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The Dark Lord's Castle is the stronghold of the Dark Lord and his base of operations. It is the last destination on the quest to defeat the Dark Lord and is split into four parts.



Grand Hall

The Grand Hall (Japanese: 大広間 Ōhiroma; Hall) is the opening area of the Castle. Here, the party will be split again and have to fight their way to the end of the hall to regroup. There are eight stages in total. Each half of the team must fight a Teammate boss while they are split up. The Teammate boss of this area is the "Teammate" Demon for the player's party, while the Teammate boss of this area for the split party is the Study of "Teammate". The entrance of Castle Annex appears here.


The Armory (Japanese: よろいの部屋 Yoroi no Heya; Armor Room) is presumably where the Dark Lord stores their weapons. It is rectangular and holds five stages, with 2 treasure levels, but only three need to be beat to continue. The Teammate boss of this area is the "Teammate" Armor.

Inner Passage

The Inner Passage (Japanese: 中庭 Nakaniwa; Courtyard) is deep within the castle and is a straight path of four stages with two side stages leading to loot. The boss in this area is the Dragon.

Dark Lord's Throne

The Dark Lord's Throne (Japanese: 大魔王の間 Dai Maō no Ma; Dark Lord's Chamber) consist of two stages. After this, the player can run up to the throne itself, where the Dark Lord awaits to show down with the party once and for all. The boss of this part is the Dark Lord.

Areas around the Castle


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  • The Castle is the largest interior area in the game, with four linked areas (five if counting the random dungeon in the entrance).
  • It is also the only sub-area in the game to receive its own exclusive title and map music.
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