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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

Energetic personality action.

Energetic (Japanese: げんき Genki; "Cheerful") is a personality in Miitopia, giving the Mii various energy-based quirks.


Quirk name Description Activation rate First time picture
Charge The Mii charges and deals 1.3x more damage, however they end up tripping and inflicting 2 points of damage to themselves. 10%

3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Cheer The Mii cheers for another Mii whose MP is very low, giving them some MP back and boosting their relationship meter. It works once per Energetic Mii per battle. 30%

3DS version

Nintendo Switch version

Hang On The Mii, after taking fatal damage, gets back up to fight again with 1 HP remaining. 50%

3DS version

HNI 0024-0.JPG

Nintendo Switch version

Outside battle

  • Energetic Miis will drink a bottle of "water" with no interruption from the player during the "drink" event. This also happens if they happen to find a bottle containing unknown liquid (unless they say it smells funny).
  • Energetic Miis' idle animation is a lot more bouncy compared to other personalities'.
  • When a Mii's face is about to be put on a monster, Energetic Miis will jump up and down and flail their arms. This shares the same animation as Laid-back Miis.


  • "Woop woop!" (Not selected)
  • "Woo-hoo!" (Selected)
  • "Go go go!" (Starting adventure)
  • "Whoa!" (War cry event response)
  • "Ooh, is that a new outfit? You look super cute!" (US) / "Ooh, is that a new outfit? You look super snazzy!" (EU) (Complimenting for new Clothing)
  • "I know, right?!" (Complimented for new Clothing)
  • ”Bottoms up!” (Potion drinking event)
  • "Ack! Something in my pocket!" (Friend Mail event, feels mail in pocket)
  • "BOO! Did I scare you? Anyway, I sent you a little pick-me-up. Enjoy!" (Mailing a friend)
    • "No need to get on my case, (Mii)!" (Receiving letter, Kind Mii)
    • "Hahaha! Oh, (Mii)." (Receiving letter, Laid-back Mii)
    • "Yeah! Whatever it takes, (Mii!)" (Receiving letter, Stubborn Mii)
    • "I'll make good use of it!" (Receiving letter, Cautious Mii)
    • "Yeesh! Don't scare me like that, (Mii)!" (Receiving letter, Energetic Mii)
    • "Of course I want it! Silly (Mii)!" (Receiving letter, Cool Mii)
    • "I'll give it back then! ...Maybe!" (Receiving letter, Air-headed Mii)
  • "Yeah! I'm ready for this!" (Standing guard at camp)
  • "WAKE UUUP!!!" (Camp event, ambushed)
  • "Hey, you're up!" (Camp event, Greeting good morning)
  • "How's it looking?" (Camp event, waking up to a Mii who stayed awake)
  • "Don't sleep on the job!" (Camp event, waking up to a sleeping Mii)
  • "I thought you might be feeling lonely..." or "Hey, still awake?" (Camp event, joining a Mii stand guard)
  • "You're up early, (Mii)!" (Camp event, two Miis quietly kept watch)
  • "So this is where you were!" (Camp event, two miis chatted long into the night)
  • "Huhhhh!" or "Yaaaa!" (Using a regular attack)
  • "Yippee!" (Defeated monster)
  • "Spit me out!" (In a Mii-eating monster)
  • "Hold on, (Mii)!" (Reacting to teammate being in a Mii-eating monster)
  • "I'm out!" (Out of a Mii-eating monster)
  • "Hang in there!" / "We've got this!" (US) / "We're winning!" (EU) / "Come on, people!" (US) / "Come on people!" (EU) / "The enemy's tired too!" (US) / "The enemy's tired, too!" (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu)
  • "There's still some fight left in me!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and has low HP)
  • "Then I'll just take care of this myself!" (exiting the Safe Spot menu when all teammates are fallen)
  • "CHAAAARGE!" / "Lemme at 'em!" / "Here I go!" (Exiting the Safe Spot menu on a solo adventure)
  • "I'm still standing!" (exiting the safe spot menu on a solo adventure with low HP)
  • "No way!" (When exiting the safe spot menu and is in a cranky state)
  • "Grrarrr!" (When exiting the safe spot and is in an angered state)
  • "HAH-haaa!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in an excited state)
  • "Waaaaah!" (US) / "Waaaah!" (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a crying state)
  • "Ahahaha!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a laughing state)
  • "Yahoo!" (US) / "Yahoo!!!" (EU) (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and is in a gleeful state)
  • "The one that got (Mii) is mine!" (When exiting the Safe Spot menu and a teammate has fallen)
  • "Let's go! Ouch!" (Charge quirk)
  • "Come on, (Mii)!" (Cheer quirk)
  • "No... I can still do it!" (Male Hang On quirk)
  • "No... Not giving up!" (Female Hang On quirk)
  • "Ah, no..." (Defeated)
  • "You did it, (Mii)!" (Praise assist)
  • "No HP Bananas/MP Candies!" (US) / "No HP Bananas/MP Sweets!!!" (EU) (Out of HP Bananas or MP Candies)
  • "Here, have this!" (Charity assist)
  • "How dare you!" (Avenge assist)
  • "Whew!" (Cleaning event)
  • "I want to help!" (Cleaning with another Mii)
  • "I admire your work ethic!" (US) / "Nice work ethic!" (EU) (Watching a Mii cleaning)
  • "You're doing great!" (US) / "You're doing brilliantly!" (EU) (Cleaning event, cheering on the sidelines)
  • "Totally got you a present! Take it, take it!" (Giving a present)
  • "Ooh, gimme gimme!" (Accepting a present)
  • "Oho!" (US) / "O-ho!" (EU) (Present event, kind of likes it)
  • "Wahoo!" (US) / "Wahey!" (EU) (Present event, very pleased)
  • "Wow!" (US) / "Wowzy yowzy!!!" (EU) (Present event, amazed)
  • "Ack!" (Present event, dislikes it)
  • "Eek!" (Present event, hates it)
  • "Tralala!" or "Ohhh, whoa whoa whoa!" (Singing event)
  • "Yeah, yeahhhh!" (Singing event, joining in)
  • "Ooh, fun!" (Singing event, cheering)
  • "THANK you!!" (US) /"Thank you!!!" (EU) (Getting revived/healed by another teammate)
  • "Yeah!" (US) / "Yeah!!!" (EU) (Face saved)


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese げんき
Cheerful, vital.
French Énergique Energetic.
German Aktiv Active.
Italian Energico Energetic.
Spanish Vivaz (US)

Firme (EU)
Vivacious (US), steadfast (EU).
Korean 활발
Dutch Energiek Energetic.
Chinese 元气 (CN)

元氣 (TW)