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Eerie Road (Japanese: ブキミな道 Bukimina Michi) is an area located east of Peculia. It follows a similar course structure as Karkaton Peak with mist swirling above the sky, and Manor Macabre can be seen in the background. The bottom of the background also emits a bright green glow. It is accessible via traveling through the white swirling portals.

It is visited while hunting for the Sky Scraper Jewels, as the Right Eye Jewel is in the possession of a Cat searching for their pet dog Toby.

After that, it is no longer needed to be visited.



Travelers' Hub quest only

Level 29-31 quests

Level 32-34 quests

Level 50 quests

Areas around Eerie Road


  • This is one of the two maps whose background music has two separate tracks, the other being Castle View.


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