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This page uses data from the Miitopia Param Info spreadsheet, compiled by PibPasquale, Kobazco, and UglyFrenchFry.


"Cooks up cures and stirs up trouble in equal parts with a trusty frying pan."

-Job Description

Chef Description


【Miitopia】 - Chef Play Demo

The Chef is a Job in Miitopia that focuses on healing and single-target damage.

Their Weapon of choice is the Frying Pan.

Their Clothing is called Uniforms.

With both high attack and defense, the Chef is able to heal their allies, cooking in some delicious dishes. They will even able to split out some damage.

The Chef's default attack is single-target only.


Lv. 1 Lv. 50 Lv. 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 9 232 331
MP 7 125 224
Attack 8 94 408
Magic 3 82 181
Defense 5 83 432
Speed 5 54 153


Skill Learned MP Cost Description Base power Attack/Magic multiplier Activation chance (AI) Extra Notes
Home Cooking Lv. 2 3 "Restore a friend's HP with some freshly made cooking." 20 - 100% A single-target heal for 20 HP.
Flambé Lv. 4 4 "Smack one enemy senseless with a red-hot frying pan." - 1.5 (A) 50% A physical single-target attack that deals better damage than the user's default attack. It is treated like a basic attack, so it can be assisted by Pincer, affected by most other actions that only trigger on basic attacks (like the Mole-type monsters' Hide action), and will not be used twice if the Stubborn's Again quirk is triggered (instead the user ends up using the basic attack).
Banana Fritter Lv. 6 -- "Improves the flavor and effect of an HP Banana when eaten. (auto)" - - - When an ally uses an HP Banana, this doubles its effect. It also increases friendship between the Chef and the ally. This skill is not used if the player has maxed out the HP Banana.
Spicy Dish Lv. 8 3 "Feed spicy food to a friend, making them breathe fire on the enemy." - 2.5 (A) 10% Ally breathes fire onto an enemy, dealing heavy damage, and may gain resentment to the user.
Feast Lv. 12 18 "Restore the party's HP with plenty of food. Takes time to prepare." 10 0.6 (M) 50% A party heal; similar to the Cautious personality's Warm-Up quirk, takes effect last, after everything else has used its turn. Unlike the Chef's other heals, the amount varies depending on the user's Magic stat.
Pro Cooking Lv. 15 12 "Restore a lot of HP to a friend with a specially made meal." 80 - 100% An improved single-target heal that heals for 80 HP.
Spicy Dinner Lv. 20 10 "Feed spicy food to the whole party, engulfing all enemies in a flame." - 1 (A) 10% May make team-mates gain resentment to the user. Contrary to the in-game description, each ally only breathes flame on one enemy; thus, only up to 4 enemies can be attacked with this skill. If there are less than 4 party members, even fewer enemies will be hit.
Maestro Cooking Lv. 25 20 "Greatly restore friend's HP using only the finest of ingredients." 150 - 100% Greatly improved single-target heal. Heals for 150 HP.
Monster Dinner Lv. 30 25 "Make a meal out of an enemy... literally! Doesn't always work." - - 10% When it actually hits (50% chance), the player is guaranteed the grub dropped by the monster after the fight (it will also show which grub was obtained from it during the battle).

Does not work on bosses or monsters that do not drop food.


  • This job and the Tank are the only jobs that have skills that may cause teammates to be upset with the user (resentment).
  • Chefs, Cats, Tanks, Thieves, Pop Stars, Flowers and Vampires are the only jobs that have unique walking animations during exploration.
    • Specifically, the Chef struts while swinging their arms side to side, likely to support their puffy pants.
  • The Chef is the only healing job that does not have a way to resurrect other party members.
  • In the Nintendo Switch version, the Mii used in the 3DS version’s official artwork of the Chef is used as the default Mii for the Roaming Gourmet and given the name “Flavio.”
  • Due to Flambé's mechanics, it is technically the only basic attack that can be affected by Laid-back's Get Serious or Slack Off. As a result, it is possible to stack Flambé's damage multipliers from either quirk with Assists such as Show Off or Lend a Hand when this is usually not the case for skills that can be affected by the aforementioned quirks.