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The Easin Hills (Japanese: のどかな平原 Nodoka-na Heigen; Calm Field) is a grassy plain dotted with rocky slab hills rising out of the ground and lazy zig-zag clouds casting their shadows across the fields. It takes up the majority of the first area of the game, and is one of the playable areas available in the demo.

Featuring weak enemies such as Rock Moths, it is designed to allow new players to get a grip on the game before moving on to more powerful foes. However, it also has a random dungeon containing far tougher foes due to it being relegated to the post-game. It is required to interact with the Nintendo Fan there at least once to open the path to said random dungeon if the player has not done so by the time they received a Travelers' Hub quest taking place at Easin Hills.

In the Nintendo Switch version, the horse is found in Easin Hills after saving the Greenhorne town, before the player can show Mayor's Introduction to the Serious Soldier.


Travelers' Hub quests only

Rank III (Level 29)

Only accessible via Youngest Fab Fairy’s Level 29 quest. The game randomly picks a set of monsters from the following list.

Rank VII (Level 41 - 43)

Rank X (Level 50)


Stage 1

A straight path. Has 3 battles. During the first visit, the second battle will always be 2 Rock Moths. Gives 8-10 EXP.

Battle 1 - Rock Moth

Battle 2 - Rock Moth, Goblin / Rock Moth x2

Battle 3 - Goblin, Rock Moth / Goblin

Stage 2

A straight path. Has 2 battles. During the first visit, you fight Butterfly "Carefree Guide". Gives 14-16 EXP on the first visit, and 8-12 EXP on subsequent visits.

Battle 1 - Goblin x2 / Rock Moth, Goblin / Goblin, Rock Moth x2

Battle 2 - Butterfly "Carefree Guide" (first visit) / Goblin, Rock Moth x2 / Goblin x2

Stage 3

A forking path. It has 2-3 battles. The upper path is labeled "Tough Path", and the lower path is labeled "Easy Path". The chest on the upper path contains 195G. The chest on the lower path contains Goblin Ham ★★. Gives 8-12 EXP, depending on which path is taken.

Battle 1 - Rock Moth x2

Battle 2 - Goblin x4 (Tough Path) / Goblin x2 (Easy Path)

Battle 3 (Easy Path only) - Rock Moth

Stage 4

A T-shaped path. It has 1-2 battles. The path on the left leads to the stage where Rocky "Sarcastic Guy" is fought. The path on the right leads to a chest stage. The chest on the left path contains 3 Game Tickets. Gives 10 or 28 EXP.

Battle 1 - Cumulus x2 (Left path) / Rock Moth x2, Cumulus (Right path)

Battle 2 - Cumulus x2, Goblin x2 (Left path)

Stage 5

A straight path. It has 1 battle. During the first visit, you fight Rocky "Sarcastic Guy" as well as 2 Cumuli. Gives 47 EXP on the first visit, and 14 EXP on subsequent visits.

Battle 1 - Rocky "Sarcastic Guy", Cumulus x2 (first visit) / Cumulus x2, Rock Moth / Cumulus x2, Goblin

Chest Stage

A straight path. It has 1 battle. The stage contains a golden chest, which gives either a new weapon or new clothing for a party member. Gives 6 EXP.

Battle 1 - Rock Moth x3

Areas around Easin Hills


  • The name "Easin" stems from the phrase "to ease in", which references it being one of the first areas and part of the tutorial, as it is the first place where the player adventures through and learns to battle in.


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