
  • Mii 1: I just made it up myself.
  • Mii 1: Pretty good, huh?
  • Mii 2: It seems so familiar...
  • Mii 1: No way! It's totally original!
  • Mii 2: Wait! I've got it!
  • Mii 2: Yep! It sounds just like a goblin screeching!
  • Mii 1: Thanks a lot...
Singing exploration event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A random number of Miis (1-4) begin to yawn, starting from the one on the front.

If only one Mii yawns, the second will ask if they are tired.

If two Miis yawn, both Miis will remark on being yawn buddies and their relationship meter will be slightly boosted.

If three Miis end up falling asleep, the party will be attacked by monsters. The battle that occurs will have those three Miis afflicted with the "sleep" ailment at the start.

If all four fall asleep from that, all of them will fully recover their HP and MP.

One Mii yawns

  • Mii 3: Are you tired?
  • Mii 4: Mm, a bit.

Two Miis yawn

  • Mii 3: Yawn buddies!
  • Mii 4: High five!

Three Miis yawn

  • Mii 1: Don't fall asleep! Wahhh, a monster!
Sleepy event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Snack Offer

One party member offers another his/her held snack. The latter eats it, healing him/her.

This slightly boosts the relationship meter of the two Miis.


  • Mii 1: Hey, [Mii 2]. Have a [snack].

[Mii 2] ate a(n) [snack]!

  • Mii 2: Thank you!
Snack offer event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Snack on Ground

A Mii finds a snack item on the ground, adding it to either his/her inventory or the Inn's storage if his/her inventory is full.

If you don't travel solo when you encounter this event, a random party member can be seen looking at the Mii picking up the snack. This second Mii doesn't do anything else, however.

Snack found:

  • Mii: Oh, there's something on the ground.
Snack on ground event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Snack Time A random party member decides to eat one of their held snacks before continuing the exploration.

There's a chance to Mii giving a snack to teammate, or sharing HP Banana with one or whole teammate.

The event:

  • Mii: Mind if I stop for a snack?

[Mii] ate an [snack]!

  • Mii: OK, let's get going!
Snack time event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Something on Mii

The Mii on the left begins thinking. The Mii on the right wonders if there's something on him/her. You can either make the left Mii say yes or pick "...".

Saying "Yeah!" gives one of two outcomes. Either the left Mii will get rid of a thread on the right Mii's shoulder, slightly boosting their friendship meter, or the left Mii says that there's a bug on the right Mii, causing him/her to get scared and run over the left Mii, damaging him/her.

Picking "..." will result in the left Mii simply commenting on the right Mii's appearance, followed with the latter's response.

The conversation:
  • Left Mii: ...
  • Right Mii: Is there something on me?

Yeah! (Thread):

  • Left Mii: There was a thread on your shoulder. It was driving me nuts.
  • Right Mii: Thanks!

Yeah! (Bug):

  • Left Mii: There's a bug on your clothes.
  • Right Mii: EEK!


  • Left Mii: I was just thinking about how cute/cool you are.
  • Right Mii (Positive): Oh! Nice.


  • Right Mii (Negative): ...Eww.

The start of the "Something on Mii" event.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Starving Two random party members end up starving, while a third Mii pretends to eat to trick their stomach into feeling full. A short conversation follows.

The conversation:

  • Mii 1: Urgh, I'm staaarving!
  • Mii 2: Me too!
  • Mii 3: Om nom nom nom...
  • Mii 1: I hope you brought some to share, [Mii 3]!
  • Mii 3: Oh, no, I'm just pretending to eat.
  • Mii 1: Wha-
  • Mii 2: Huh?
  • Mii 3: I'm trying to trick my stomach into feeling full!
  • Mii 2: This journey's taking a real mental toll on [Mii 3]...
  • Mii 1: Let's hope he'll/she'll last until we can get some grub at the next inn...
Starving event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Sudden Growling Miis prepare for a possible monster attack. The conversation:[growling is heard]
  • Mii 1: What was that?
  • Mii 1: I just heard something!
  • Mii 3: Yeah, me too! Kind of a low, growling sound.
  • Mii 1: Maybe it's a monster! Be careful, now...
  • Mii 2: Erm...
  • Mii 2: Actually, I just forgot to eat breakfast today...
  • Mii 1: Wow.
  • Mii 3: Again?
A Sudden Growling Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Tense Situation

Two party members become moody toward each other. Either the scene changes to show them fighting or you're given a prompt that appears briefly on the bottom screen.

