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Dominic (simply ドラゴン (Dragon) in Japanese) is a character in Miitopia.

After defeating him in the Dark Lord's castle, the player will save Dominic, a kind dragon who had been possessed by the Dark Lord's power. After defeating the Dark Lord, Dominic will allow the hero and their team to ride on his back and travel to all accessible areas via the world map. After defeating the Darkest Lord, Dominic will be able to take you to Galados Isle and New Lumos.


Dominic's appearance seems to be based on a mix of European dragons (large horned lizard creature with bat-like wings) and Eastern dragons (particularly the Chinese or Japanese depiction due to the serpentine body shape). Dominic has a pair of green horns on his head, gray-colored spots on his forehead, black beady eyes, large bat-like wings with blue undersides and darker blue spots on said side, four legs with three green claws each (his back legs are noticeably shorter than his front), green short spines that grow from his back to his tail, and two large overbites. His color scheme is primarily white with a light blue underside.

While under the Dark Lord's control, Dominic's white color turns to a gray color, while his spines and horns become cyan as opposed to green. On his eyes are a pair of frowning Mii eyes that never change.



Very little of Dominic's past is given when he is encountered, with the only known information being that he was once brainwashed by the Dark Lord and placed as a guardian of his castle.


The party encountering Dominic, who is under the Dark Lord's control.

Prior to encountering the Dragon, the party argues amongst themselves whether Dragons exist or not, commonly believing that they are from fairy-tales. It is soon after that an actual Dragon appears before them, initiating a battle. In-battle, the Dragon is a powerful adversary, being able to breathe fire on the entire party or roar at them, causing them to become frightened. After a tough battle, the Dragon is defeated, turning Dominic back to normal.


  • After you defeat the Dragon
    • "Where am I? Oh dear, this is embarrassing..."
    • "I'm Dominic. I'm a dragon, of course."
    • "I don't know what happened... But I think I made a mess of things... terribly sorry..."
    • "Stomping around can be very tiring!"
    • "Night night!"
    • "Mmm... Oh!"
    • "You helped me! Thank you very much!"
  • After The Dark Curse possesses the Great Sage
    • "You look sad. Are you sad?"
    • "Ahh, I see... the Darker Lord, is it?"
    • "I can help! I like helping!"
    • "Hi again."
    • "Hop on!"

While talking about the Travelers' Hub

  • "Have you heard of the Travelers' Hub?"
  • "You can find people from all corners of the world there."
  • "I bet someone there might be able to help."
  • "Great view, right?"
  • "Hmm... yes, that's quite the pickle indeed..."
  • "The clue's in the name really. It's a place for travelers to gather."
  • "Oh, so you've heard of it?"
  • "Guess I don't need to explain it then!"
  • "It's a good place to start. We might hear some useful travel gossip."

While taking your party to the Sky Scraper

  • "What's this now?"
  • "Ah, erm, this *Great Sage*... this person was originally a friend of yours, right?"
  • "Are you really going to be able to fight your friend?" (Yes or No)
  • (Yes) "...I see. I can tell you're determined to see this through."
  • (No) "It's a tough choice... So, you have no choice."
  • "Well then, I'll take you down. Good luck *protagonist Mii*."


Dominic appearing in Nightmare Tower.

  • In the game's launch trailer from Nintendo of Europe, one clip shows Dominic being battled in Nightmare Tower. This is likely an error, as the Dragon is never encountered in Nightmare Tower, neither in the main game nor the post-game.
    • This could, however, also mean that Dominic was originally intended to appear much earlier in the game, possibly acting as travel between all areas after Greenhorne.
  • Notably he is the only character in the entire game whose name cannot be chosen.
  • He's named "Pituso" in both Latin and Castillian Spanish.
  • He is the only friendly Dragon to appear in the game.
    • He is also the only Major NPC to be a monster, and one of three Monsters to be shown Docile, the other being a Griffin in Karkaton Ascent, and a few Rock Moths in the beginning of the game (Not counting the Dark Lord or The Darker Lord). Though unlike the others he shown to be hostile first, then docile.


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