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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

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"An elf of the forest, armed with the power of an enchanted bow."

- Job Description

Elf Description

The Elf (エルフ; Elf) is a secret job in Miitopia. In order to unlock it, you must acquire the Elven Charm. The player can find this at the end of Galados Isle in the secret grotto. They are a "jack-of-all-trades" sort of job. They can do almost anything the other jobs can do, although not as potent.

Their weapon of choice is the Bow.

Their clothing is called Raiments.

They can attack one or all enemies, deal splash damage, put up barriers, counter direct attacks, and even heal HP AND MP. However, they cannot ressurect team members, which is a choice obviously done to not give the Elf too many powerful skills. Their main drawback, however, is their sluggish speed and low max HP. They will need to be healed far more often than most other jobs.

The Elf's default attack is single target only.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 9 188 287
MP 9 156 255
Attack 9 99 420
Magic 5 93 291
Defense 6 95 407
Speed 6 57 156


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Base power Attack/Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Dancing Arrow Lv. 9 8 "Shoot an enemy with an arrow that can cause chronic dance fever." - 1.3 (A) 20% Can lock an enemy into dancing if used repeatedly. Bosses can not be affected by the chronic dance fever.
Healing Melody Lv. 12 23 "Play a gentle melody that heals the party's wounds. (Magic)" 3 0.4 (M) 20%
Enchanted Arrows Lv. 17 18 "Hit an enemy plus those on either side with arrows of light. (Magic)" 12 1.3 (M) 20% Hits 3 monsters max, main target suffers most damage.
Forest Aegis Lv. 22 3 "Place a barrier in front of a friend to reduce all kinds of damage. (Magic)" - - 20% Halves all incoming damage, similar to the Mage's "Barrier" skill. Can target self. Overrides the effects of Shield Sprinkles.
Counter Arrow Lv. 26 2 "Shoot an arrow at an enemy to stop it from attacking a friend. (Auto)" - 0.3 (A) 10% Only protects against regular physical attacks. (10% chance)
Forest's Blessing Lv. 31 15 "Resonate with the forest to restore MP to a friend. (Magic)" 10 0.2 (M) 20% Just like Forest Aegis, you can target yourself.
Hail of Arrows Lv. 34 32 "Rain arrows of light down from high, hitting all enemies. (Magic)" 100 1.15 (M) 20%


  • The Fab Fairies that assist the player are this job. The youngest uses Dancing Arrow, the middle uses Counter Arrow and the eldest uses Healing Melody.
    • Their weapons, respectively, are the Sprite Bow, Hunter Bow, and Silver Bow.
  • Oddly, if an Elf has their weapon stolen, (from a Mummy or similar enemy) they will still use a weak hand slap attack. Contrast to the Tank, who cannot attack having their weapon stolen because they have no ammo.
  • Like the Pop Star, Elf's also have unique animation for each skill/attack they use. Except Counter Arrow, in which it will play out like the Sacrifice assist.
    • If the Mii is aiming with the bow, it will use the default attack.
    • If the Mii is jumping up and down while winking, it will use Dancing Arrow.
    • If the Mii is positioning their bow like a harp, it will use Healing Melody.
    • If the Mii have both their hands up in the air with their eyes closed, it will use either Forest Aegis or Forest's Blessing.
    • If the Mii has their right arm raised 90 degrees and the other hand on the hip, it will use either Enchanted Arrows or Hail of Arrows.
  • An Elf's dialogue changes depending on the skill used.
    • For "Forest Aegis" the Mii will say "Power of the forest! Please protect Mii's name." (US) / "Hear me, o Great Forest! Protect Mii's name!" (EU).
    • While using "Forest's Blessing", the Mii will say "Forest! (US) / Hear me, o Great Forest! (EU)", followed by "Blessings be upon Mii's name!"
    • If using "Enchanted Arrows" , the Mii will say "Ready!" before attacking.
    • If using "Hail of Arrows" , the Mii will say "Power of light!" (US) / "Hearken to me, o Light!" (EU) before attacking.
  • The Elf is tied with the Chef for having the lowest base max HP among all jobs, at 9.
  • This is the only job that cannot be obtained during the main story.
  • Similar to the Tank, when other party members use Lend A Hand, the elf will shoot two or more arrows instead of simply attacking together with the other members.