If you're not given a prompt, either both Miis end up arguing and causing resentment towards each other, resulting in an instant quarrel, ("fight" relationship) or a third Mii will stop them from fighting.

This will either happen by merely telling them to stop (slightly boosts the friendship meter of the two Miis) or dividing his/her HP Banana and giving each piece to the two Miis (recovers the HP of both and boosts the friendship meters toward the third Mii).

Note there is a chance the third Mii will fail to calm the situation, resulting in that Mii getting yelled at instead. There is also a chance where the two Miis tell the third Mii to mind their own business, and while the two Miis will gain resentment towards the third Mii, they will make up and raise their friendship meter slightly.

If you receive a prompt, you can either tap the prompt or ignore it.

Tapping it will play the "mundane argument" scene as normal, but there's a chance that one of the Miis will be forgiven. If that's the case, a slight friendship boost is applied to both Miis, otherwise a resentment may occur.

If you ignore the prompt, the two Miis will simply continue walking without nothing else happening.

It's also possible that the horse can interfere with the tense situation and one of the miis will raise their relationship with the horse slightly.

The mood is tense after such a long journey.

  • Right Mii: Be careful/Watch it!
  • Left Mii: No, you be careful/watch it!
  • Right Mii: Grrr... Hmph!
  • Left Mii: Hmph!

Mundane Prompt:

  • Left Mii: Erm... Sorry about before.

Good outcome

  • Right Mii: No, it's my fault...

Their relationship has deepened!

Bad outcome [Right Mii] won't apologize!

  • Left Mii: Well, fine then!

Now things are worse!

Third Mii:

  • Middle Mii: Now guys...

Good outcome

  • Left Mii: I'm sorry.
  • Right Mii: Me too.

Bad outcome

  • Left Mii: Mind your own business!
  • Right Mii: Yeah, keep out of this!

[Middle Mii] got involved, and the two have somehow made up.

Third Mii (Banana):

  • Middle Mii: Now, now. Have a bite of this and calm down.
  • Right Mii: Ahh!
  • Left Mii: Thanks!
Tense situation event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

Similar to the cactus event, A party member gets so thirsty, he/she starts to lose focus. He/She then happens to find a bottle of "water". The player can choose if the Mii should drink it or if they have a certain personality that makes them drink it without a prompt.

Like the drink event, the bottle can contain water recovering the Mii with some HP, water recovering the Mii to full health (unless their HP is already full, in which they recover 0 HP instead), sand causing the Mii to take minor damage, or poison reducing the Mii to 1 HP. It’s also possible for the bottle to be empty, leaving the Mii in shock.


  • Mii: *huff puff*

[Mii] is thirsty.

  • Mii: What?

(Mii finds a bottle)

  • Mii: A bottle of water!

Without prompt:

  • Mii: I'm saved!

With prompt:

  • Mii: *sniff sniff* Urrggh...

If player chooses to drink:

  • Mii: Urk!

Water (some HP):

  • Mii: Mmm!

That hit the spot!

Water (full heal):

  • Mii: Ahhhhhh!

Full refreshment!


  • Mii: *cough cough*

It was full of sand.


  • Mii: ...Hurk!

It was poison...

Empty: It was empty...

  • Mii: You're joking, right?

If player chooses to not drink:

  • Mii: ...This is a bad idea.

Put the bottle in a bin.


Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Tired and Cranky A party member ends up falling into a puddle after an ally accidentally collided with him/her. Due to him/her being tired and cranky, this may cause resentment.

