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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.

The Dark Sun (Japanese: 異世界の太陽 Isekai no Taiyou; The Sun of Another World) is a boss found in New Lumos in the 8th District and is the eighth and final boss of the Tower of Dread as well as the final boss of the Nintendo 3DS version of Miitopia as a whole.

The Medal "Extinguished" is gained by defeating it.

It can also be fought daily on its own when defeated.


It looks like the Darkest Lord, albeit colored cyan (silver in the Switch version). It has one Mii eye and mouth on its face and several Mii parts on its "medals" between the spikes.

The glow behind it is now black, and it does not have a whole face.


Action Description
Attack Inflicts heavy damage on one party member.
Dark Hole A dark hole heavily damages the entire party.
One More Time! (auto) Uses actions twice per turn.
Call Servant Calls a Medal. Can be used infinitely until the second phase.
Nightmare Lures one Mii into a nightmare. Not used in the second form.
Asteroids Attacks random Mii characters five times. Not used in the first form.
Big Bang

The boss grins before unleashing a huge flash that reduces all Mii characters to 1 HP. Bypasses Shield Sprinkles. (Mii characters with 1 HP will take 0 damage)

Enemy statistics

The Dark Sun is the hardest monster in the game(in the 3DS version), due to its high stats and similar nature of attacks to the Darkest Lord, so it could be considered a superboss. The difficulty is amplified in the Tower of Dread due to the seven bosses before it.

A team of Mii characters of at least level 40 would be reassuring before facing it. Strong gear, Safe Spot manipulation and great relationships can defeat this thing at lower levels.

However, when fought in the Tower, it is as strong as ever, but with the addition of seven full-power bosses before it, resource conservation becomes imperative.

While the hardest of the District bosses, it is beaten out by the Tower of Despair bosses, especially Boss Snurp.

Dark Sun
Image HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Locations Encountered
12000 360 130 180 105


  • Conserve Sprinkles, especially Shield Sprinkles, so the party can survive attacks after Big Bang. Instead of using Sprinkles, use the Safe Spot for healing because if the Safe Spot is fully upgraded, 200HP and 50MP will be healed when taking a rest. The player can also use the Safe Spot to have a Mii avoid the big bang attacks.
  • Bringing a Mii with a reviving skill can help quite a bit in this battle, as you can revive any Mii at any time without needing to use your life sprinkle. Cleric is the most recommended as Giga Resurrection gives a guaranteed revive. Keep in mind that if you are using support classes to revive your Miis, save your life sprinkle to revive them in case they die, or shield sprinkles in order to keep them alive.
  • Medals are mainly nuisances, but can be affected by status effects and can be stolen from.
  • Make sure the player has at least 400 HP Sprinkles at bare minimum coming into this fight for when the Dark Sun uses its big bang attacks.
  • It becomes more aggressive and defensive in the second form.
  • In the second form (once at ~30% HP), it attacks in a pattern:
    • Big Bang - Attack
    • Attack - Black Hole
    • Attack - Attack
    • Asteroids - Attack


  • The Dark Sun has the highest HP value among all monsters in the Nintendo 3DS version.
    • The Dark Sun also had the highest HP value among all monsters in Miitopia, until getting beaten by the Boss Snurp.
  • The Dark Sun and Darkest Lord are the only bosses that have Mii features in a non-Mii Maker color.
  • As with the Darkest Lord, the Dark Sun's big bang attack ignores barriers. However, it does not ignore the Safe Spot.
  • The Dark Sun and the Darkest Lord are the only monsters that can inflict 0 damage. This only happens if the Mii with 1 HP is hit by the big bang attack.
  • The Dark Sun's back-light is a part of its character model rather than just a lighting effect. It shares this trait with the Darkest Lord.
  • The BGM used for the Dark Sun is the same as the Darkest Lord battle as well as the final form.
  • In theory, the Dark Sun could be defeated in one turn because the damage cap is 999. This would require 4 completely maxed out Warriors or Cats all at relationship level 99 and all to trigger Pincer III on all 3 other warrior’s turns, all excited from Hyper Sprinkles. If you get lucky, he will die before he can do anything. However this requires so much luck that it’s nearly impossible in practice. However. It can be defeated in 2 turns by using 3 maxed out Warriors (Aside from their Speed Stats). And a completely maxed out Imp using Sweet Whispers.
  • Strangely enough, when defeated, it explodes without showing any Mii faces being rescued, that along with it's Japanese name being "The Sun of Another World" could possibly mean that it wasn't created by the Darker Lord.
  • Within the game's code, the Dark Sun is called "SuperSatanCenter1".
  • The Dark Sun notably does more damage than Boss Snurp when using his normal attack. Though Boss Snurp can attack multiple team members twice, racking up the damage.
  • If Dark Sun is defeated before his 2nd phase is triggered with a powerful attack (such as a Cat’s Horse Play being boosted by Sharpen Claws) while there are any medals on the field, the second phase music won’t play, but the battle will continue as normal until the medals are defeated.
  • In the Nintendo Switch version, when viewing the Dark Sun in the Monster bestiary, the shine effect seen behind it can be seen laid out on the floor for a brief moment. Interestingly enough, this shine is yellow like the Darkest Lord, not black like when seen on the Dark Sun itself.
  • With a team with all teammates having full equipment, full grub stats and a level 99 relationship with every member, it is possible to beat the dark sun with a level 25 team which just shows how powerfull these can be.
  • The Dark Sun is the only post-game monster that can speak.


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