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The warning shown before a random Mii is announced sick.

The cold is a game mechanic in Miitopia.

After a venture, a Mii has 30% chance of catching a cold upon arriving at the Inn. Party Members can catch a cold starting from after the battle against the Dark Lord. If a Mii has a cold, that means he/she will not be able to eat, have normal inn-related events, or want anything. The Hero is exempt from the cold until the player beats the game for the first time.

This mechanic likely exists to prevent a player from only using the same four Miis.


Until their recovery, Mii characters with a cold:

  • Cannot be taken out for adventures.
  • Cannot be fed with grub, thus preventing stat boosting temporarily.
  • Cannot develop further relationships with their roommate, unless via an event specific to sick Mii characters.
    • Related to the above, they can not fix quarrels with another Mii either.
    • Also, this will cause the roommate to be treated as "alone" (same as being actually alone in the room or having a resented/resenting ally as roommate) if the player decides to give a Jolly Jaunt Ticket to said roommate.
  • Will not ask for items they want to buy, if any.
  • Will be limited to only one inn event, which involves a random Mii wishing them to get well soon. The only exception is when the sick Mii ends up eavesdropping on certain events.
  • Will not show their set pose when viewed in their profile. Also, their war cry will be placed in their thought bubble instead of the usual speech bubble.
  • Will have their head down and a limp body like the laid back personality when being picked up in the "Check on the party" menu.
  • Will not be able to go on outings. Instead a short cutscene saying the Mii cannot go out will play.

How to recover

The following methods can be used to cure sick Mii characters.

  • Obtain enough EXP from adventures (or from Roulette). At levels 40 and above, it takes 23,392 EXP to recover. See Experience Points for more details.
  • Have the "Cold" inn event result in relationship level up.
  • Use of certain bypasses, like battling the Darker Lord or activating the "falling rocks" event (if a map has any) when the player has sick Mii characters in the inn.


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