[Mii 1] is feeling tired and cranky.

(a random ally accidentally collides with the Mii, causing him/her to fall into a puddle)

  • Mii 2: Oops! Sooorrryyy!

[Mii 1] got angry with [Mii 2].

Tired and cranky event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Treasure Chest See Chest for this event's detailed information.

A small treasure chest.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Treasure Chest Talk Two random party members talk about treasure found in chests.

The conversation:

  • Left Mii: You know when you open the treasure chests... You can tell what's in them from the smell, right?
  • Right Mii: Totally! Especially those HP Bananas! Such a sweet, sweet smell.
  • Left Mii: Yeah, sweet.
  • Right Mii: And gold has a real metallic smell to it.
  • Left Mii: Yeah. So metallic.
  • Right Mii: Wonder what treasure we'll get next...
  • Left Mii: Yeah, I wonder.
Treasure chest talk event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

A party member ends up tripping on the ground. Either an ally goes to help the tripped Mii or you're given a prompt.

If it's the former, the ally can either get the Mii back up or end up tripping as well (both Miis then laugh afterwards). This slightly boosts the friendship meter.

If it's the latter, the chosen ally either helps out or doesn't notice, resulting in another ally helping instead. This also slightly boosts the friendship meter between the Miis involved.

Tripped event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
War Cry

Requires at least one Mii without a war cry.

A random party member asks another if they have a war cry. Options given include "Of course!" and "Not really".

Answering with "Of course!" will give you a prompt to fill in that Mii's war cry, similar with the War Cry editor in the Party menu. Canceling the prompt will skip to the "Not really" dialogue.

Answering with "Not really" won't do anything.

The conversation:

  • Right Mii: So, [Left Mii], do you have a war cry that you use in battle?

Of course!:

  • Right Mii: Do tell!

Give [Left Mii] a war cry!

If filled:

  • Left Mii: [War cry]
  • Right Mii: That's nice!/Ho ho!/That fits you so well!

Not really:

  • Left Mii: Nah, never really thought about it before.
  • Right Mii: Oh, I see...
War cry event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Water Bottle Incident A Mii accuses two other Miis of drinking all of their water. The conversation:
  • Mii 1: Hey!
  • Mii 1: My water bottle's totally empty!
  • Mii 1: Grrr...
  • Mii 1: Which one of you drank my water?
  • Mii 2: Not me!
  • Mii 3: Not me!
  • Mii 1: Hm...
  • Mii 1: Oh yeah!
  • Mii 1: Now that I think about it, I drank it myself yesterday!
  • Mii 2: What?
  • Mii 3: That's just wrong.
Water Bottle Incident Event.JPG


These events will only trigger if you have a guest Mii from the Travelers' Hub and are usually dependent on the guest Mii's personality.

Event Description Dialogue Picture(s)
Artist Tripped

Requires the guest to be an Artsy-Fartsy Mii.

The guest party member admires the view and thinks about painting their magnum opus there, only for them to trip. Your Mii then helps them get up. As their thanks, they reward your Mii with a snack.

The event:
  • Artsy-Fartsy Mii: What a magnificent vista! I bet I could paint my magnum opus out here!

(the Mii trips)

  • Player Mii: Are you OK?
  • Artsy-Fartsy Mii: Oh, thank you! I just wasn't looking where I was going. Here's something for being so nice!
Artist tripped event.jpg

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Battle Tips

Requires the guest to be a Kung Fu Mii.

The guest party member will offer to help your Mii work out. If the Mii chooses to do so, they will work out and get some random grub from the guest.

The conversation:
  • Kung Fu Mii: You look like you'd like some tips in physical combat.
  • Kung Fu Mii: Ready to feel the burn?

If Yes:

(Player Mii starts to do sit-ups while the Kung Fu Mii coaches them on until the other Mii is out of breath)

  • Player Mii: *huff* *puff*
  • Kung Fu Mii: You did great!
  • Kung Fu Mii: You'd better have something to eat after all that!
Traveler Workout Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Cool Pose

Requires the guest to be a Punster Mii.

