Miitopia Job - Cleric

The go-to support role. Tends to the party’s injuries with divine magic.

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Cleric Description

【Miitopia】 - Cleric Play Demo

【Miitopia】 - Cleric Play Demo

The Cleric (Japanese: そうりょ Souryo; Priest) is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on party healing and reviving allies.

Their weapon of choice is the Staff.

Their clothing is called Vestments.

With a high pool of MP and high speed and magic, the Cleric often manages to heal their fellow party members at the beginning of the turn. The Cleric's default attack is single-target only.


Lv. 1 Lv.50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 10 208 307
MP 8 164 263
Attack 8 71 364
Magic 7 185 482
Defense 5 67 314
Speed 11 108 207


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Base power Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Cure Lv. 2 3 "Restore HP with the power of prayer. (magic)"  7 0.15 100%
Calm Lv. 4 9 "Bring the whole team to their senses with a soothing spell. (magic)" - - 80% Purges debuffs such as "Crying" and "Laughter". Affects the whole team.
Resurrection Lv. 7 12 "Revive a fallen friend using curative powers. (magic)" 7 0.18 100% 50% success chance. If it works, revives the party member with a few HP.
Righteous Anger Lv. 10 19 "Dispatch an enemy with the light of absolute justice. (magic)" - - 20% 50% chance of knocking out any monster in one hit. Does not work on bosses.
Mega Cure Lv. 13 12 "Restore a great amount of HP to a friend with divine light. (magic)" 40 0.2 100%
Panacea Lv. 15 18 "Bathe the party in a gentle light, restoring everyone's HP. (magic)" 7 0.2 50%
Giga Cure Lv. 21 20 "Restore an enormous amount of HP with radiant light. (magic)" 80 0.3 100%
Giga Resurrection Lv. 26 25 "Revive a fallen friend with a sizable amount of HP. (magic)" 30 0.3 100% Always revives a friend.
Aura Lv. 31 33 "Bombard an enemy with light for great damage. (magic)" 30 0.55 20%
Giga Panacea Lv. 36 40 "Bathe the party in radiant light, greatly restoring everyone's HP. (magic)" 30 0.3 100%


  • The Aura skill is most likely a reference to the Fire Emblem series, which routinely features a high-level Light magic spell of the same name and similar aesthetic.
  • In promotional material from Nintendo of Europe, the Mii used for the Cleric's official artwork is given the name "Sarah", and is depicted with the Stubborn personality in the section that details battles. She is also described as the idea of importing the player's best friend.




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