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Darker Lord's Annex (Japanese: 超魔王のかくし部屋 Chou-maou no Kakushi-beya; Darker Lord’s Hidden Room) is a random dungeon located in Otherworld. Only certain quests allow the player access to this area. This dungeon contains tougher monsters as expected for a post-game dungeon.


Level 29-31 quests

Level 41-44 quests

Level 50 quests

Areas around Darker Lord's Annex


  • This is one of the random dungeons that have their own unique name.
  • The Darker Lord's domain, which is explored during the main story, is visually identical to this area and has the same music, except the player typically only sees it for a short amount of time as the final battle sequence initiates shortly after entering. This area can be explored in much more detail.


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