The guest party member will start doing some random poses. If your Mii asks what they are doing, the guest will tell them they're trying to find a cool pose and ask your Mii to join them.
If the Mii joins in, they will pose along with them and regain some MP.

Even if you choose to not ask, your Mii will attempt posing anyway, though it doesn't do anything in that case.

(the Traveler does a variety of poses as the Player Mii looks on)

If your Mii asks:

  • Player Mii: So...this thing you're doing...
  • Traveler: I'm trying to discover my cool pose.

(Traveler continues posing)

  • Traveler: Come on, you should find one too.

If Yes: (both Miis start doing some poses together)

[Player Mii] suddenly feels awesome!

If your Mii doesn't ask:

  • Player Mii: ...
Traveler Cool Pose Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Gift of Gab

Requires the guest to be a Chatty Mii.

The guest party member will chat with your Mii, but said guest talks so much your Mii ends up falling asleep.

After the event, the affected Mii will fully heal his/her HP.

The conversation:

[Chatty Mii] has the gift of gab.

(chat continues, causing the player's Mii to fall asleep)

  • Player Mii: Wuh...

But sometimes he/she goes on and on...

  • Chatty Mii: Huh? Are you even listening?

The beginning of the event.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures

Requires the guest to be a Bookworm Mii.

The guest party member considers the leader Mii interesting and wants to ask for an interview.

Saying "Yes" will make the leader Mii speak about the happiest moment in his/her life. After that, the player will be rewarded with either grub or Snacks.

The conversation:

  • Bookworm Mii: You are a most interesting person. Would you be interested in giving an interview?

If Yes:

[Player Mii] spoke about the happiest moment in his/her life.

  • Bookworm Mii: That sounds wonderful! Thank you kindly for your time! Here's something for your trouble!

A snippet of the event with grub as the reward. (images by Cʅαɯ Pҽɾʂσɳ)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Self-Massage Requires the guest to be a Sporty Mii.

The guest party member does a self-massage and offers the Player Mii to give it a try. Doing so will make the Player Mii regain some MP afterwards.

The conversation:
  • Sporty Mii: (starts rubbing their head and moving to the sides)
  • Player Mii: What's up?
  • Sporty Mii: Just massaging myself.
  • Sporty Mii: Sometimes it relaxes me if I'm really tuckered out.
  • Player Mii: Is that so?
  • Sporty Mii: Why don't you give it a try?

If Yes: (The Player Mii does the same motions from before) [Player Mii] recovered MP!

  • Player Mii: It worked!
Traveler Self Massage Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Mock Snack Requires the guest to be a Innovator Mii.

An Innovator Mii messes with the Player Mii.

The conversation:
  • Player Mii: What do we have here?

(Player Mii picks up a snack)

  • Player Mii: Come to papa/mama!

(Player Mii tries to take a bite out of it but gets hurt)

  • Player Mii: Argh! What-
  • Innovator Mii: Ta-da! I made it myself. What do you think?

(Player Mii becomes angry)

  • Innovator Mii: Sorry...
  • Innovator Mii: I didn't think you'd actually...you know...EAT the thing.
  • Innovator Mii: Here. Take the real thing as an apology.

(Innovator Mii hands the Player Mii a snack)

  • Player Mii: Come to papa/mama!

(Player Mii tries to take a bite out of it but gets hurt again)

  • Player Mii: Argh! What-

(Player Mii looks over to the Innovator Mii, who gives an aside glance)

(Player Mii becomes angry again and the Innovator Mii shuffles away)

The image speaks for itself.

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Momentous Thoughts

Requires the guest to be an Orator Mii.

The guest party member will talk about some important thoughts they need to express and loudly exclaim how nice the Player Mii is. After the event, the Player Mii will either become prideful and recover some MP or get embarrassed and nothing will happen.

