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The Darker Lord's Domain is the final stage of Otherworld. This is where the player faces The Darkest Lord. This stage is one of the only stages where the player can fight the boss after the first run through or story event.

It takes the appearance of outer space, albeit with a noticeable purple hue. The ground is made of scattered rocks, and planets and stars can be seen in the background, with what is assumed to be the planet of Miitopia on the underside.


  • Defeat the Darker Lord.


  • UFO (Outings only)

Areas around Darker Lord's Domain


  • The Tower of Dread Apex is visually similar to this area, but with a green hue rather than purple.
  • The Darker Lord's Domain is the shortest area in the game, as it is just a boss with no other enemies or treasure.
  • It is also the only stage never registered as complete; if the player reenters the stage, it will show the line cut off and no Inn.


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