Miitopia Weapons

Items such as weapons and armor are requested by your party members to increase different statistics and, thus, become stronger. Each class has a specific type of weapon and clothing, and it is not possible to give a specific class the wrong weapon/clothing.

Each class has 30 clothing items (sans Warrior (31) and Pop Star (16 each, for a total of 32)) and 20 weapons.





  • All Ragged clothing items are Roulette-only and purely cosmetic, meaning that it lowers your stats to 1 point below the starting equipment, though all other class equipment can also be won at the Roulette using Game Tickets.
  • While any gender can wear any armor (job permitting), if a female wears macho armor, they sport a matching veiny bra.
  • Available equipment are determined by the highest level of all Miis.
  • To obtain the Legendary equipment, at least one of the inn members' level must be the maximum 50. However, you can also obtain them by recruiting level 50 travelers from Travelers' Hub.
  • All clothing but the individual Female/Male Pop Stars have 2 hat variations per class. The Cat class' variation is minor, but it can be identified by whether or not it has a visual separation (usually in color) from the inside of the ear and the outside. The Hero clothing the Legendary clothing always have different models.
  • Each class has a Polka-dot, Woolly, Macho, Heart, Super, Hero, Legendary, and Ragged clothing variant.