The conversation:
  • Traveler: Sometimes what I'm thinking is so momentous...
  • Traveler: I have to shout it out in my momentous-thoughts voice.
  • Player Mii: Oh yeah?
  • Traveler: Yeah. Check it out!
  • Traveler: Listen up, everyone!
  • Traveler: [Player Mii] here is the NICEST PERSON YOU'LL EVER MEET!!
  • Traveler: He/She always says yes TO THE SLIGHTEST LITTLE REQUEST!


  • Traveler: Listen up, everyone!
  • Traveler: You better not MESS with the BRAVE and HEROIC [Player Mii] here!!


  • Player Mii: Hehe, I don't know if I'd go that far, but...

A surge of pride made [Player Mii] recover MP!


  • Player Mii: Well, that was a little embarrassing...
Traveler Momentous Thoughts Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Musical Performance

Requires the guest to be a Virtuoso Mii.

The guest party member will say they know how to play a musical instrument and ask if the other Mii wants to hear a sample of it.

If they listen, the affected Mii will either restore some MP or take damage after the event depending on how the tune is played.

The conversation:
  • Virtuoso Mii: Did you know I play a musical instrument?
  • Player Mii: Oh? That's cool!
  • Virtuoso Mii: Do you want to hear a little?

If Yes:

  • Virtuoso Mii: Close your eyes and prepare to be transported!

Small, pleasant tune:

  • Virtuoso Mii: *sigh* How nice!

Horrible tune:

  • Player Mii: (That was THE worst thing I've ever heard...)
Traveler Performance Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Packing Lunch Requires the guest to be a Culinarian Mii.

The Culinarian Mii has difficulty trying to carry the lunches they brought and offer the Player Mii to help take half.

If the Player Mii takes half, the Culinarian Mii will give the Player Mii some random Grub for helping.

The conversation:
  • Culinarian Mii: This is getting tough...
  • Player Mii: What's up?
  • Culinarian Mii: I've brought too many lunches, and now they're really heavy...

[Offer to take half?] If Yes:

  • Culinarian Mii: Hey, thanks!
  • Culinarian Mii: Why don't you keep one for yourself?

(Player Mii obtains some random grub)

Traveler Packing Lunch Event.JPG

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Singing Performance Requires the guest to be a Singing Mii.

The Singing Mii claims they are good at singing. The player is then offered to listen to a short sample.

If "Yes" is chosen, the Singing Mii then shows off their singing. If it sounds great, the leader Mii will recover both HP and MP. If it is bad, the leader Mii will take damage.

The conversation:
  • Singing Mii: You know, I'm pretty good at singing.
  • Player Mii: Oh? That's cool!
  • Singing Mii: Would you like a little sample?

Yes, positive outcome:

  • Player Mii: I expected it to be good, but not that good!

[Player Mii] was soothed by some beautiful singing!

Yes, negative outcome:

  • Player Mii: Somebody help me.

The event with positive outcome. (images by Cʅαɯ Pҽɾʂσɳ)

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Spare Snacks

Requires the guest to be a Gourmet Mii.

The Gourmet Mii begins to get hungry and then remembers that he/she still has some snacks. You can either take the offer or not.

If "Yes" is chosen but the given snacks actually have gone bad, your Mii involved in this event will take damage.

The conversation:

  • Gourmet Mii: So hungry... Oh, that's right! I forgot I had some spare snacks. Do you want some?

Yes, but snack is spoiled:

The spare [snack] had gone bad...

  • Gourmet Mii: Ugh, maybe these should have been eaten sooner...


  • Gourmet Mii: Uhm... are your ears broken?
Spare snacks event.jpg

The bad result of the event

Event Description Dialogue Pictures
Vocal Exercise Requires the guest to be a Thespian Mii.

The Thespian Mii decides to take a break and do a vocal exercise. You can either give it a try or not. The player Mii can recover some HP or MP.

If the Player Mii says "Yes," but results in coughing, the Thespian Mii will immediately stop and minor damage will be taken from the player Mii.

The conversation:
  • Thespian Mii: Mi mi mi mi miii! Moo moo mooo!
  • Thespian Mii: Aaah, nothing like a good vocal exercise!
  • Thespian Mii: Wanna try?


  • Thespian Mii: All right!
  • Thespian Mii: Three, two, one...
  • Both: Mi mi mi mi miii! Moo moo mooo!

If HP: [Player Mii] recovered HP!

If MP: [Player Mii] recovered some MP!

Yes, but results in coughs:

  • Thespian Mii: All right!
  • Thespian Mii: Three, two, one...
  • Player Mii: Mii miiaaaa-ouuuughh!! *cough cough cough* Oh, crumbs...
  • Thespian Mii: Mi mi mi mi miii! Moo moo mooo!

Maybe [Player Mii] shouldn't quit his/her day job.

  • Thespian Mii: Are you OK!?
Vocal exercise.jpg

Failed Vocal Excercise

Outing Events

Main article: Outings/Events

Roles in Miitopia: Casting Call

Some events are shown in Miitopia: Casting Call, most of them being in the Camaraderie trailer, for the purpose of showing the bond between the Mage and the Cleric. However, Camaraderie mostly dramatizes the scenarios to make a stronger impact. Events are nowhere featured in the Chosen Ones trailer.

The Camaraderie trailer starts off with a scenario similar to the Tripped event. The Mage, while skipping, trips. The Cleric then decides to help them out, leading the two to start their friendship. The two start off with the Exercise event, followed by the Present Event where the Mage gives the Cleric a present. Eventually, the Cleric asks the Mage who their Favorite Person is, to which the latter playfully doesn't answer. Both the Cat and the Warrior stalk these events.

Nevertheless, the events that follow will eventually lead to the Mage and the Cleric's quarrel. The Warrior is seen giving a present to the Cleric, to which the Mage sees. The Mage then reenacts the Tripped event happening like in the beginning of the trailer, except that it happens during sunset and the Cleric doesn't help the Mage. Instead, they are seen laughing alongside the Warrior. After gaining full resentment towards the Cleric, the Mage then trips over the former, similarly to the Tired and Cranky event, except that on this scenario, it was on purpose.

During the end of the Camaraderie trailer, everything is resolved, and the Mage and the Cleric reminisce the events that have come and go during their journey. Similar to the Otherworld event Any Regrets?, the former asks the latter if they have anything they want to get off their chest before the final battle approaches. The Cleric is about to say it, but in the end, prefers to keep it in until it all comes to an end. The two then look at each other endearingly.

There is one event that is shown in the Venture Forth trailer, similar to the New Clothing Talk event. The Cat complements the Cleric's appearance, leading the latter to get embarrassed.


  • A Stubborn Mii will be referred to as the gender of the Kind Mii in a Kind Mii's reaction to his/her Friend Mail, regardless of his/her actual gender. This was not fixed in the Nintendo Switch port.
  • Interestingly, the "Cactus" and "Blackout" events can be triggered in New Lumos despite the city being always night, raining, and glowing with city lights. However, the "Blackout" event could be implying that the city is in a power outage thus all the lights turning off.
    • Interestingly, the "Blackout" event also occurs in Dark Lord's Castle, despite the castle occasionally has thunder flashes outside.
  • A Stubborn or Cautious Mii will not do their level up pose from the "Friend Mail" event.
  • The music used for the fond memory event is a sped up version of a random stage theme.
  • During the "Singing" Inn event, the song the Miis sing if the right Mii joins in is "The Princess's Theme".
  • During most events during quests, special tunes are added to the music.
  • During the "Rumor" Inn event, the right Mii will always have the left Mii's talking sound after the left Mii finishes whispering, regardless of his/her actual personality. This was not fixed in the Nintendo Switch port.



Friend Mail

Finding a letter

Letter reactions

From top to bottom, going down left first, then right: Kind, Laid-back, Stubborn, Cautious, Energetic, Cool and Airheaded.

Miitopia: Casting Call


Venture Forth